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Friday, August 29, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe's Descent Into the Maelström and the Eve of Destruction: A Moral Lesson

For those old  (and unfortunate) enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis and the type of reaction produced by the "rock' song in the title of this tale, today's global geopolitical dilemma should seem peculiarly familiar. Here we have a worldwide concatenation of multiple crises so terrifying that like the protagonist in Poe's tale, merely confronting them is enough to turn one's hair snow white in an instant.

Now Poe, forevermore, dilated upon the proposition that great art was never didactic. But there is more than a bit of irony in his insistence if you know how to "read" the lion's share of Poe's works as political satires and for lack of a better word, treatises. It is no surprise then that Abe Lincoln admired Poe and evinced a similar puckish spirit throughout his many homespun apothegms. The continuously most applicable for all seasons being you can't fool all the the people all the time...

But like the the narrator in Poe's tale, we do have a lifeline for nepenthe and surcease of sorrow to the otherwise multiply connected crises of the Middle East conflagrations including the rise of the satanic ISIS, a looming global banking crash, the drought in California, threats of super earthquakes and cometary collisions, the now pandemic Ebola virus outbreak... oh, and last but not least , the threatened nuclear showdown with Russia over Ukraine. (Phew!)

The solution appears like a bolt out of the blue to the mind that can overcome an existential pit and pendulum-like crisis through application of a Keplerian method of non deductive scientific proceeding. And it is not a new moon hoax or fools gold in El Dorado... But it is a new monetary system that puts an end to the financial looting machinations of global proportions that lead to enforced immiseration and pandemics. A new monetary system, the seeds of which are in place which can resolve the apparently random epic ills that haunt us. And a new mission: mining the moon for Helium 3 to bring back the current fire of Prometheus back to earth: fusin energy.

And now a word from our sponsor. Bringing Prometheus Into Play.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Unlearned Ignorance in Today's Mathematical Models

The revolutionary opus of Nicholas of Cusa situated the scientific mission and purpose for humanity's foreseeable future. The idea that we as a species are at the pinnacle of ongoing creation  in our unique ability to cognize recapitulate and further develop that very same state of creative becoming. This being irretrievably and undeniably the case, any mathematical schema or model of so called forces operating in or on the universe which leavse this absolutely necessary and salient condition out of the bounds of consideration is from the outset vitiated and invalid.

So we continue to unceasingly bump our increasingly bedizened and befuddled pates into the irony that the universe just doesn't seem to comply with our irrational conceits. How very surprising this all seems to to the students of a benighted philosophy of irrational chaos as the motive force of the universe! But, in fact, this is not a wonder at all. The view that "dark unknown forces" have our species in a forever hopeless situation is nothing more than the infantile earth worship model everywhere pervading human history and prehistory.

The answer? Throw these worse than useless assumptions embedded in such nominalist mathematics away. Work from an urgent sense of mission for humanity's ongoing present and future needs to increase our ability to prosper.

Big Mystery in the Perseus Cluster

Nicholas of Cusa
(founder of "learned ignorance" method of scientific investigation)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Randomness is in the Mind of the Beholder.

Yet again a pet mathematical model of purblind stochasticists bumps up against the reality of ongoing directed universal lawful cosmic evolution. As I have pointed out many times heretofore: randomness is in the mind of the beholder.

Artist's impression of the coherent orbit of dwarf galaxies about a large galaxy. Credit: Geraint Lewis. The Hubble Image Archive was used as a source of the galaxies used in this illustration

Friday, July 04, 2014

Modern Art and the Cult of Drugged Induced Pscychosis

This so-called research is totally tendentious rot. Just look at the clumsy glowing allusions to Aldous Huxley's cultish "Doors of Perception", for instance. This "mind expansion" is actually psychosis not creativity. Our society has been manipulated by putative aesthetic authorities to worship just such signs of psychosis as creativity since the CIA project called the Congress for Cultural Freedom launched the fraud known as modern art.

This tendency to foster and promote such "altered" states of mind as artistic or pseudo-religious "phrensy" is as old as mud. The trick is nothing but a means of control by neutralizing a perceived potential threat from the" rabble" to an oligarchical system. Thus the Dionysian cults that festered from ancient times until today have been part and parcel of the empire's bread and circuses.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Riemannian Surface Function as Antidote to Artificial Intelligence Hoax

Recent research on the manner in which the "early visual cortex" processing sounds operates as a sort of imaging precursor of correlated mental anticipation. In this sense, the mind induces a kind of conformal mapping of a particular sound with a correlated vision. Carl Friedrich Gauss developed a type of universal normal mapping which his student Bernhard Riemann took a step further. If we view a terrain as mapping onto a unit sphere by tangential normals we get a continuous mapping which may contain several sheets where these normals are duplicated. Riemann extended this multi-sheeted function surface by introducing more general branch points that provide a type of thoroughfare, if you will, from one sheet to another.

Now, the fact is that the brain operates precisely in this fashion in terms of mappings of sensations. And it is quite lawful that two senses of sound and vision operate like a multi-sheeted surface function. This observed phenomenon in fact is of a higher ordering that any simplistic theory of "encoding" can ever wrap its head around(!) so to speak. Any model of on/off, yes/no, base two bits of information for so-called artificial intelligence is therefore vitiated from the outset. Now those who would stubbornly refuse to accept this fact are like the forlorn detectives in Poe's Purloined Letter whose methodology of deductive reasoning is in fact a crippling worldview that prevents them from hypothesizing a higher mental power that puts the answer in plain view but is unrecognizable due to their purblind folly. Thus it is with fool's gold of artificial intelligence. No "program" will ever have the ability to create the merest irony at which the poetic consciousness excels.

Gauss Normal Mapping from Saddle Surface to Unit Sphere

Model of Riemannian hyperdimensional branchpoints 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Toleration of High Crimes in the White House Means We Lose the Moral Fitness to Survive

The Obama administration's justification for extrajudicial executions of American citizens is of a piece with his current backing of the unelected coup government in Ukraine killing citizens waiting in line to vote for a referendum of autonomy yesterday. The fact that the US and EU are now openly allying with the same Banderist Nazis in Ukraine we fought against in WWII is tantamount to high treason carried out by this administration.

Ukrainian National Guard Shooting and Killing Voters 5/11/2014

What, dear reader, would have been your reaction if American citizens were killed by the United States government for attempting to vote? What would have been Obama's reaction if, for example, this was done by say Qaddafi's government? How swiftly would we rain down the bombs? If our government openly supports this, what does this say about our prospects for a decent future if we take no action to rein in such out of control evil in the highest office in the land?

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Human Mind or Fruit Fly Brain?

The physical brain may be crudely modeled on fruit fly and computer mechanics. But the principle of the historically developing mind of humanity writ large will never be made to fit into an arithmetic "base" of symbolic logic as Kurt Gödel so devastatingly proved. The well tempered contrapuntal musical development of J.S. Bach and his epigones, which is part and parcel of this uniquely human higher cognitive principle of "mind," will forever elude such crude reductionists' comprehension.

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