The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Friday, September 18, 2020

Time Out of Mind

 Avicenna remarked that he was not of the Ismaili sect as has been claimed. It is also stated by the narrator Cide Hamete Benengeli of Don Quixote that Avicenna said however that the whole world is mad.

The so called Union of Concerned Scientists has recently moved their doomsday clock a tick closer to midnight. Perhaps the fuse will be lit in some unexpected corner of our interconnected globe. 

We suspect that humanity has been in control of fire for perhaps 200,000 years now. I hope to live a vigorous age of near 100 years by 2050 AD or so. My grandparents were born in the latter part of the 1800s. So that more or less covers the span in three generations of some 200 years. So we need a mere thousand of those units of time to arrive at the point that mankind first used fire. Before that really you can't call anybody hardly human.

Now we know it takes the earth some 200 million years to circle the milky way. That's about that a thousand times longer again from when we became truly human by cooking our food. In about ten million years from now our planet will be bobbing along the Milky Way's spiral arm closer to the Virgo Cluster of galaxies and receiving a huge dose of radiation from the shockwave of cosmic rays

Our human minds, our consciousness are able to conceive of the vast spectrum of time that clusters of galaxies like the milky way produce such shockwaves that impinge upon us. We can view these shockwaves as relics of radio waves and estimate in several billion light years when the merger of these clusters caused these shockwaves. 

Now we are told by theoreticians of quantum physics that in the act of viewing the probabilistic  "wave function" associated with the very smallest particles of matter causes that wave function to collapse. But the human mind was produced by the vast scope of the unfolding in time of the universe. This is a paradox that has been caused by viewing the mathematics of probability as reality. 

The solution is to know that the potential of collapse of human society can be averted but that it requires us to realize and act to change our assumptions about reality. There is no final fate of this wonderful universe as we might imagine from the limited perspective of mere deterministic mathematics. Humanity has vital missions ahead of us. 

One is to utilize what we have so far grasped scientifically to eradicate poverty and more effectively combat disease among us. Another is to move off this planet and conquer the limits of dwelling in "outer space." The lessons we learn about the power of shockwaves in the immense vastness of time and space for accelerating matter and anti-matter will propel us to worlds we know not where but may only imagine. 

First we must conquer the tyranny, the madness that chains us to a failed system of beliefs. For we are not hapless animals merely here for the ride as victims of fate. The future is determined by our wilful choices. Time is what we make of it, not of what it makes of us.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shockwaves of Galactic Clusters and Implications of the Microcosm and Macrocosm Interrelationship

 I have repeatedly brought attention to the seminal work of Bernard Riemann on the principle of shockwave propagation. Keeping in mind his insistence as well that the physical geometry outside the range of our limited human or better yet perhaps mammalian perceptions may bring into play the alternative curvatures of of non-Euclidean "space." 

In this regard, the discovery of the presence of shockwave formations of merging galaxy clusters in the radio wave spectrum as so called radio relics is very important research for moving the frontiers of scientific progress forward. This is especially due to their almost unimaginably vast structure at the same time propelling the very smallest particles' acceleration to relativistic speed of light velocities.

 This is the indissoluble connection that is always apparent of the macrocosm with the microcosm as Nicholas of Cusa demonstrated in his "triune" principle. The very large and the very small macrocosm/microcosm connectedness as an analogue of the human relationship of the universal creator with the individual person via creative reason, in non religious terms.

The curvature as the shockwave front nears the limit of transmissibility for the medium of electromagnetic propagation proceeds naturally from a positive spheroid type to a negative horn. Indeed, Riemann is again proven correct that the physical system precedes choice of mathematical geometry. The various types of further such potential particle accelerations and scatterings, etc. are the platform upon which we can be confident scientific progress accruing to the future benefit of humanity will necessarily proceed as both Riemann and Cusa would surely agree. 

MeerKAT radio contours (magenta) on A2384 XMM-Newton image. Credit: Parekh et al., 2020

" The origin of the radio relic is puzzling.(...) This radio relic could be the result of shock wave propagation during the passage of the low-mass A2384(S) cluster through the massive A2384(N) cluster, creating a trail appearing as a hot X-ray filament." V. Parekh, et al.:

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gauss and Riemann Understood from the Standpoint of Vernadsky, Leibniz, and LaRouche

 In nearly all descriptions of the principle conformal mapping one sees displayed a simple globe whose south pole is situated at the origin of a Cartesian x,y two dimensional plain and rays from the surface projected through the north pole. This represents a transformation from the flat plain to the positively curved sphere. 

By Original: Mark.Howison at English Wikipedia This version: CheChe - This file was derived from:  Stereographic projection in 3D.png:, CC BY-SA 4.0,

However, the great Carl Friedrich Gauss developed a different type of mapping of irregular extended curvature onto a unit sphere: the "Gauss map." Here the normal from the curved surface that is given by the differential curvature (but not its magnitude) is mapped by a parallel projection onto the unit sphere. It is the tendency for change at that "point" that is being mapped which is something altogether different than a mere point in the above mapping.

Now, in an extended surface the map will show an orientation as one moves across the surface. Also, importantly since on any surface the same normal can be repeated there can be many sheets or layers. This could for instance pertain to the Einstein gravitational tensor directional locus of curvature mapped from the known universe. Also, it has been shown that the visual perceptual apparatus operates in an analogous manner of mapping. There exist "grid cells"in the entorhinal cortex of the mammalian brain  that are activated based upon location, direction and distance orientation.

The great student of Gauss, Bernhard Riemann developed this principle yet further with his surface function. It is a surface that combines different sheets of a multi-valued function through singular branch points of that function. Here, our attention is turned from curvature per se to how a function that can take on many values. Viewed from the standpoint of an n dimensional manifold, a branch point might provide a pathway to a new degree of functional freedom to an n+1 dimensional manifold as Riemann detailed in his doctoral habilitation dissertation

The conception of a singularity where a function branches becomes especially important in physical terms beyond the mathematical formalism. This can be shown in systems that undergo a critical condition and emerge into another regime or phase change such as in plasma physics. It can also be thought of as supplying a means of representing a multi-valued function of proteins in biophysics. There are a whole host of examples where proteins may have more than one role in disparate biological functions and sometimes wholly contrary ones. 

Indeed, the most important case of this principle comes into play for the human economy. If we view an invention as a kind of creative singularity for the functional "space" of the physical economy. That is, due to the development of a new degree of freedom the economy "goes over" into a new functional set of relations via the branchpoint of that invention. 

No matter, which type of extended space  we have to deal with the principle of Leibniz' monadology comes into play. For as Leibniz clearly proved, the mind, or soul if you will, is not an extended substance. That is, it has no parts. Now this is what Riemann is referring to as its "compactness" in his statement "The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop." Likewise, all true infinitesimals or monads have no parts. Leibniz called the non-mechanical force arising therefrom "vis viva." If one looks at the human economy as an extended functional system of physical relations one can perform a type of mapping of its distinct elements that operate together in much the same way as a Gauss map. The normal to the "curvature" is the inter-relationship of types of physical goods produced and operatives for the entirety of the reproductive cycle of the economy. In this way, we have a mapping characterized by distinct categories that were developed by Lyndon LaRouche's correction of Marxian economics.

This type of mapping of physical inputs and outputs can be carried out as energy throughput for the entire planet's biosphere for instance. Which brings us to back to the issue of "vis viva" and types of lower and higher monads. Firstly, it is clear that Leibniz qualified the human mind as the highest type of monad. Also that it, the substance of mind or soul is imperishable. How is this so? To show this, we must investigate the concept of pre-established harmony of the monads. In all "spheres" of reality as defined by Vernadsky, i.e. Lithosphere, Biosphere, and Noosphere there is a type of connatus that bounds it, hence its compactness. (Here one should adduce an Astrosphere to Vernadsky's as mankind enters the age of space colonization.) Now Leibniz proposed that all monads have a kind of window upon the world. I would contend that this idea represents a type of mapping of the particular frame of reference of the monad to the universal. (It is of no small import that Einstein's principle of relativity is just such a kind of distinctly Riemannian mapping.)  It is here that the harmonics comes into play and it is also in that sense that this enduring non perishable lawful relationship governing all reality makes this the "best of all possible worlds." (So much for ill begotten theories of stochastic and lawless chaos of the rule of irrationality.) 

To conclude this survey, next take the physics of pressure waves that Riemann presented in his 1857 paper "On the propagation of planar airwaves of finite amplitude." In this paper Riemann in essence has predicted so called sonar shockwaves. For in any medium there is a governing and limiting characteristic rate of transmission. At the point of going beyond that, a singularity occurs where the curvature goes from a positive spherical (or technically for the case of spacetime hyperspherical) to a negative Mach cone type. 

Now this is representative of the manner in which a nonlinear progression is pre-established in the ongoing composition of external and internal reality is distinctly cognized by human noetic or creative mentation in the arts and science. The searching out of such anomalous singularities is the true method for the production of necessary human progress. And here I will end this brief overview to remind my audience that whether these principles come to the fore in human relations will determine either the pathway to a new Renaissance or a new Dark Age.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

The Unfinished American Revolution

Today America is in the throes of roving riots of anarchists fomented by a concert of Democratic Party leftists, radical environmentalists, "Eastern Establishment"media, and globalist foundations and financiers. Today's so called color revolutions of which the current umbrella movements of Black Lives Matter and Antifa in the US are components are being spread and paid for by vehicles like George Soros' Open Society, the Tides and the Ford Foundations, among others. 

In order to comprehend the way in which these forces are threatening this nation, it is necessary to learn and apply the lessons from the battleground of history both recent and as far back as antiquity. I shall first go into my own background from some nearly fifty years ago.

I had gone from high school to the University of Buffalo in 1971 majoring in mathematics. In my case, I was thoroughly disillusioned from the start when I attended there a seminar for mathematics majors. On the first day of that seminar, the instructor stated that there was no other motivation for the study of pure mathematics than mere exercise for the brain. This repulsed me. I had not entered the University with a mind toward obtaining a career and had a New York State Regents scholarship that left me owing nothing. Therefore, I felt free to explore and see if there might be other less completely worthless course of studies than this University's mathematics department could offer. I decided to leave several mathematics courses I began as "incomplete." Instead I veered toward philosophy, literature, art, music, linguistics and classical studies.

I took some courses with something there called Vico college, sort of a University of Chicago "Great Books" copycat. Their premise was the rather Hegelian idea of Vico's that the history really only came into it's adulthood with ancient Rome. This stuck in my craw due to the fact that I considered the Roman Empire to be the epitome of evil. As pat of a course in that college I wrote a paper about Virgil's epic poem the Aeneid. My thesis that when Aeneas returned from hell through the false gate of ivory, it was symbolic of Rome's founding upon falsehood. (I have since recently learned, to my surprise, that this idea has gained some adherents.)  As my little foray in writing the short tale A Little Fugue attempts to show, what I found at that University's stock of intellectuals was quite rotten. The reading materials presented for classes in the history of ideas was dominated by a sort of agreement that existentialism and the new left were the current unchallengeable paradigms for academia. Now, of course, if you as a student desired to avoid this you could try to ignore it and bury your head in your seemingly apolitical course of studies. However virtually all fields of study were tainted by this "culture."

However, one very important and lifelong influence I did encounter was in a course I took there in logic. The reading list included Leibniz' writings. This really threw my worldview at the time into a profound crisis. Up until that time I considered myself to be a non religious thinker. However, Leibniz proof of the existence of God in the Theodicy I could simply not refute or ignore. It has always been my habit once I discovered an interesting author to read everything I could not only by that author but in connected background material referenced. This quickly led me to realize that there was a whole historical counter to the disgusting existential zeitgeist of the 1970s American academia. For example the study of philology rather than linguistics. The development of mathematics not in isolation as a hermetic category of mind games, but as integral to human development. However, none of this nascent viewpoint of what critical thought dawning upon me was available at this university. 

It was with this at this point that I decided to wade into to the rather bizarre world of new left politics that I encountered. I took several mostly non credit courses on the agenda of radical thought. Not just on the economics of Marx but courses on the left's impact on literature like so called social realism. I had all but dropped out of college at this point; I was at an impasse and intellectual crisis in my young adult life. 

Then, I made an abrupt decision and became part of the so called LaRouche movement. The organizer who I first encountered from that movement on Main Street in Buffalo asked me if knew that there was an impending financial collapse coming and what was my idea of the economics needed to change things. I stated that I was veering towards Marx' ideas. This prompted her to provide me with the first pamphlet called "What Only Communists Know: the Italy Lectures." And to provocatively and forcefully tell me something to the effect that "we are not atheists." This of course intrigued me to no end, given my recent wrestling with Leibniz. I became a "contact" by giving her my phone number. I avidly read the material was quite impressed by the original level of thought that opposed the then emerging zero growth environmentalism of the "New Left." After I received several "briefings" on the phone, I attended a meeting of a US Labor Party/ NCLC local in Buffalo. Upon the close of the meeting, I was invited to help distribute literature. I agreed. So began my twenty some years as a political organizer. 

This brings me to the subject on this blog post. Around the lead up to the Presidential election in 1976, LaRouche's US Labor Party issued a pamphlet called The Party of International Terrorism. Unfortunately, this pamphlet seems to be unobtainable online. However, that pamphlet provided the evidence that foundations including the Rockefeller Brother's Fund and the Ford Foundation, allied with the Democratic Party, were financing and responsible for creating terrorist groups like the Weather Underground, for instance. Today, some 45 years on, American cities are literally burning once again due to the instigation and financial "generosity" of these same and new such "philanthropies." The financial bubble created as a result of the deindustrialization of the post industrial, free trade, information age, consumer economy has been bailed out and blown up beyond anyone's wildest imaginings. The Green New Deal being touted by the City of London and the Democratic Party would lead to a total economic breakdown even beyond the current rotten destruction of our infrastructure and cities.  

So what must be done? The rediscovery of the economics of the American System of Alexander Hamilton and finishing of the American Revolution is the answer. The principles that hearken back to the writings of Leibniz have not changed, only the current circumstances to which those principles need to be applied have. If you take the future welfare of this nation seriously you should help bring about their implementation.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Response to Glen Hendrix' article "Economists Have Been Lying to Us for Decades"

 While I am adamantly opposed to neoliberalism, I fear Mr. Hendrix does not offer a workable alternative. The problem is that we pulled the plug on FDR's economics when Nixon ended the Bretton Woods gold reserve standard. This lead to unbridled speculation in the form of the Euro dollar and currency arbitrage. The collapse in 2008 of the derivative securities home loans was just a sequel of this speculation. These derivative markets now have a global nominal value in the quadrillions of dollars. Unless we return to Glass Steagall and put the financial speculators out of business the cancerous growth of this bubble will continue until it collapses yet again. There is yet much more to be done to reorganize the global financial system based upon trade agreements for vast infrastructure projects, cooperation in vital areas of fusion energy research and space. This can only be achieved by a powerful group of nations that would oppose neo-liberalism's foreign policy of endless geopolitical wars. These Nations are the US, China, Russia and India. Here is a conference this weekend that will convene to implement these principles:

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Energy Dynamics: The Key to Scientific Progress and Survival

 Lately, I have been urged to clarify some principals with which every citizen should be familiar that are critical to humanity's survival. If we as a society fail to understand and act upon these principals we will not provide the economic means for our future generations to live in increasing freedom from want and disease. Therefore, those among us that can grasp the truth must lead the way out of the errors in policies we have adopted. 

Usually, the idea of economics is thought of as the use of money to purchase things. However, money has no real value if there is nothing to purchase with it. Of course that would be an extreme rather Hollywood dystopian scenario. It is easier to see how in a nation that has a collapsed economy, money rapidly loses its value. 

Perhaps one way to approach the lack of understanding due to the prejudice that money has value in itself is through the idea of the need to provide energy to sustain the economy. Recently I came across some interesting and worthy studies regarding energy dynamics. 

Now, one may look at this issue in regard to differing realms of reality. What I mean by this for instance is we can for example view the engine of cellular processes which use ATP. This would be what a very great Soviet era scientist Vladimir Vernadsky called the biosphere. Scientists at the Gladstone Institute carried out an audit of how every gene in human beings have a role in either making or consuming energy in the form of ATP. This study is absolutely critical because the cellular energy throughput is central to biophysics just as it is to the functioning of the physical economy. Out understanding of these functions effects whether we can traet or cure a whole host of human diseases. 

At a totally different realm of reality "a team of physicists from University College London measured the separation between two specific energy levels of positronium, what’s known as its fine structure." This strata is obviously inorganic and would fit into Vernadsky's system as part of the lithosphere. However, this is extremely critical as well for humanity. Why is this so? 

To unravel the answer takes some examination of the progress in providing the energy requirements for the functioning of human economy. As we have moved away from the use of fuel from wood burning to heat our homes and cook our food. (Although we may still use them of course.) However to propel human industrial mass production we have via technological discoveries and inventions moved through coal for steam power, hydroelectricity and petroleum, to nuclear fission. What has remained constatnt throughout these changes is an increase in the density and flow of the energy. The so called energy-flux-density throughput.  What this means for our economy is that we can now have more power than at any time in human history. This is what sustains our standard of living and gives value to money! 

Getting back to the research on positronium, we must first understand that the next higher level for energy-flux-density is controlled nuclear fusion. If you read articles at all on the background of this research, usually this issue is not mentioned. However it is absolutely crucial as to why it is so important to the global economy to achieve because we wiill have at our disposal not only a virtually inexhaustible form of energy using fusion of the most abundant elements in the universe, we will have the highest energy-flux-density we have ever achieved by a so called order of magnitude. This will make previously nearly unbelievable benefits for humanity possible such as providing electricity consumption to pull all countries on the face of this planet out of poverty.

However the story does not end with fusion. And this is where the positronium research comes in. This is because theoretically we know that what are called matter/anti-matter reactions can be even a step beyond fusion energy. This research is however merely in its infancy. But discovering that there is something we don't understand about the structure of such states of the lithosphere, a so called anomaly, is the necessary way forward for humanity. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Supplication


Tell me, Ourania, Muse of Astronomy: Can anyone steeped in the vapid doctrines of entropic physics yet still look upon such views of our universe and not be brought to truly marvel at such nonpareil majestic order?

For this, the minds across the ages that immerse themselves unalloyed in reflecting a selfless love of grandure's sublimity partake of immortality whosoever they be.

So too, returning to fathom the immensity of Time's ever fecund riddle with gifts for a renewed mission such Futurity beckons ever and anon. It is there in all Your works of lofty wonderment.

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