"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yet Still Unfinished Thingumbob Rhyme: London Town is burning down

London Town is burning down
But Lords and Ladies never quail
If rot and ruin do them assail
They may rue to move from town

Now they say the Queen is ailing
"London Bridge" is surely failing
Oh dear! -- the King to be
Is a twit of the highest degree

Hark! What new melody do we hear?
Hollywood now comes to court--
Oh shite! 'Tis but to mock and fleer
The royal hope and plans abort?

The Queen a new stratagem doth embolden--
And so in dulcet tones with royal skill
She now proclaims peace and good will
Alas! Spoiled by yon cursed piano golden.

Ay me! The Prince has toppled upside down
'Tis no doubt an omen for the state's distress.
The Queen in regal dudgeon with Brexit mess
Is not amused in quondam jolly London town.

Prince Charles, he that wisely with plants communes
Alarum most dire to Commonwealth doth give--
The end is nigh! We have yet eighteen months to live!
Horrors. Climate science doth foretell the Druid runes.

Prince Andrew now flees the scene
Most vile obloquy 'tis daily written
The monarch's favorite thus smitten
Annus horribilis plagues the Queen.

(Written During the Late London Riots,updated upon News of Queen's being "under the weather," 2018 Christmas chat, Prince Philip crash, Queen's warning on Brexit)

(What Are My Bids Sothebys?)


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