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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Struggle to Survive and Energy Throughput of Species

The differentiation of species is characterized overall by the energetic means through which they are perpetuated. If a global shift in conditions vitiates the predominate form of energy capture and utilization of a species or group of species, then that type of life form is supplanted so long as it is possible for new species to achieve a harmonic metastability.

The function of mitochondrial ATP synthase is a universal limiting factor for such energy reduction across all biological domains. It is analogous to a constant for the inorganic such as the speed of light or fine structure. The ATP enzymatic development of energy reduction in living monads represents a singularity which separates the organic from the  inorganic. It represents a qualitatively superior and distinct organizing principle comparable metaphorically to Cantor's treatment of transfinite infinities.

The only continuation in this higher order of energetic speciation that we know of up to now, is the strictly unique human development to further evolve by the acquisition of the knowledge to control fire for cooking food. It is the only way the human brain's relative enlargement over other primates were possible. This is what differentiates our species uniquely from all less evolved life. However, it does not end there. Given the shift in conditions wrought by the advent of such Promethean evolution, the need to acquire new technological means to further improve the conditions of human health and lifespan requires a continuous non-linear improvement in control over energy throughput via more condensed forms.

To deny all this, as do the fanatic proponents of the back to nature dogmatists, is to deny our unique humanity. This is the only fundamental conflict that operates as a driving motif in the history of mankind. The oligarchical worldview is a desperate mandate to put the genie back in the bottle and to deny that there is a higher universal ordering purpose for humanity. Thus the mythical figure of Zeus seeks to perpetually enchain and punish the quality of mind that Prometheus represents. Any nation or group that seeks to continue the inescapable development of energy must be defeated by such bestial logic. Thus today as China leads in an effort to mine Helium 3 from the moon for the heretofore most energy dense form of controlled nuclear fusion, the inheritors of the bestial outlook must seek and destroy that very development.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Beethoven's Ninth and Remembering the Future

This past week I had the inestimable pleasure to attend a performance of the composer's ultimate symphonic gift. The last symphony I experienced had left me with an urge to identify the process that Beethoven's compositions evolved that draws in the listener to experience a delight in harnessing the creative faculty. It especially is striking in the passage from one movement to the next. Near the end of the first movement of the ninth there is a passage that has a sostenuto underlain with a counterpoint evoking the grand opus of masterworks of J.S. Bach. But more than this, this signals a sort of musical memory for the future development yet to come.

If one's mindset is that events just chaotically happen and that therefore humanity can only hang on as hapless spectators at some incomprehensible orgy of a modern day Roman circus, then all that our ever loving purblind elite does for their own good does make sense. But that road leads to the demise of love for all beauty that rightly befits humanity and the prospect that none will take up the open challenge that Ludwig van Beethoven has left for remembering the beauty of the inchoate future.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Socrates' Myth of the Cave and Hollywood

This morning we have been regaled by a conditioned response of our media analogous to a  abreactive mental breakdown.  Why? Because the unthinkable may be about to happen. Is it an all out nuclear war that would wipe out humanity once and for all? No. It's the death of ... Hollywood (gasp.)

What would happen if we were to be forced to actually face the political and economic lunacy that our "elites" have wrought upon us and this god forsaken planet? What if we could not sit, as it were, with ourselves chained to our illusory virtual world and were forced kicking and screaming (this is not hyperbole, judging from what I just witnessed on the boob tube's "infotainment" just now) to confront reality in the clear daylight? Remember Willy Loman, Hollywood?

Then would a new dawn arise wherein we would be intolerant of naught but the uplifting geniality and grace of beauty? Well, we know that the insatiable appetite for solutions to our manifold crises is a possibility at least. Let there be light. The light of thermonuclear fire and beyond. There is a way out.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Promethius and the Evolution of the Human Brain

It seems that there is ample evidence to conclude that without the cooking of food the energy throughput of the neurons in the human brain would not be possible. If you have been paying attention to the irreconcilable conflict between the worldview of oligarchy and the Promethean this is no surprise. That is the driver for all of human history in either direction in time.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Handel's Messiah and Loss of Historical Perspective

I attended a performance yesterday of that holiday ritual. It is truly an irony that that we stand for the Hallelujah chorus in imagined imitation of the king. What you will read is that Handel was a court favorite and that he waged a campaign to stage the Messiah in opposition to the prevailing sentiment for the political satire of Gay's Beggar's Opera.

But I challenge you to put yourself back in your imagination to that time and place. Remind yourself that one of the favorite literary works was Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal. This was, after all, the pre-Revolutionary period that swept up the intelligentsia worldwide.

In that light, the aim of dampening the enthusiasm for a "religious" oratorio in the city of London that had taken Dublin by storm makes perfect sense. In fine, the Messiah is a perfectly anti-Imperial tour de force.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Nature of a Noetic Field

It is undeniable that human thought has transformed physical processes upon this planet. The question might be asked how to model the geometry of the evolution of an ongoing ever less imperfect human practice in this regard. We know that Riemann's approach to an n-dimensional multi valued topological dynamical surface function has been successfully adopted in physics. It is also quite apparent that the biophysical functional space is ever more densely interconnected via singularities that have such multi-valued qualities.

The Socratic point that Riemann made in his Grundlagen that at the very small and very large the norms of sense certainty break down can also be seen as a kind of road map for fundamental progress in investigative science. Which is to say, the governing mission of humanity requires that those immanent cognitive powers precisely be developed in order to bring our practice into coherence with an underlying ordering principle of evolution of the overarching totality of the physical, biophysical and noetic realms.

The capability of creative thought to subsume this higher such function must serve as a motive toward how we arrange our actions in the here and now.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Beethoven, Augustine, Leibniz and Harmonic Singularities

If anyone, given the leisure, decides to compare all forms of development to extract their common principle, nothing could come immediately emotionally closer than the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In it, Beethoven composes an encapsulated recapitulation of the previous three movements in a dramatic fugal dialog that provokes a breathtaking crisis and demonstrates its resolution in the human choir performing Schiller's Ode to Joy.

Augustine laid the groundwork for the Renaissance in his struggle to overcome the Manichean dogma that evil has a co-equal substance with goodness. Today's claim by the heirs of Bertrand Russell that one can reduce the human mind to the one's and zeros of computer code is in essence this very same Manichean doctrine  in a new suit of clothes. The oft heard refrain that God is to blame for allowing evil to flourish (for instance in Twain's Mysterious Stranger tale) is the type of mental crisis that the Ninth Symphony exemplifies. Such was the libertine complaint against Leibniz in the rather silly portrayal of him as Voltaire's Pangloss.

All of history going forward or backward can be subsumed by this great division among the rule and purpose of human activity. We are as on a perpetual precipice overlooking a maelstrom that must be resolved if we are to move forward. The choice is omnipresent and constitutes the only meaningful definition of scientific and artistic beauty that exists.

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