The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

In Defense of Time

It seems that the aforementioned professor Krauss has gotten into the Kickapoo joy juice again. It seems we have now somehow transcendentally just kicked the universe into a hyperdrive paroxysm of heap big heat death entropy by playing peak-a-boo with it. But don't worry, I think if we can just hitch a ride on the time reversal theory of unrelativity we can undo our fate, mayhaps.
Joking aside, the extraordinary discovery of DNA coiling like a sort of mainspring in cyanobacteria compels me to speculate on a real quality of connection between our conception of time and the earth's diurnal rotation. I believe there must be a coherence between a biological wave form like the pacemaker or autowave and this coiling and uncoiling activity of gyrase and topoisomerase enzymes. In human terms, this quality of time is like a sort of carrier wave. Gauss' higher arithmetic supplies the framework for Riemann's multi-dimensional manifold conception. Which is to say, that we can model a multitude of interconnected cycles exhibiting dimensional qualities. (But this in no way gives us the latitude to believe that we can reify these dimensions as truly physical a la string theory.)
But there is something beyond this biological clock conception of time which is distinctively human. Riemann also supplied the means to model a wave function that supersedes the speed at which the medium can carry it. And it is here that the wave form moves from a positive curvature simply radiating outward through the Mach cone series to a negative curvature.
Now carry this image over into the multi-dimensional manifold of human societal relations. Our economy at any one phase should be able to sustain the population. We have a nexus of resources and technologies that make this possible. But due to the relative limits of resources in any historical epoch, there is a necessity to develop new resources that redefine the technological manifold in much the same way that the formation of a shock wave changes the curvature of space for sound. So for humanity there is a kind of built in necessity for scientific progress. Kraft Ehricke referred to the extra terrestrial imperative. If we view time on the grand scale of mankind's mission to colonize other planets and solar systems, then the constraints upon society become our relative imperfect understanding of physics at any point in our history. This truly is the analogy to a kind of projective mapping out to infinite time via a technology vectored purpose for humanity. It is analogous to Einstein's conception of a world line.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Question for Heisenberg

And if upon gazing into the intricate potentiality of the universal conative composition, all that you see reflected back is a void, shall you therefore impose as a would be universal principle that which you call mere chance? What have you brought back but the soul sick pessimism with which you began your investigation? If you wish to see only chaos rather than self similar pre-established harmony you have made that choice for yourself, but wouldn't it be tyrannical indeed to attempt to shackle Dame Science with this cognitive malady of yours?

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Principal of Connectedness

How stunningly art connects the student of humanity across the millennia! If we adhere to a cognizable compositional principle in poetry, song, or the plastic arts, our very act reconnects us in an filial mode to the past and future. And what is the basis of this reconnection if not the meaning of what Plato demonstrated in the Meno dialog, among other places, as the mnemonic power of mind? Is this not the bounded condition of a connected compact Riemannian manifold, while being finite as well as potentially infinite?

The Paradox of Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, and Metamathematics

All things being equal, it is apparently demonstrated that through the act of observing the "objectively" dual nature of wave versus particle somehow collapses a probabilistic "superposed" state. Any attempt to supply a rigorous description of consciousness compatible with the mathematical language of physics is facilely derided as "mysticism." And for the most part, I would agree with that characterization. While Kurt Goedel’s devastating demonstration of the utter folly of regarding symbolic logic as capable of representing even arithmetic completely, let alone all other aspects of reality was extremely useful, I’m afraid his attempt at a sort of symbolic theodicy via logic is a failure hoisted by his own petard. Because Cantor’s series of transfinite numbers is only completed in the absolutely infinite or what Cusanos described as the non other (non aliud), it would seem that arguing for an approach which would condition consciousness within the bounds of the transfinites must be disallowed as a metaphysical encroachment on “pure physics.” However, the growing importance of characterizing self ordering phenomena as central to many facets of present day scientific investigation under the rubric of “fractal” dimensionalities opens the door to the broader issue of self reflexive modalities.
Permit me, dear reader, to introduce an item here to illustrate this principal more concretely from the standpoint of a seemingly simple stratum of biota. The macrophage is from all reasonable experimental perspectives capable of continuously evolving in order to “outflank” the potential defenses of its host. This in an extreme sort of way evinces a “power” inherent in a conatus or striving of all orders of recognizable biological existence. But what of the ordering principle (or transfinite ordinal power) of the conscious mind that is capable of recognizing the seemingly preternatural ability of this species of living organism to evolve? What power shall we assign to that very same consciousness that can perform such an order of operation of reflective re cognition of this very same biotic power? Is it not immediately self evident that it were absurd not to advance the acceptance that the order of such a noetic consciousness is in a very well defined sense on another non arbitrary higher level of transfinite? And further, does this not permit us to view the concept of power from the standpoint of conative substance as not merely a sterile set theoretical category, but rather as the integument which inexorably leads us to affirm a principle of living orderings which proceeds to an encompassing power of conscious and creatively powerful thought or noesis?

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