The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mobocracy: America's Undoing?

The current disgusting state of "infotainment" style, reality show, "direct democracy" is befitting only for half besotted rubes. However, unfortunately, this snake charmer, geek show style of presidential politics currently befouling us is nothing new to the United States. It is the reason that Benjamin Franklin purportedly and provocatively told the anonymous importunate lady "We have given you a Republic if you can keep it."

Symptomatic is the spectacle of the same Jefferson who could write that all men are created equal, yet years later after leaving the White House schemed to institute a manufacturing slave economy in America while attempting to prove when challenged that Benjamin Banneker was of an inferior "race."

The ugly American syndrome resonates not only in our bellicose and cringe-worthy neocon "think tank" foreign policy "establishment elites" but pervades "virtually" every nook and cranny of this our winter of derangement. Without the creation of "do as thou wilt" "modern art" by the MI6/CIA Congress for Cultural Freedom could we have had the excrescence known as the "counter culture?"

It is the P.T. Barnum, Hollywood mobocracy theater of the absurd, psychological  infanticide post industrial gambling casino rot that ails us...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Non Entropic Time Reversal: the Case of Mozart and Beethoven

This evening, as I was pondering the commentators on the Presidential debates, I accidentally changed the channel to tune into final movement of Mozart's 40th symphony. I have heard this performed many times, but somehow being taken by surprise and unaware like this, I had a startling "aha" moment.

This connected for me two otherwise seemingly incongruous lines of thought. One was that Beethoven's later deployment of thematic material has a remarkable eeriness when performed and conducted wisely that abruptly brings the the listener to a point of closure and then commences immediately through recapitulation to seemingly reverse time.

This is what I heard quite distinctly and though I was not really concentrating fully on it. An idea rather snuck up one me, almost surreptitiously as though out of the corner of my eye, so to speak, to pair a frankly silly "thought experiment" that modern physics proposes about time reversal and entropy with classical music.

Two things come to mind about this train of thought: one is about the universality of what is sometimes designated as the preconscious. For imagine for a moment, if you will that both Mozart and Beethoven were great lovers of the principle of the American Revolution as a beacon and foreshadowing of a most happy potential for the future of humanity.

The idea that the phase space of an inorganic physical process could reverse the "arrow of time" is tediously wacko. It brings to mind all the mental images of the hapless nerd forever ensconced isolated from reality in their own nerdlike "virtual" fantasy world. Very much like the idea that we have now somehow "emerged" into a utopian information age, where we needn't concern ourselves with the rot, which evermore surrounds  and engulfs us... Unless, we have nightmarish qualms that either artificial intelligence will turn on us or worse... aliens will do us in.

However, putting aside such craziness, the real issue of the relativity of time as Einstein approached it is germane to my theme here. For the riddle of the role of quantum mechanics' observer who changes the probability wave function through some magical sort of consciousness. That riddle's solution is just this: time itself is in the perceptual domain only of human intelligence. Thus while we can observe that effects of circadian diurnal rhythm throughout animal life at the cellular level, only we may observe this. 

So returning to the great classical composers, in the line from Bach to Brahms. Their thinking was embrued by a Leibnizian optimistic outlook of the beautiful human potential that we live in the best of all possible worlds. It is only from that highest standpoint that we overcome the revulsion for the current status of American politics.

Time reversal is indeed a singular reality in the realm of human governance. Take Plato's supposition in The Republic that as we age the wisest among us turn to issues of how we may best lay that groundwork for the mode of society's principles of continuing well being. Hence it is entirely lawful that the quality in the compositions of Mozart and Beethoven, et al. of "turning on a dime" to recapitulate on an ever higher plain of development is the secret to time reversal.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Tale of Golden Symmetry and Beyond

Here, peering at the polar hexagon on Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft, we are reminded of Kepler's polemical opus on physical geometry called the six cornered snowflake or De nive sexangula and Gauss' Pentagramma Mirificum.

From: Bruce Director: From Plato.s Theaetetus to Gauss' Pentagramma Mirificum: A Fight for Truth.

Without the creative breakthrough transition from Kepler to Riemann (Gauss' greatest follower) our space program would not be possible. But now the politics of this planet are mired in lunatic geopolitical "debates" over how technological progress is destroying the limited resources of "Mother Earth." The joke is that the real source of resources is not the physical stuff of our planetary system, although the canny Chinese government is far sighted enough to be planning to mine the moon's Helium 3 for fusion fuel. The real resource base is only to be discovered in the ironic interplay with the advances made by the ongoing and  never ending potential progress emerging anew from the creative, noetic unphysical human mind that mirrors that living composition of this our wonderful universe. The best of all possible worlds.

Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the universe...

To paraphrase that font of modern pop philosophy John Lennon (with, of course, all the due apologies to my readers):

I read the news today, oh boy...
British science had just proved it all...
and though the news was rather sad,
well I just had to laugh,
I saw the photograph.
And now we know how many holes
 it takes to fill the brains of astrophysicists...

They'd love to turn us into mud again,
 Oh boy...

Now it seems to yours truly that a riff on Lennon's 1960's psychedelic song lyrics are a "good fit" to the current quagmire of such dead end mathematical logic about the supposed history of the universe. It is so full of holes. And such god awful unholy holes. Such circular "unlearned ignorance" is hard to fathom.

Here "we" have for a certainty that all matter started with a big bang... Except that "we" have no idea of what constitutes 95% of "all matter." Which brings us to the circular reasoning of Ptolemaic epicycles, oh boy... Indeed...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bernhard Riemann and the Coming Scientific Renaissance

"The tone responses in the cochlea are, essentially, "remapped" to the cochlear nucleus, the first brain center to process sounds."

This characterization about how the mammalian auditory system processes sound is reminiscent of an approach that leads back to transformational Riemannian physical geometry. For example, the way in which mapping is performed along the optic nerve to transform images in the visual cortex.

The fact that Riemann himself made a profound contribution to the study of hearing is not accidental. The groundwork for the study of physical systems determine properties of curvature was Riemann's Hypotheses Which Lie at the Bases of Geometry. The idea that there is no a priori space had a revolutionary impact upon science. It is the premise of Einstein's relativity, for instance.

Today, we are limited, perhaps fatally, by misconceptions regarding humanity and nature. Take the viciously prevalent and false notion that there is only so much wealth (for example energy, food, arable land, money, etc.) to be divided among competing nations or ideologies, religious or otherwise.

True scientific inquiry functions upon a mission orientation that Benjamin Franklin adopted from Cotton Mather's principle that a society must be orchestrated to "do the good." Thus, we will prioritize areas of research that will redefine that which we consider to be resources at ever higher levels of usable energy transformational throughput.

Living systems naturally exhibit a higher ordering principle than nonliving ones. Although, in extreme cases such as approaching the speed of light or at absolute zero temperature or of fusion energy confinement regimes, inorganic systems act anomalously via singularities in a well ordered fashion.

Likewise, human creative thought is qualitatively distinct. To be precise, what is meant here by creative thought is that which uniquely bears the potential of transforming society to ever higher levels of both material and psychological well being. Again, Riemann synthesized an approach for how a physical geometry can map these features of physical and mental reality.

If we view a function upon an n-dimensional surface, say one characterized by energetic constraints, be it inorganic, biophysical or mental, their exists a potential for that function to branch into a new domain of higher energetics of new well ordered surfaces of n + 1 dimensionalities. Thus, for instance, we discover that a protein may act precisely as such a singularity that has multiple potential biophysical functions. Further, human individuals have the potential cognitive power to consciously revolutionize practice in multidimensional mental arenas, from science, economics and art.

An Ideology Fit Only for Zombies

If we were serous about reducing costs of healthcare funding for this and related extremely worthwhile research would be increased many times over. But of course this would meet with the usual anti GMO opposition. The romantic idea that a pristine state of nature is preferable to scientific intervention to improve conditions which lead to disease is irrational. Of course, we have been bombarded with this very mindset by the supposed intellectual elites who tell us that we will never go back to a manufacturing economy. Even while we visibly rot with the free trade information age dystopia fit only for zombies that Hollywood is so enamored with these days.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Cold War II

All these well heeled information age hucksters/pollsters are purblind. We are tired of Wall Street geopolitics and free trade rubbish. Hillary is not only very corrupt, she is very dangerous with her "vast" neo-McCarthyism anti Russia propaganda being spewed by the infotainment "elites." Let's go all in for a new round of cold war on top of all the "humanitarian intervention" nightmares gripping the globe -- how appealing... or appalling, depending on whether you are human or just an algorithm of "big data"...

Friday, September 09, 2016

Laser Vortical Toroidal Propagation

Yet another marvelous discovery of the ubiquity of the toroidal electromagnetic dynamics.

Orbital angular momentum (OAM) vortices (pink ringlike objects) are three-dimensional laser light structures that rotate around a central beam, much like water circles around a drain. Physicists and engineers have studied this type of laser vortex since the 1990s as a tool to help improve microscopy and telecommunications.

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