The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Re: Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama

The Russia/Ukraine and NATO question cannot be overlooked as motivation for this den of thieves. Recall that a pack of Harvard reformers opened up Russia for massive looting when they swooped in during the Yeltsin era to buy up shares of Russian assets that were distributed wholesale to the population. The US ex-patriot swindler Bill Browder (now British subject) whom John McCain championed with the phony Magnitsky Act that Obama signed into law was part of this apparatus. This carpet-bagging swindle continued in Ukraine with billions being carried out by Democratic operative's families like Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, et al. 
The overlying issue is the debt bomb that was created by the derivative securities of these same Harvard "quants." Since 2008 the Bernanke helicopter bailouts has created an even larger bubble that will inevitably blow. When that happens either the out of control speculative financiers that created this mess will lose their power through bankruptcy via return to Glass-Steagall and the US will arrange for new trade agreements with the BRICS nations or these loonies will provoke WWIII.
This is why they fear more than anything about an out of control Trump. For what he might do in a financial geopolitical crisis.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The True Motivation for the Impeachment of President Trump

The simple truth is that Trump is being impeached for attempting to withdraw the United States from what George Washington called foreign entanglements. The so called elite foreign policy establishment views America as the enforcer of a system of global governance. This system is ruled over by transnational control of financiers' interests. This is the speculative global gambling casino of uncollected and insanely hyper leveraged bubble of exotic debt instruments

The United States was founded in opposition to the very same interests, in many cases the very same royal families sitting atop this financial empire. This is why George Washington acting upon the advice of the architect of true American economic miracle Alexander Hamilton issued that admonition against "globalism" in his farewell address.

The reckoning is coming sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Rembrandt and Beethoven: Art as the Mediated Essence of Creative Mentation

This Rembrandt self portrait is quite wonderfully ironic in its self reflexive mastering of inner and outward effect of light in painting. Very similar to Beethoven's late quartets in going beyond its medium. Breaking the previous artistic boundaries in a lawful non arbitrary manner is the essence of the Promethean nature that elevates humanity.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Process of Becoming and Scientific Hypothesis

Recently a wonderful example of development of hypothesis for biophysics was published. Since this advancement in our understanding of the dynamics of the genome overturns previous assumptions about the looping of DNA, it neatly fits the principle of hypothesis generation. The previous false notion that the genome was static is indicative of a broader psychology prevalent in science overall.

My role in these pages is to elucidate that type of higher hypothesis governing how scientific inquiry itself necessarily evolves. It is upon that platform that we may search out and garner revolutionary advances for the advancement of civilization. Properly situating (cf. Leibniz on analysis situs) the mechanisms of biophysics as a substantive process of organic biospheric development.

The psychology of analyzing what are referred to as "systems" as fixed lifeless remnants is inherent to the creation of  the manifold crises confronting humanity across fields of knowledge, from quantum physics to astronomy. We see this in the ironic crisis of astrophysics quite starkly that the more we advance in creating instruments of searching the universe more profoundly across the electromagnetic spectrum, the less we seem to know! The very idea promulgated by generations of mathematicians that the mere labeling of points in the "probability space" of matrix manipulations somehow is equivalent to knowledge, illustrates this problem in the extreme.

In contrast to this sort of static worldview, as Heraclitus many centuries ago elucidated -- reality is not thing-like. It is a process of becoming ever more perfect, or better yet less imperfect. Now, for the lower realms of reality that process whether it be inorganic or biophysical is not willful. It evolves according to its own universal dynamics. The human mind however is of a qualitatively higher ordering principle. It need not physically evolve into a more biologically "fit" organism. For the human mind taken as the entirety of the development of civilization, is by its very nature composed of unfolding revolutionary change when we are performing in coherence with the aforementioned Hericlitian principle.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday song

Here to compose on this October morn
The age of adulthood's starry throne
Doth beckon whilom with grace
Yet prods us on like the wilderness
Calls on thee my love to partake
The balm in my arms a minute
To midnight...
It is not too late.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Manner in Which Mental Constraints or Axioms Color Scientific Research

This morning I read an article about the universal dark flow by a London based "science writer." Of course, this is nothing new at all. In fact, as I have been remarking for lo these many years here, evidence of a vectored evolution of the universe is manifold. Moreover, it breaks down as an ordered transfinite series along the lines that Vladimir Vernadsky limned. The lithosphere, the biosphere and the noosphere. All of these interacting with each other in a potentially negentropic fashion governed by the lawful overarching character of the human species creative mentation. That in its essence taken as a completed true infinity of simultaneity.

Which brings us to the issue of the multiverse. Our brave author referenced above sees this dark flow as evidence of... a multiverse. Contrary to claims by some that string theory or "grand unification theories" are mathematically beautiful, they instead are quite ugly. Who in their right mind would call the so called landscape of string theory claiming that there are 10500 possible universes anything other than hellishly deranged?

And yet these men of genius are paid quite well for this "quantlike" gobbledygook and even get million dollar prizes for spewing such mental detritus. For my money, they are no more sane than for instance the demented ramblings of the notorious Mohamed El Naschie.

The problem is one of ideological blinders. If your critically unexamined worldview is conformal with a pantheon pagan paradigm of bestial distinctly unhuman relations of a Hobbesean war of each against all then your conclusions about science will be predetermined along that trajectory. Take for example the late Steven Hawkings crazy drivel about the danger of contacting alien civilizations which would presumbably be gunning to destroy humanity. Etc, etc, ad infinitum...  A truly bad infinity.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Trump's Looming Economic Dilemma

While it is the case that Trump understands you do need steel, infrastructure and energy to build hotels and gambling casinos, what he doesn't get about the economy will destroy us in the end. The problem is that without replacing the astronomical level of global bad debt with national banking agreements its collapse is inevitable. 

The economy is not a zero sum game wherein each must scramble for a slice of a fixed pie. New technologies redefine resources. If Trump understood that he would not only be pursuing expanding the space program, he would announce a massive Manhattan style research program to achieve nuclear fusion as well as a multi trillion dollar infrastructure national investment. But that cannot be done without an orderly end to the speculative bubble known as derivative securities that the Federal Reserve has been dutifully propping up like some latter day parody of Sisyphus.

A return to Glass-Steagall is the first step. Ending the trade war scenario with joint agreements among the main global powers for real economic development as opposed to geopolitics is the second step.

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Next Revolution: Nuclear Fusion and Space Colonization

Let us imagine time as concomitant with human history and gauged relative to its technological power. This is in essence economic time. If one measures society's ability to sustain its expanded reproduction at successively higher rates of energy flux density as a Riemannian manifold, time is characterized as a dimension in that n (+1) dimensional matrix.

From that standpoint then we can clearly view the various historical epochs of relative population densities as either in an upward or downward trajectory signifying relative prosperity and growth or poverty and collapse.

The current conjuncture of history mandates that in order to survive we must develop a whole new degree of freedom. As the title of this article states that entails taming nuclear fusion both as a source of energy and as fuel for a space faring society. Then we will truly have "time enough and pace" to  "make time run." Only then will humanity emerge from its mental captivity to the insane and ugly worldview of the oligarchical human zoo.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Stardust to Stardust

Spiraling filaments of gas provide the stuff for stars to form and populate galaxies. Some of these stars at their the end create shockwaves that provide heavy elements upon which life subsists. In dying, a higher manifold of freedom emerges that existed merely in potential before. A planetary cycle of species undergoing interaction with the landscape of this elemental fuel and starlight proceeds to greater efficiency in capture and utilization of energy at higher flows and densities. Again in dying these whole species create the unique precondition for a yet higher manifold of freedom that humanity alone achieves. The living and non-living elements now may be further realized as servants of a new mission. The truly human mind celebrates the wonderful coherence in unlimited potential that it alone joyfully strives to perfect anew with each passing generation.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Truth Is Beauty -- Writ Large Heavenwards

Before 1877 when Édouard Stephan discovered them, no human had witnessed even dimly these five galaxies, four of which had begun intermingling some billion years ago. Now they dance spectacularly before our eyes thanks to the Hubble telescope. My own grandparents were born at about that time of their discovery. 

It is remarkable that such truly heretofore almost unfathomable power has been demonstrated and measured by the interplay of such vast galactic forces. And what power in that mere flicker of time has the progress of the human mind evinced? And yet we still find ourselves enmired in the dismal swamp of self imposed limits. 

The old enemies of Prometheus are now cloaked in new garb. Their chains are unquestioned and false axioms that make mental slaves of us. They hate that higher sort of light of creativity to solve problems and inspire enduring beauty. They worship false gods. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and Nested Transfinites

The reference that Riemann made to Gauss' contribution to his concept of the foundations of non Euclidean geometry in Riemann's habilitation thesis is key to unraveling the metaphysical value that "pure"mathematics holds for scientific methodology. Take Beethoven's depiction of the stages of development of a storm and its aftermath in his sixth symphony.

Start from the standpoint of embedded cycles and astrobiology. As the solar system traverses our milky way galaxy there is a recurring long cycle of asteroid bombardment during the so called late heavy bombardment that is hypothesized as being key to bringing water to the earth. This would be some 3.8 billion years ago.

All life on earth has embedded within it an harmonic mechanism based upon the 24 hour rotational circadian cycle. The suprachiasmatic nucleus in the brain as well as clock genes have been shown to be based upon this cycle. What is the inter-relationship of these two vastly disparate cycles?  They both involve a functional relationship of two distinct domains: the living and inert. Or as it relates to this planet the lithosphere and the biosphere. Now bring the third domain that Vernadsky identified into view: the noosphere. Cantor's theory of transfinites is a furthering of Nicholas of Cusa's principle of embedded subsuming powers of all creation governed by the Non-other. The Promethean ethos of Beethoven's symphonic compositions precisely evinces this very same principle:

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Is Quantum Mechanics Based Upon a Magical Belief System?

These days nominalists label pretty much everything based upon impressionistic feelings even though they may claim otherwise. As the banner above congers you the reader of this blog: examine the deep seated axioms and assumptions. What are the reigning axioms of the current scientific establishment?

One would have to be purblind not to immediately answer to that question -- statistics. The idea that in the realm of the infinitesimal our observational senses are forever enmired in irreconcilable uncertainty. So what to do? Quantum mechanics! A wave function based upon an imaginary Cartesian infinite array or matrix of probability. How certain are we that this should be the case? Well as the statisticians like to say a very high sigma. Since after all it works.

However, when we try to extend this fine edifice from the infinitesimal quantum to the astrophysical we find ourselves in a crisis of inconvenient, well, "darkness." Could this have anything to with the methodological and radical assumptions underlying the latest flavor of irrationalism masquerading as sanity. Hmm.

Maybe when the foundation of a belief structure is unsound that much is inevitable. Perhaps we can be certain of it.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Lawful Composition of the Universe

Day in and day out we hear it being professed that entropic randomness is the underlying physical reality of all that exists. And indeed, if one were to marshal evidence to the contrary to a peer reviewed scientific publication it would be rejected. A variation of this theme is so called chaos theory whereby there is an "emergent" order somehow spontaneously generated out of the prevailing chaos.

I have fought continuously in these pages to maintain the opposite and to point to the psychology of the ruling conventional worldview. Whether or not anyone adhering to such an axiomatic schema for adjudging reality is aware of it, their worldview or Weltanshauung is equivalent to the arbitrary rule of the pagan pantheon. The gods are immortal and yet arbitrarily irrational in their ungovernable earthly passions. They demand human sacrifice in the worse case scenarios. A society cannot but crumble eventually that is held in thrall to such ghastly "principles." Entropy!

In fact, thank goodness, the reality is quite the opposite. As the great genius and founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, wrote -- the reason for scientific inquiry and government is to Do the Good for the benefit of future generations. That is the essence of "the American dream." This worldview mandates that science have a long term mission orientation. In current terms, this means developing the means for alleviating poverty and disease, providing necessary infrastructure, fresh water and energy systems. The areas of investigation that cohere with this orientation are many. At their pinnacle however is the unifying mission for the human colonization of space. This is not optional; it is necessity.

Yesterday I came across a rather profound observation in my daily perusal of scientific literature:

"Recently, the pressure distribution in the proton was extracted for the first time from deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) by Burkert, Elhouadrhiri and Girod [1] (henceforth referred to as BEG) over a limited kinematic range. The result is remarkable; it indicates that the internal pressure in a proton is approximately 1035 Pa, exceeding the estimated pressure in the interior of a neutron star."

This neatly illustrates the lawful ordering principle to which I refer. As Nicholas of Cusa and Leibniz developed in their dialogues, the Macrocosm and Microcosm are intimately and lawfully connected by the ongoing harmonious composition of this best of all possible worlds.

MIT physicists have calculated the pressure distribution inside a proton for the first time. They found the proton’s high-pressure core pushes out, while the surrounding region pushes inward.

Courtesy of the researchers

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Vernadsky Riemann Dimensionality: an Illustration

The recent finding by Johns Hopkins researchers that rhomboid enzymes travel beyond the cellular "speed limit" is illustrative of the unique manner in which biophysics is of a higher qualitative "dimension." That principle is of profound importance for the epistemology of science. For in dealing with space per se, we must distinguish from pure imaginary mathematical space and the functional living qualities of biophysical and noetic space and the interactions among these "realms."

As background, I recently posed the question of why humanity was at a kind of intellectual bottleneck or stultification on the issue of the planetary motions for centuries. One might be tempted to locate the answer in the necessary technological prerequisites not having been developed for accurate measurements of heavenly motions. However, this would be akin to missing the forest for the trees. Because the degrees of freedom required for society to break the bounds of prior constraining limits cannot be attributed to mere epiphenomena of a revolutionary change in its perspective underlying axioms.

The issue is that the historical mythological blinders imposed by the oligarchy were finally shattered enough to provide a freer rein to the creative potential of humanity. The classical Greek philosophers were certainly asking the right questions about hypothesizing the nature of planetary motions, inter alia, and most importantly the nature of the ruling ideological limitations of their society. What about the organization of their society allowed for a Socrates or Plato to so severely challenge the control of oligarchy?

Plato's dialog regarding the universality of human reason, The Meno, set the stage for what Augustine exemplified as the new dispensation. If a mere slave boy can recreate the most profound geometrical proofs independently of anything other than an internal dialog, the cult of the Pantheon of the gods must crumble and give way. The Promethean intellectual fire that the school of Athens lit would not be doused over the centuries, but reignite time and again in a ever yet more qualitatively powerful incarnation.

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