The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Vision of a Future Sans Oligarchy

The near term discovery of the means to control aging coupled with matter/anti-matter power resources enabling the peopling of outer space will provide a point of discontinuity for humanity. The millennial combat against the families that have maintained a false superiority through manipulation of human frailty will end. And yet a new enemy will confront us.

For it is certain that as we leave behind the limiting mental shackles that have plagued our species up til now, the unfolding course of universal development will perforce continue to challenge our noetic powers. This will create a new quality of thought that will be shared as common property among humanity. Since the sting of death will be eliminated, the development of scientific and artistic genius will be sought as popular culture.

It would be a mistake to dismiss this vision as a quixotic fantasy, for in truth it is the only least action pathway that our successful journey beckons us all to boldly embrace. It is what Plato urged as the meaning of comedy. For only by leaving this planet will we finally begin the adult phase of society and come home to our truer selves.

Thus does hope spring eternal.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Comment Upon Reading Julius Caesar During the Late and Prolonged Power Outage

It seems to me undeniable that we have lost to a considerable degree the vigor and passion of the English language in a utilitarian purge as a sort of reward for "good behavior" in our too comfortable mental prisons. (The nadir of this practice is fulsomely displayed in the inane practice carried over from computer coding in abbreviating concepts by their first initials. This is tantamount to the authoritarian cultural imposition of the errant and ludicrous formulation of artificial intelligence by these seemingly feckless nerds.)

For instance, in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar Calphurnia says: "O Caesar these things are beyond all use, and I fear them." Now "beyond all use" for us today, as a mere (and tame) audience of supposed English users, we interpose the commonplace term "unusual" here. We very seldom would stop to reflect how "usual" is formed from "use." Thus we have lost a connection with meaning in this way, the which Shakespeare's dialogue would have us remember. Much as Socrates demonstrates the mnemonic power in Meno. A power inherent in the striving after the substantial reality that Leibniz referred to as sufficient reason in a sometimes unheard internal dialogue going on behind the curtain-- will we, nil we.

Thus today, when we ever so tamely refuse to impute a bestial motive to the economics of austerity and appeasement of the financial oligarchy does "conscience does make cowards of us all." For we err and sin against the sacred mission in the scholastically named General Welfare clause of our Constitution when we forget or better yet refuse to ask this lurking question. So we lull ourselves rather than looking within. And we lose the urgent need of holding up to ourselves the keen mirror provided by master Shakespeare.

Reply to John Dee-ism

An oligarchic empire via control of the seas through accurate navigation, algebra as numerological magic, crystal balls to speak to angels…The spymaster Dee who signed with the magic number 007 was quite a new Merlin for Elizabeth!
But in my book, he was certainly outdone by the hero of this (The Rennaisance Mathematicus) blog: Sir Isaac Newton. Why, Newton’s startling forecast of the end of the world in 2060 from esoteric Biblical numerology certainly shows that he did indeed believe as Leibniz properly charged that Newton’s God was just a clock winder in the end.

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