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Saturday, October 01, 2022

A Treatment of Interrelated Psychological and Physical Characteristics of Economics as Tensor Oriented Systems

 Much has been ballyhooed of late in almost quasi religious terms regarding the “rules based system of international relations.” We can perhaps resolve the seeming incongruities of the apparent immiscible categories in the title of this post by weighting them relative to tensor-like attributes. This post was in reaction to the Tesla presentation from yesterday. This could resolve the mystical qualities of the valuation of national and international currencies.

Following up from my most recent post regarding LaRouche’s metric for physical economics potential reducing power as it relates to nation states interrelationships with the global economy. First, we must situate the differential between the psychological and physical attributes of money. Money as a reference exchange and also as credit for future investment must be disentangled. The current global conflict over the issue multi or unipolarity comes distinctly into play here. This is directly related to the issue of what constitutes a nation state versus a system of global relations. 

The military enforcement of “rules” of trade of goods and services across borders encompasses the strategy of “offshoring” labor by methods “primitive accumulation,” (also known as looting) “race to the bottom” has dramatically backfired upon its authors especially in the case of China’s centralized economy. It should be no surprise that all the proxy wars the world has suffered through over the course of the twentieth and twenty first centuries thus far especially since the stalemate of “mutually assured destruction” doctrine of Kissinger, et al. are intimately bound up in reality as resource grabs. However, the market psychology of “floating currencies” seemingly detached from nationstate economies has artificially propped up in reality a false dollar dominated globalism masked by gambits of military adventurism using the excuses of humanitarian intervention against putatively autocratic regimes.

This era is now perhaps at a terminal crossroads. The rational approach toward rectifying this extremely perilous state of affairs is to set up a new system of monetary relations among sovereign nations that is mutually beneficial over the long term that increases both the local and global standard of living based upon increasing secularly the potential relative population density per square kilometer via the benefits of technological progress afforded by rapid advances in technological progress. This is attained by viewing the necessity of greatly increasing the reducing power of energy flux density as the basis for monetary relations among national trading partners. 

This is where the issue of a tensor based measuring system comes into play. The key categories to be taken into account as vectors in a multidimensional schema are advances in energy (foremost nuclear fusion/MHD economic transformation,) transportation infrastructure, agriculture, robotics, healthcare (including basic biophysical research in promoting increased healthspan) and lastly and most importantly space habitation, mining, etc. This all correlates with by necessity with the topological stimulation of artistic productions of beauty coeval with scientific endeavor. The value of an economy at any time is a tensor of these disparate modes of vector space.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Death of the Green Delusion

 If there is one bright spot in the midst of a perhaps fatal geopolitical tragedy, it is that the Green Party has had to eat crow on the outright delusion of the ludicrous premise of passive sustainability of so called clean energy. The great German scientific tradition of Gauss, Riemann, and Einstein, et al. may now perhaps yet be revived as the quackery of the neoMalthusian delusion ends in a well deserved good death to put a fine point on the matter. 

While there are many things to find fault with in the political praxis of the movement that goes by his name, LaRouche’s concept of the necessity of the secular increase of the per capita energy density throughput per square kilometer is an instance of a solidly grounded scientific principle. It is the case that humanity could survive so far as energy is concerned with the resource base of thorium nuclear energy for some thousand years at the current energy diet that we exist on today. However, if we were to increase the general standard of living on the planet to what is considered an upper middle class condition, then that estimate would be seriously reduced. But even then, we would merely be treading water.

For a enduring prospect of society’s emergence from the current mutually assured destruction geopolitical doctrine we urgently require much much more than that. The only exit from this irrational dilemma is a conjoint series of agreements among nations to move to an entirely new domain in the arena of scientific breakthroughs in agriculture, water projects, transportation, space colonization, biophysics and a nuclear fusion/MHD technological Revolution. Any disagreement with this is prima facie of no merit if one comprehends the aforementioned principle of energy flux density. There is no room for caviling with the truthfulness of this overriding reality at this late date in human history. Either we progress at an ever increasing rate or we perish.

Monday, September 12, 2022

The Lighthouse Revisited

Jan 1 — 1796. This day — my first on the light-house — I make this entry in my Diary, as agreed on with De Grät. As regularly as I can keep the journal, I will — but there is no telling what may happen to a man all alone as I am — I may get sick, or worse ..... So far well! The cutter had a narrow escape — but why dwell on that, since I am here, all safe? My spirits are beginning to revive already, at the mere thought of being — for once in my life at least — thoroughly alone; for, of course, Neptune, large as he is, is not to be taken into consideration as “society”. Would to Heaven I had ever found in “society” one half as much faith as in this poor dog: — in such case I and “society” might never have parted — even for the year ... What most surprises me, is the difficulty De Grät had in getting me the appointment — and I a noble of the realm! It could not be that the Consistory had any doubt of my ability to manage the light. One man had attended it before now — and got on quite as well as [page 2:] the three that are usually put in. The duty is a mere nothing; and the printed instructions are as plain as possible. It never would have done to let Orndoff accompany me. I never should have made any way with my book as long as he was within reach of me, with his intolerable gossip — not to mention that everlasting mëerschaum. Besides, I wish to be alone ...... It is strange that I never observed, until this moment, how dreary a sound that word has — “alone”! I could half fancy there was some peculiarity in the echo of these cylindrical walls — but oh, no! — this is all nonsense. I do believe I am going to get nervous about my insulation. That will never do. I have not forgotten De Grät's prophecy. Now for a scramble to the lantern and a good look around to “see what I can see” ................ To see what I can see indeed! — not very much. The swell is subsiding a little, I think — but the cutter will have a rough passage home, nevertheless. She will hardly get within sight of the Norland before noon to-morrow — and yet it can hardly be more than 190 or 200 miles.

Jan.2. I have passed this day in a species of ecstasy that I find it impossible [page 3:] to describe. My passion for solitude could scarcely have been more thoroughly gratified. I do not say satisfied; for I believe I should never be satiated with such delight as I have experienced to-day ......... The wind lulled about day-break, and by the afternoon the sea had gone down materially ..... Nothing to be seen, with the telescope even, but ocean and sky, with an occasional gull.

Jan. 3. A dead calm all day. Towards evening, the sea looked very much like glass. A few sea-weeds came in sight; but besides them absolutely nothing all day — not even the slightest speck of cloud. ....... Occupied myself in exploring the light-house .... It is a very lofty one — as I find to my cost when I have to ascend its interminable stairs — not quite 160 feet, I should say, from the low-water mark to the top of the lantern. From the bottom inside the shaft, however, the distance to the summit is 180 feet at least: — thus the floor is 20 feet below the surface of the sea, even at low-tide ...... It seems to me that the hollow interior at the bottom should have been filled in with solid masonry. Undoubtedly the whole would have been thus rendered more safe: — but what am I thinking about? A structure such as this is safe enough under any circumstances. I should feel myself secure [page 4:] in it during the fiercest hurricane that ever raged — and yet I have heard seamen say occasionally, with a wind at South-West, the sea has been known to run higher here than any where with the single exception of the Western opening of the Straits of Magellan. No mere sea, though, could accomplish anything with this solid iron-riveted wall — which, at 50 feet from high-water mark, is four feet thick, if one inch ........ The basis on which the structure rests seems to me to be chalk ......

Jan 4.

There is much meat for how this fragment by Poe would have been carried forward. My reflections follow.

January of the year of 1796, the date Napoleon about to be appointed as general in France. Jay Treaty between Britain and the U.S. ratified. 

De Grät. Napoleon. Norwegian for they wept. He has an unnamed prophecy. The strict condition of Keeping a diary. This could be Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon and similar utilitarian dogma that Poe lampooned in his tales of talented as opposed to genius “practical men.”

Neptune was the name of the dog in The Diary of Julius Rodman. That fictional diary was entered into the Congressional record as proof of an American claim to land on the continental west coast. 

 The meërschaum pipe of Orndorf, with his intolerable gossip. Meerschaum is “sea-foam” translated. The mineral floats upon the Dead Sea. How unlike Dupin with his meërschaum and lofty and superior investigatorial method. 

The cutter that apparently brought the narrator will be in sight of a ship called The Norland. Again Norway. 

The Lighthouse. Explored, its construction may have been unsafe, yet having a solid iron-riveted wall — which, at 50 feet from high-water mark, is four feet thick, the lower floor 20 feet below the sea at low tide.  Embedded in chalk. The sea has been known to run higher here than any where with the single exception of the Western opening of the Straits of Magellan. Is this a case of pit and pendulum and the maelstrom combined? 

The italicized words in order: can, here, One, alone, faith, That, satisfied, inside, safe. Perhaps "That one here inside, can faith alone satisfy safe."  or "That safe here inside. One faith alone can satisfy ." See the transcedalists that Poe excoriated as Bedlamites time and again as in The Fall of the House of Usher and Professor Tar and Dr. Feathers in particular.

What to make of these hints? Was Poe assigned some mission dealing with a diplomatic geopolitical issue before his untimely death, in the midst of an American election in Baltimore, perhaps having been a political murder? 

Norway had opposed Napoleon and thereby became independent from Denmark. Norway's constitutional monarchy established in 1814. Marquis de Lafayette's American triumphant tour in 1824 for which the young Poe appeared as part of an honor guard. During the French revolution he stood for a constitutional monarchy, but fled the terror to Austria where he was held prisoner from 1772 to 1779 and freed thanks to the efforts of his wife. As Beethoven's opera Fidelio celebrated. LaFayette personally visited and honored Poe's grandfather Quartermaster General David Poe's widow with a pension in Baltimore. George Washington provided sanctuary for LaFayette’s children. 

As to the intolerable gossip of Orndorf, how is this related to the Emerson essay Self Reliance? Poe’s campaign against Masonic Quietism of Longfellow, which is also the Romanticist DeStael’s back to nature trope of Transcendentalism. Remember that Poe elaborated that Kepler’s hypothesis generation augmented with consistency is the path to all scientific progress in his Eureka. See Thoreau and Emerson’s Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds quotation. And his quest to be completely alone outside of society’s constraints as solipsism. This breaks down the necessary rationality and invites madness of a crazed internal dialogue as in mens rea of The Telltale Heart. 

Friday, September 09, 2022

The End Of the Era of Empire

 The ever present and looming threat of humanity’s obliteration in thermonuclear world war has only one possible virtuous outcome. It is the mutually beneficial solution that extirpates the mental disease afflicting humanity from time immemorial. That of empire. 

The only form of domination that makes any sense at all is one of constructing timely solutions of the problems facing the necessary prosperity of physical and mental well being of human posterity. The elements of such are either at hand or within our grasp in the near term. It is in the nature of true statecraft to foster these at this epoch. We have only the horror of starkly fatal and frankly quite hideous and  suicidally unthinkable future in our failure to do so.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

A New Declaration of Independence

 The most pressing question facing this planet today is just this. How did the United States of America founded upon the principle that all men are created equal become a captive of a financial oligarchy pursuing global wars on that very oligarchy’s behalf? Since Alexander Hamilton influenced the farewell address of George Washington with the adamant precaution of not ensnaring us in foreign wars and Abraham Lincoln pronounced that this reunited nation is of, by, and for the people, we have indeed become ensnared in forever neocolonial conflagrations and become a nation of a false would be elite.

The power of a new conceptual constitutional framework for the republic must not be diminished. For it is in the tale of Socrates demonstrating to the Athenian oligarchy that a “mere” slave boy was inherently capable of recapitulation of the most profound knowledge of current Pythagorean geometry through a method of questioning the tenets of proof of a higher order than the fixed relationships of the Hellenic society. But Plato did not succeed in bringing about such revolutionary necessary change to the fallacious structure of that society. However, the principle of reason endured because it’s universal application was required to advance humanity.

Today, we stand amidst a terrible choice of two possible pathways much as Dante Alighieri describes in his fictional account of being in a deep woods in his Commedia. The one path is of hell on earth of war, scarcity, starvation, and evolving pandemics coupled with the new age technological games as soporifics as we descend into oblivion and annihilation. The other path is a cleansing reorganizing purge of the false monetary and arbitrary rules based global immiseration of illiquid worthless debt to be followed with a climb to the summit of human achievement in improving standards of living. This includes food, energy, healthcare, material infrastructure, education and the resurrection of the aspirations of humanity to emerge as a species off this lonely and imperiled blue orb of habitation we will sing of in future epics as our onetime home.

Friday, August 12, 2022

“When Their Bellies Hit Their Backbones”

 I’ve lived a most fascinating life in the most fascinating times. Potentially, each of us recapitulates the entirety of human developmental history in our own lifetime. This is the real non mystical meaning of the psychological microcosm macrocosm principle.

Some fifty or so years past I had an associate in the International Caucus of the Labor Committees of the Students for a Democratic Society (ICLC of the SDS.) Today otherwise known as either the LaRouche Association or the opposed LaRouchePac. His name, if memory serves me, was Archie Marsh. He had been a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War with the Mackenzie Papineau Brigades and a member of the Wobblies or IWW (Industrial Workers of the World.) He also shunned all socialist groups at the time as being "agents of the state."

Archie had an oft repeated truism about organizing the “masses.” "They won’t join til their bellies hit their backbones." Perhaps, just perhaps this admonition may indeed be born out in the near future due to what I have signified as the suicidal geopolitical death wish of our establishment elites. The handwriting is on the wall as in the wonderful cartoon of Rembrandt of Belshazzar’s Feast. Thus does history repeat itself if perhaps only metaphorically...

Rembrandt: Public Domain

Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Effect of Revolutionary Realizable Scientific Advancements and the Organization of Society

 While the follies of failed ideology proceed to their inevitable undoing, the continuing efforts to advance humanity’s mastery of space, communication, energy, biophysics and indeed time itself tend to undermine the matrix of outmoded assumptions of societal organization. 

For example, the recent incipient  development of non-invasive brain electromagnetic interface with control of the so called internet of things via uniquely designed metasurfaces by Chinese researchers coupled with advancements in the peopling of habitable planets and bodies artificial in outer space portends a potential overthrowing of the geopolitical deadly “Great Game” underway in the current unfolding of history. 

The new powers thus to be unleashed are of a reordering “game changing” significance. This is the lifeline for altering human history in the near and long term. This includes but is not limited to financial systems and redefined resource bases.

A program of financial reforms that conform to such true long term aims of humanity may be in the offing in the near term as the crisis of the outmoded faulty system comes to a close. As strange as this line of thinking might appear on the surface of things, nevertheless such are the underpinnings of history’s march if examined in the proper perspective. 

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