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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Some Thoughts on Issues Arising from Leibniz' Monadology

 One of the principles of Leibniz' great Monadology is the proposition that lower or simple monads have no "windows through which anything could come in or go out."  However they do possess confused perceptions of what is near to them:

7. Further, there is no way of explaining how a Monad can be altered in quality or internally changed by any other created thing; since it is impossible to change the place of anything in it or to conceive in it any internal motion which could be produced, directed, increased or diminished therein, although all this is possible in the case of compounds, in which there are changes among the parts. The Monads have no windows, through which anything could come in or go out. Accidents cannot separate themselves from substances nor go about outside of them, as the ‘sensible species’ of the Scholastics used to do. Thus neither substance nor accident can come into a Monad from outside.

Now our representations of cells is that "things," i.e. proteins, do come in and go out continuously via the cellular surface gates. And indeed that there are protein enzymatic engines of ATP supplying internal energy to all cells. So in Leibniz' Monadology the study of these changes would have to place cells and their proteins including those signaling molecules Intergrins that permit cellular communication as mere ephemera that come into and out of being, constantly being reduced and recreated as constituents of "cellular automata."

61. And compounds are in this respect analogous with [symbolisent avec] simple substances. For all is a plenum (and thus all matter is connected together) and in the plenum every motion has an effect upon distant bodies in proportion to their distance, so that each body not only is affected by those which are in contact with it and in some way feels the effect of everything that happens to them, but also is mediately affected by bodies adjoining those with which it itself is in immediate contact. Wherefore it follows that this inter-communication of things extends to any distance, however great. And consequently every body feels the effect of all that takes place in the universe, so that he who sees all might read in each what is happening everywhere, and even what has happened or shall happen, observing in the present that which is far off as well in time as in place: σύµπνοια πάντα [sympnoia panta], as Hippocrates said. But a soul can read in itself only that which is there represented distinctly; it cannot all at once unroll everything that is enfolded in it, for its complexity is infinite.

62. Thus, although each created Monad represents the whole universe, it represents more distinctly the body which specially pertains to it, and of which it is the entelechy; and as this body expresses the whole universe through the connexion of all matter in the plenum, the soul also represents the whole universe in representing this body, which belongs to it in a special way.

And yet that which separates a simple lower monad absolutely from human monads is our unique ability to mirror the necessary existence of the ongoing potential of universal perfection.

   29. But it is the knowledge of necessary and eternal truths that distinguishes us from the mere animals and gives us Reason and the sciences, raising us to the knowledge of ourselves and of God. And it is this in us that is called the rational soul or mind.

So as I have looked to Riemannian surface biophysical models in the past with the "poles" of branchpoints being proteins, it must be kept in mind that these are not lower living Monads but mere chemical compound constituents that come into and out of being. And therein lies the research of the division of the living from the non living. This particular connection is the most necessary aspect of progress in biophysics. For exploring these interconnected protein functions will make all advances of biophysics quest to extend our life and "health-spans" possible, in the analogous manner in which exploring the energetics of elemental constituents of matter will propel our species into space colonization.

Further, it is the division of non-monadic elements into groupings of Vernadsky's domains of inorganic, organic and noetic and their potential interactions that should inform the metatheoretical design for scientific research. For instance, in the domain of the noetic must be included the philosophic purpose for setting research agendas. is it a requirement that we by necessity must increase the secular healthy lifespan of humanity? How is this to be achieved per capital and overall? Does the defense of society against inevitable impacts from meteors and comets figure in? 

Moreover, it is the historical quality of hypothesis that mediates future deployment of noetic resources. In this regard, these hypotheses "live" beyond their attachment to being produced by an historical person. Among these higher hypotheses, Plato's demonstration of the universality of geometrical knowledge triggered a proven truth about the necessary changes of governance for the survival of society. That is, the breakdown of the irrational barriers to advancement and perfection of knowledge imposed by arbitrary rule by oligarchical families maintained by usurious financial interests of pantheons of pagan cults.  


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Nuclear Terror and the Illusion of Democracy

 Embedded in our collective psyches are a host of mostly unexamined truisms about the manner of "successful" functioning in the affairs of the present day. The illusion of individual freedom of choice is perhaps the among the hardest to navigate around. 

We live in a bubble of "information" provided to us by a would be elite game masters. This provides a type of security blanket to hold up this grand illusion. What is really taking place on the world stage these days is quite the opposite of freedom. While the U.S. has been deindustrialized per the dictates of the "free market," how has the purchasing power to use the cheap labor of our offshored industrial capacity been enforced? By military supremacy, a.k.a. nuclear war blackmail. 

However, it now appears that the geopolitical chessboard will be shortly toppled. In a world based upon appeals to the principle of reason, we will forego such imaginary nonsense and instead cooperate to pull humanity away from the brink of immolation. The pathway to do so is quite astonishingly clear and consistent. 

We could institute a complete revamping of global monetary affairs ordered to produce nearly illimitable opportunities for advancement beneficial to the future of our species. For instance cooperation in defeating disease, development of nuclear fusion, rebuilding and creating new cities, fresh water projects, and space colonization. Or we can persist in the falsehoods that we have been trained to subconsciously regurgitate that are leading nowhere but our own thereby well deserved, inevitable destruction.


Saturday, April 03, 2021

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Riemann Prime Distribution Conjecture

 Number as a physically generated causal principle is limited by a process akin but not commensurate with the expansion of the metricality of substance. 

This previous sentence may be taken as a deictic product of the poetic imagination. As such, it is not embeddable in any formal system of logical analysis.  

The condition of ironic boundedness is forever without proof, yet seemingly a potentially well ordered power capable of expansion and therefore of a type of proof. 

That proof is a living Monad and as such may not be resolved just as the Universal Principle may never be rectified as a fleeting word in the here and now. It is an impossible linguistic proposition.

Therefore, the substance of what is currently referred to as dark matter and dark energy is the poetic paradox of the unproven distribution of prime number generation as a tensor of unknown metrical curvature. Q.E. D.

Ingenuity on Sol 39
Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Social Movements Are Ephemera

 If one puts the stamp of the infinite on one's work what happens after death? Alexander revolutionized warfare and yet his conquered dominions went by the wayside. Charlemagne? Likewise.

Simon Magus used parlor tricks to ensnare the faithful. We see the like, again and again, still today. There is many a slip twixt the intention and the reality. 

We imagine perfection of forms that may never apply to reality. Is it the same with imagination of imperfections? Let us take the issue of the future to attempt to answer that question.

Will there yet be an adulthood of humanity? Perhaps such would be reckoning with the unbound internal freedom of childlike wonderment that is lost for what is passed off as "growing up?"

For what meaning will the zeroes on the ledger of your monetary worth hold after your mortal coil has gone? Perhaps they can be encoded and kept a quantum secret in the cloud as a DNA algorithm? What would Hecuba's tears or her drachmas mean to you then? 

The temple of liberty? Is it built upon the sacred property of the commonwealth or something merely ephemeral? Like the shadows cast upon the wall of the big screen TV? 

Social movements are ephemera. However, what is enduring is worth standing and fighting for. The future choice among alternative realities. That decision outlasts us all. The human mind is demonstrably unique and not subject to the mere passions of arbitrary change. There is no unveiled secret that can be kept hidden from the intention to create a future suitable for it.  

Peter's conflict with Simon Magus by Avanzino Nucci, 1620. Simon is on the right, wearing black.

Friday, March 19, 2021

A Good "Black Hole" Hypothesis

 I came across this very interesting hypothesis on the nature of "black holes" today from a theoretical physicist by the name of Igor Nikitin. The one attribute that is very important here is that this hypothesis is purely physical in that it does not embrace the absurdity of a zero dimensional point of infinite gravity as a black hole, but replaces this impossibility with an infinitesimal reality: a plank scale collapsed star. 

The problem that starting from so called first principles of deductive mathematical logic is simply that we are dealing with things that cannot exist. Points are not physical realities. So the pretension that they are is incompatible with reality. This also applies to the idea of the nothingness of the purported beginning of physical reality: the "Big Bang."

Kepler, who revolutionized astronomy, himself made this charge against the non-physical algebraicists of his day. Riemann, whose contributions to geometry made Einstein's breakthroughs possible, made very much the same point at the close of his doctoral thesis that we cannot confuse mathematical theorems for physical reality. 

But this is precisely what the glorified icons of academia have done and are continuing to do today. Nikitin may be right or not. And of course, we need to test his hypothesis rigorously. But, at the very least his hypothesis does not suffer from the outset in the same way as do so many others that accept without question the irrational premises of mathematical fictions as reality. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

My Apologies, Dear Readers

 I have removed all my links on this site as you may or may not have noticed. Sometimes the simulacrum of truth is nothing but an illusion. Truth at this point of time in this political landscape is almost non existent, unfortunately. 

I can say this that the world is careening either toward a cataclysmic series of financial collapses and war (perhaps of annihilation) or a new practically unfathomable Renaissance of space colonization and all that entails. 

As for joining a movement or trying to initiate one, at this point all I can do is put my voice out there and continue to promote the spirit of doing and bringing forth the good. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Incomprehensible Chaos?


The "Butterfly Nebula" is shown in false "color reassignments" from the scheme of Hubble where "red light from hydrogen atoms as green, red light from sulfur ions (sulfur atoms with one electron removed) as red, and green light from doubly-ionized oxygen (oxygen atoms with two electrons missing) as blue.

Leibniz declared in his Monadology proposition number 68: "Thus there is nothing fallow, nothing sterile, nothing dead in the universe, no chaos, no confusion save in appearance, somewhat as it might appear to be in a pond at a distance, in which one would see a confused movement and, as it were, a swarming of fish in the pond, without separately distinguishing the fish themselves."

So what do we "see" in this image? Is it merely random diffusion of gaseous or plasma elements? We are given a narrative that the future effects of a butterfly's flight might determine a chaotic change in the concatenation of mechanistic chains of dependent kinetics. Yet it seems to be the case that humanity is not merely subject to such arbitrary forces. 

Such that beauty is an ongoing composition of Creation that we willfully operate on to bring about ever more order in consonance with our need to embody that ultimate higher creative power that only we may conceive being the self-aware potentially creative Monads all dwelling in the "simultaneity of eternity."

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