The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shockwaves and Singularities: the Moral

The recent wonderfully designed experiment that showed how amino acids are produced from the shockwave impact of meteor collisions is in keeping with what I have posed within these pages many times over. To wit: starting from Bernhard Riemann's elegant and seminal description of  propagation of pressure or sonic shockwaves over a century and a half ago, the principle of a non linear phase change singularity that operates upon a medium of transmission was hypothesized. That very principle precisely applies in this case. The fact that the potential transition from the inorganic should take this form is quite lawful.

The analogous singularity for humanity is not the ridiculous adolescent science fiction touted as the melding of mechanical devices and humans. Rather, it is the necessary end to the principle of arbitrary control by an evil oligarchy whose rule is based upon the assent of their victims to the governing blatant falsehood that men are mere talking animals.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

George Washington's Farewell Address, the NSA and Israel

The recent explosive revelations that the US National Security Agency has been committing treason against our constitution by the wholesale turnover of raw intelligence of American citizens' private communications to the state of Israel should provoke the thinking portion of that same citizenry to take this rogue putative security apparatus down. To understand the full significance of this situation, we need to revisit the threats to our fledgling republic at the time of its very founding.

The principles of the victorious American revolution had naturally inspired a universal admiration among nations. The intelligence services of Great Britain recognized that this was a mortal threat to their far flung empire. The tack that the nascent East Indies Company which constituted the financial center of that empire decided upon to combat this existential threat was to nurture false irrational radical uprisings in order to quash the truly republican spirit. Thus the French revolution aimed at chaos to prevent an orderly transition to a constitutional republic fostered by the supporters of Marquis de LaFayette.

The full story of the struggle of Alexander Hamilton against Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr is part and parcel of this British strategy. (The same Burr that Jefferson sumptuously feted in Washington after he had assassinated Hamilton.) Hamilton founded a manumission society to free the slaves. Jefferson on the other hand actively promoted expanding slave labor when he set up a very evil system of manufacturing nails by working and breaking extremely young slave boys on his Monticello property. At the same time Jefferson propagandized for the so called freedom of the Jacobin lunatics that fomented the French revolution against LaFayette's forces. This bloody form of "democracy" was used to take down Hamilton's economic reforms that were aimed at breaking the monopoly of trade and promoting Franklin's vision of useful scientific progress to increase the standard of living here.

This is the reason that George Washington's farewell address, largely drafted by Hamilton, warned against foreign entanglements. The United States must not be drawn into a trap that would ensnare us into backing up an irrational uprising of anarchist puppets in France. The financial interests of the British/Dutch empire was to use the tactic of divide and conquer by setting off agent provocateurs in targeted nations time and again to this very day. Their current game in the Middle East is to embroil the region in unending proxy Sunni/Shia warfare, switching sides as they see fit. To them, Israel is merely an instrument of this useful turmoil that allows their assets like the medieval Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to subsist.

It is in this geopolitical cauldron that contrary to Washington's warning we have entangled ourselves, acting the part of the "dumb American giant." It is high time that we stop being gullible patsies. I think the vast majority of our population would agree, especially if they know then full extent of how we are being played.

So, once again, it is in this larger context that I must commend the patriotic impulses of those like Snowden and Greenwald who would expose the treason of the NSA at the expense of their own personal well being.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Wonderful Hypothesis

The British Saudi Cesspool

From a Wall St Journal article's response from readers:

Vapid: "It's the Israelis and the defense contractors who are calling the shots."

VirginiaJeff: "Sorry to disrupt your meme, but the Saudis have far more to do with pushing this than the Israelis."

Indeed. Except to be more precise it is the Anglo Saudi nexus that centers in the BAE al-Yamamah cover-up that the British government is openly protecting on the pretext of bogus official secrets act cum national security. Likewise the financial support by the despicable Saudi royals for the 9/11 hijackers has been an open secret for anyone willing to look. These are our quaint and oh so honorable oil rich allies who do legally what Ariel Castro is hopefully currently roasting in hell for.

A Hope and a Prayer

The overwhelming stench emanating from the swampy environs of the Ivy League's professional lifetime politicians like Kerry and Obama amounts to proof for all who wish to see that these dishonorable ne'er-do-wells are once again maliciously attempting to lie this country into yet another jolly little quagmire war for geopolitical reasons. If they came right out and said "Look. We need this war to keep our friends happy and to show our enemies we are tough, so we are just going in to Syria on the first pretext we can muster...Period." At least then they would believed by the American people. But they and their class are habitually ingrained liars right down to their very political souless masks they put on each and every day. Their current problem was aptly illustrated by Abe Lincoln: "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." So good luck Kerry and Obama as you pass into the bowels of your own private mental hells in the not too distant future. My hope and prayer is that your ilk is not able yet once again to drag the nation with you. Amen.

Friday, September 06, 2013

As If Seeing Out of the Corner of One's Eye

Augustine had a collaborator in fashioning the Christian revolt who struggled mightily to give up enjoying the vicarious worse than beastlike spectacle of the Roman coliseum. I heard a media strategist on one of Obama's infotainment sycophantic networks unblinkingly say yesterday jokingly off the cuff, of course, that the One must not appeal to the American people on bombing Syria on Monday night. Why? Because he would never be forgiven for interrupting football.

Now we have \the rather rampant curious phenomena of how popular passions are molded by the ubiquitous 'crowd sourced" video. You can learn quite a lot from not being a mere hapless subject (in the imperial "we" sense of the word subject, you understand) of such blatant behavioral manipulation. Why would it be that among the subjects that grip ones psyche with a bestial ferocity at the moment we have stories of zombies and vampires?

Could the fact that our lunatic financial obsession with gambling as a popular sign of prosperity has molded our labile consciousness (or rather lack thereof) thusly? Our recycled workforce being driven zombielike into dead end mind numbing menial service work. (See the popular literary fascination with Victorian schema of knowing ones place, e.g. Downton Abby, etc.) What has become of the once proud productive ensemble of skilled machinists able to put food on the table? Oh. See the ugly squalor known as Detroit. These lusty fellows have been somehow soothed into infantile submission to their own demise like the fabled frog simmering in the slowly rising heat of the frying pan 'til too late. Ah yes, then there are the teenage fascination with vampires. I wonder why? Wall Street fantasia anyone?

Now we have a much more powerful Panopticon apparatus in the outed NSA than the SS, Stasi (or Jeremy Bentham) could ever have imagined. The latest bombshell outrage is their newly exposed methods for skirting that old fashioned outdated document, the Constitution (still in the customary capitals you will notice.)  So they go about hiring the best and brightest hackers and swear them to a sort of modern Masonic blood oath of secrecy (curses on that traitor Snowden!) in order to use their "expertise" in evading what is amusingly called by the computer geeks (or perhaps I should have said zombies) the "secure" sockets layer. Now in the end just why must the NSA in order to protect us act in a fashion worse than the so called "bad guys" that our Ivy league commentators like to explain in pabulum-speak to the deluded sodden crowd. Who exactly are the  criminals these days? One needs a program it would seem.

And so, the unalterable way of the world, we are assured by these ever so serious unsought protectors )policemen) of the global norms, is a bestial descent into the hellish intervention of tribal irrational "religious war." Where the people have no not interrupt their Monday night coliseum. Eh tu Obama?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Why the Unspoken Fear Makes Us Cowardly Turn from Truth

The unspoken consent in the cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a sort of a test of whether America would carry through what Roosevelt promised Churchill at the dawn of the end of imperial empires. In the words of his son Elliott, FDR made it clear that the US would no longer tolerate colonial methods governing the globe. And yet, exactly what Churchill represented was drop by drop imposed upon the complicit psyche of our citizenry as they attempted to flee from taking up the mantle of that very mission FDR represented.

It was a sort of promissory note to end the rule of the principle of a wanton subjugation of humanity that is forever present in gestation all throughout history. And it makes no difference whether that be consciously acknowledged among our people. It is of a more substantial force in their lives than the disconnected momentary passions that occupy them. Therefore, it is the turning away from that great task that has led us into the unprincipled lies that now threaten to destroy us.

Yes, our descending was stage managed at every step downward along the way. The first blow was the pact with evil we accepted as necessary when Truman okayed the indiscriminate wholesale slaughter of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How eerily hollow were the celebrations of that sequel of that outrage that we had so committed. In hushed tones we tried to salve our conscience that we had no choice. We had as a nation defiled the promise that just months before was made to Churchill by the standard bearer of that great necessary mission that our Constitution became the vessel for.

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