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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

An Antidote to the Climate Change Scare Mongers

"Parson" Thomas Malthus in 1798 was wrong that population was limited by supposed "natural" resources when he wrote that apology for the British Empire's inhuman looting and starving of their "subject" people. (See Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal.")Today, the ubiquitous anti-scientific false religious zeal of the radical environmentalists is at root no different than that misanthropic imperial propagandist Malthus. Like Prince Phillip that ideology sees humanity as a plague on some fantastic and supposed pristine mother nature or Gaea. The right royal misbegotten so-called Prince's evil dictum that he would desire to be "reincarnated as a deadly form of virus" to wipe out humanity speaks volumes.

Even if the climate change tragic chorus were correct, the answer would not be to promulgate policies that will plunge the world's population to a reduced standard of living via austerity of enforced backwardness. The answer instead would be a crash research effort to develop fusion energy. If, for example, we spent the trillions of dollars we wasted in bailing out the "too big to jail" Wall Street criminals over the few short years, thermonuclear fusion would be a near term reality. And we would find a non carbon solution to the evil and hellish Malthusian nightmare into which the dupes of the likes of Prince Phillip are currently plunging us headlong.

Mining Helium-3 Fusion Fuel will Transform Dark Side of the Moon

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Who Heads the Oligarchy?

While I have been vocally and passionately in opposition to the evils of the financial oligarchy, you have missed the forest for the trees here. Just as in Poe's purloined letter the truth stares you right in the face, but you blithely ignore it. It is the Anglo Dutch empire that still exists as a nexus of interlocking boards of directorships that control the world's resources and finances. This is the true source of outright evil on this planet today.
Yes, the likes of the Prescott Bush of Brown Brothers Harriman did bail out Adolph Hitler when he was about to be thankfully lost to history. Yes, we have George Soros funding Barack Obama and the "color revolutions" encircling Russia with NATO bases. But the head of this monster still sits as Empress on the throne: the Queen of England: her truly satanic majesty still to this day.
See Elliott Roosevelt's biography of FDR "As He Saw It." This work clearly lays out how FDR told Churchill that after the war the US would no longer tolerate colonial geopolitical wars. But what happened? We were dragged into unending such wars that continue even now. How? By the influence of these very same Wall Street Anglo Dutch criminals touting first the ruse of Churchill's "Iron Curtain" and today's "Clash of Civilizations."
We are at the tail end of their evil reign today. This is the underlying causality for that which is being played out on the stage of world history now. Either we will crush the power of these oligarchs by shutting down their Wall Street gambling casinos or they will destroy humanity.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Different Kind of Relativity

Relative to its cluster of galaxies, ESO 137-001 streaks like a meteor at 7 mil km/hr trailing wild field of cosmic debris. Our own Milky Way is traveling at a mere 2 million km/hr.

Yet the miracle of the human mind evolves to subsume such power. What power has the human mind relative to these vast forces? The only magnitude is but metaphor: Cantor's transfinite aleph.

And still we as a species are in the grip of the age old perversity of being herded like mere dumb beasts toward the oblivion of thermonuclear annihilation for the sake of the illusion an earthly empire of worthless money on the ledgers of totally inconsequential accounting books. What an unforgivable waste it were when our grander future beckons with unfathomable challenges in the further evolution of our species' perhaps unique mission.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lift Up Your Mind Heavenward

The recent media natter in regard to a pop culture hero of "scientific" nerds everywhere has me questioning why the sense of "wonder" about large "billions and billions" of whatever is so off-putting. Poe remarked on this in terms of the suffocating effect of too much symmetry in rhyme.  It is the difference between a profound fugal development in a work of Bach and the monotony of a hesychastic chant. Soul sucking lack of development. The equivalent of naval gazing.

Contrast this with a sort of world line of discovery of universal principle. Who among us first surmised that the moon was lighted by the sun?  Are we not infinitely indebted to that unnamed soul's individual spark of imaginative creativity?  And further are we not endowed a birthright of childlike curiosity with a mission to further such needful exploration. We can put ourselves as if instantaneously back to that forgotten epoch?  For we are a singularity in creation that has such potency for good. We know of none other.

Today, we as a species stand upon a crossroad. One path is toward unthinkable destruction. One path leads us to conquering the very heretofore secret power of the sun's thermonuclear fire such that no one among us need ever suffer deprivation again. Such is the quality of poetry that brings us home to our higher selves. This is what the mysterious gift of human free will is perpetually heir to -- If we but lift up our mind heavenward.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Have Our So-called Elites Gone Stark Raving Mad?

The irony is that our bitter cold war enemy Khrushchev (reportedly in a drunken stupor) ceded Crimea to Ukraine by diktat! And now we are huff and puffing that it must remain in Ukraine. On top of that the Banderist neo-Nazi Right Sector is being given the top posts by Victoria Nuland's darling Yats (Yatsenyuk.) Please see chapter 5 of Hitler's Shadow for the gruesome history of Stephen Bandera Nazis in Ukraine. 

Now it turns out that the newly installed Yats government is planning to cut pension by 50%. (Which currently average $160 per month.) "People power?" The IMF and EU are starkly warning of harsh austerity as the price of "bailouts" for Ukraine.

And recall dear reader, if you will, that the current administration (if one can even call it that) has just been caught red handed supporting al-Qaeda branches in the Syrian civil war. And if Barack (I am really good at killing) Obama weren't bad enough, there's John McCain...

Friday, March 07, 2014

Yet Another Proof that Belief in Random Entropic Probabilty as a Physical Law is a Crippling Mental Disease

NASA released the discovery of how our planetary system manages to possess a positive feedback regulation against destruction of living systems from intensely damaging forms of solar radiation.

If Kepler hypothesized that he was investigating the "mind" of the universal lawfulness of a Creator, this is a further such refinement in that direction. This discovery would thoroughly convince Cotton Mather of the truthfulness of his dialogue upon the remarkably unique living planetary system of impossible non random mechanical coincidences that must be attributed to a universal ongoing principle of creation.

Every level of physical reality evinces within its own sphere such causality. Thus the doctrine of entropic irrationality yet once again is proven to be a mere  miserable excrescence from an addled mind of a cult like worshiper of blind fate of destruction. (The equivalent of the pagan oligarchic fraud of Apollo and Zeus.) Which is to say, the irrationality of an imperial pantheon of "gods" ruled over by the equivalent of today's moneyed grant givers wanting to keep progress that might benefit humanity from being implemented and thereby eliminating their evil reign.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reply to Greenwald's Article "Inside the mind of James Clapper"

When this country became host to an institutionalized culture of rewarding liars, we lost the soul of our reason for becoming a nation. This fetid subversion emanates from Wall Street. Remember when Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury Paulsen went to Congress tearfully on bended knee? For what? To bail out and thereby reward rampant criminality. So, is it any wonder that this sort of mentality penetrates especially to our execrably vaunted “intelligence” bureaus?

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