"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

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Monday, January 20, 2020

On the Current Crisis in Astrophysics

The discrepancies of the measurements of the rate of expansion of the universe or lambda calls out for new physics. In the 17th century the difficulty in modeling the planetary orbits was overcome by Kepler with a revolutionary geometric approach that it is entirely deceptive in its simplicity. The measurements were quite accurate due to the development of telescopes, however none except Kepler moved from the idea of circular to elliptical motion. Thus this one unique individual Johannes Kepler has made space travel possible.

Not that there wasn't groundwork in the developments that made this leap possible. In Kepler's Mysterium Cosmigraphicum he insists polemically that the correct method for formulating hypotheses is anti-algebraic or equivalently through radically constructive geometric means. This point is central to anything which has fueled further advancements in the laws of physics up until today. 

For that which Albert Einstein accomplished with relativity could not have occurred without the likewise radically constructive restatement of the foundations of geometry by Bernhard Riemann. And precisely what was accomplished via Einstein's leap was a comprehensive framework governing how measurement itself is determined by its relation to the invariant physical speed of light with regard to universal motion. Hence, the need for a dimension of time that could account for this constant.

The quest for resolving the paradox contained in the conflicting measurements of the expansion rate of the finite yet boundless geometry of the universe will have to be likewise grounded in an updated continuation of this core method. Today the issue seems to question the invariance of types of electromagnetic propagation across vast stretches of space. So what physical principle might underlie this paradox? Is there something in the very character of composition of the geometry that can account for this disparity? It would seem that accounting for such fluctuations needs to be resolved on a yet higher domain for comprehending a more inclusive subsuming physical principle that is currently hypothesized. One interesting thought that comes to mind is the issue of the topology of the entirety of the universe taken as a whole. For instance, Kurt Gödel proposed that the universe itself rotates. Could this account for  a preferred directionality of anisotropy and difference in rates of propagation of the microwave background versus the measurement of the red shift through gravitational lensing?

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Re: Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama

The Russia/Ukraine and NATO question cannot be overlooked as motivation for this den of thieves. Recall that a pack of Harvard reformers opened up Russia for massive looting when they swooped in during the Yeltsin era to buy up shares of Russian assets that were distributed wholesale to the population. The US ex-patriot swindler Bill Browder (now British subject) whom John McCain championed with the phony Magnitsky Act that Obama signed into law was part of this apparatus. This carpet-bagging swindle continued in Ukraine with billions being carried out by Democratic operative's families like Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, et al. 
The overlying issue is the debt bomb that was created by the derivative securities of these same Harvard "quants." Since 2008 the Bernanke helicopter bailouts has created an even larger bubble that will inevitably blow. When that happens either the out of control speculative financiers that created this mess will lose their power through bankruptcy via return to Glass-Steagall and the US will arrange for new trade agreements with the BRICS nations or these loonies will provoke WWIII.
This is why they fear more than anything about an out of control Trump. For what he might do in a financial geopolitical crisis.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The True Motivation for the Impeachment of President Trump

The simple truth is that Trump is being impeached for attempting to withdraw the United States from what George Washington called foreign entanglements. The so called elite foreign policy establishment views America as the enforcer of a system of global governance. This system is ruled over by transnational control of financiers' interests. This is the speculative global gambling casino of uncollected and insanely hyper leveraged bubble of exotic debt instruments

The United States was founded in opposition to the very same interests, in many cases the very same royal families sitting atop this financial empire. This is why George Washington acting upon the advice of the architect of true American economic miracle Alexander Hamilton issued that admonition against "globalism" in his farewell address.

The reckoning is coming sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Rembrandt and Beethoven: Art as the Mediated Essence of Creative Mentation

This Rembrandt self portrait is quite wonderfully ironic in its self reflexive mastering of inner and outward effect of light in painting. Very similar to Beethoven's late quartets in going beyond its medium. Breaking the previous artistic boundaries in a lawful non arbitrary manner is the essence of the Promethean nature that elevates humanity.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Process of Becoming and Scientific Hypothesis

Recently a wonderful example of development of hypothesis for biophysics was published. Since this advancement in our understanding of the dynamics of the genome overturns previous assumptions about the looping of DNA, it neatly fits the principle of hypothesis generation. The previous false notion that the genome was static is indicative of a broader psychology prevalent in science overall.

My role in these pages is to elucidate that type of higher hypothesis governing how scientific inquiry itself necessarily evolves. It is upon that platform that we may search out and garner revolutionary advances for the advancement of civilization. Properly situating (cf. Leibniz on analysis situs) the mechanisms of biophysics as a substantive process of organic biospheric development.

The psychology of analyzing what are referred to as "systems" as fixed lifeless remnants is inherent to the creation of  the manifold crises confronting humanity across fields of knowledge, from quantum physics to astronomy. We see this in the ironic crisis of astrophysics quite starkly that the more we advance in creating instruments of searching the universe more profoundly across the electromagnetic spectrum, the less we seem to know! The very idea promulgated by generations of mathematicians that the mere labeling of points in the "probability space" of matrix manipulations somehow is equivalent to knowledge, illustrates this problem in the extreme.

In contrast to this sort of static worldview, as Heraclitus many centuries ago elucidated -- reality is not thing-like. It is a process of becoming ever more perfect, or better yet less imperfect. Now, for the lower realms of reality that process whether it be inorganic or biophysical is not willful. It evolves according to its own universal dynamics. The human mind however is of a qualitatively higher ordering principle. It need not physically evolve into a more biologically "fit" organism. For the human mind taken as the entirety of the development of civilization, is by its very nature composed of unfolding revolutionary change when we are performing in coherence with the aforementioned Hericlitian principle.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday song

Here to compose on this October morn
The age of adulthood's starry throne
Doth beckon whilom with grace
Yet prods us on like the wilderness
Calls on thee my love to partake
The balm in my arms a minute
To midnight...
It is not too late.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Manner in Which Mental Constraints or Axioms Color Scientific Research

This morning I read an article about the universal dark flow by a London based "science writer." Of course, this is nothing new at all. In fact, as I have been remarking for lo these many years here, evidence of a vectored evolution of the universe is manifold. Moreover, it breaks down as an ordered transfinite series along the lines that Vladimir Vernadsky limned. The lithosphere, the biosphere and the noosphere. All of these interacting with each other in a potentially negentropic fashion governed by the lawful overarching character of the human species creative mentation. That in its essence taken as a completed true infinity of simultaneity.

Which brings us to the issue of the multiverse. Our brave author referenced above sees this dark flow as evidence of... a multiverse. Contrary to claims by some that string theory or "grand unification theories" are mathematically beautiful, they instead are quite ugly. Who in their right mind would call the so called landscape of string theory claiming that there are 10500 possible universes anything other than hellishly deranged?

And yet these men of genius are paid quite well for this "quantlike" gobbledygook and even get million dollar prizes for spewing such mental detritus. For my money, they are no more sane than for instance the demented ramblings of the notorious Mohamed El Naschie.

The problem is one of ideological blinders. If your critically unexamined worldview is conformal with a pantheon pagan paradigm of bestial distinctly unhuman relations of a Hobbesean war of each against all then your conclusions about science will be predetermined along that trajectory. Take for example the late Steven Hawkings crazy drivel about the danger of contacting alien civilizations which would presumbably be gunning to destroy humanity. Etc, etc, ad infinitum...  A truly bad infinity.

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