The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


Today's Elites

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Leibniz' prophetic method

If Newton had even reformulated Kepler's laws by inversion to produce the gravity inverse square formula, it would at least be somewhat of an accomplishment. But he did not. He stole this from the Royal Society "gopher" Robert Hooke. This, of course, is in keeping with his nonsensical claim to be the inventor of the calculus.

Now, here we have arrived at the denouement of applying a wretched philosophy to our economy fully in keeping with Newton's avatar John Locke. It is quite lawful that he (Newton)wound up as the chief bean counter in Britain. For what else monetarism but an alchemical belief in the magic of the market place, fit for a predecessor of Aleister Crowley?

However, as Leibniz informs us, the world is so constructed that we can be rescued from the economic pendulum in the pit, as if by a miracle, so long as we apply our native ingenuity to do the good and throw off the mental shackles which bind us, lo these many years.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fed's Insane Madhatter Gambit

The problem here is the simple inability to fess up by Mr. Krugman, et al. that we have been living in a chimerical, nightmarish fairyland of post industrial/information age/consumer driven false economy for lo these many years since the 1960s. It is now come tumbling down. Alas, wheelbarrows full of greenbacks won’t put us back to the direction of a technologically vectored producer oriented economy. This sad nostrum is as old as mud and a lot more toxic. Weimar, anyone?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What went wrong?

Well, since the economics blogs are on the subject of what was done to quell speculative excess in the 1930s, the "800 lb gorilla in the room" happens to be Bretton Woods. Why? What led to derivatives (recently rightly referred to in Congressional testimony as the latest incarnation of Bucket Shop practices) engulfing the world monetary system? It was none other than the end of the system of settling imbalance of trade among nations in gold. After the Nixon administration pulled the plug on this in 1971 the scene was set for a global casino of currency speculation. One bubble after another was created and blown out. Now we are at the point of either attempting insanely to further hypothecate our economies or to return to the Bretton Woods system of stability.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Question for Paul Krugman

Mr. Krugman, would you have advocated during the collapses of the South Sea Island, the Tulip, the Mississippi Land, et al. speculative bubbles that governments should have simply printed up more such promissory notes to give the speculators proper government backing? What does this do but promote a more vicious hypothecation of the self same bubble? By the way, it is wrong to characterize this crisis as resulting from merely the latest incarnation of monetarist speculation, i.e. the housing bubble. The credit default swap derivatives the are undergoing de-leveraging are but a small proportion of the cancerous multi hundred trillion derivatives "markets." Until this insane gambling casino mentality is extirpated and replaced any attempt to prop it up is foredoomed. You can bet on that.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Honorable men ?

If you recall the congressional testimony during Oliver North Iran Contra hearings, one thing that conspicuously stood out was so many Republican "character witnesses" incessantly referring to North as an "honorable man." Yesterday it was widely reported that John McCain stood up for Barrack Obama in like manner when some woman at one of his rallies assailed Obama as an "Arab." McCain, pulling the microphone from her hands, declaimed that Obama was an honorable man, or some words to that effect. Well now, it seems that the old saw "it takes one to know one" perfectly applies in this case. McCain, after all, dumped his ailing crippled wife for a young beer heiress and then went on to choose a ex-beauty pageant Governor as his running mate. Why wouldn't such a man admire how Obama parlayed his many years long connections with the Ayers family into a successful run for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, all the while keeping it at arms length. What was it that Roosevelt said about Joe Kennedy?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Prediction from Thingumbobesquadamus

Today, Messer George Bush will regale the nation with this needful admonition: "Remember, my fellow Americans prosperity is just around the corner." ... or words to that effect.

Dance with a corpse, anyone?

I'm afraid it is much worse than merely losing one's spectacles. The bankers' ball has admitted a number of putrefying corpses onto the dance floor. They tell us, imploringly, they are just now oh so sure that if only we will believe. Yet I'm afraid all the perfume they have applied so far hasn't done the trick. Why, the erstwhile bon-vivant suitors are perspiring off the dance floor holding their sides and retching. Such a scene is unheard of. Lack-a-day.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Way too little, way too late

While today's NY Times article exposing the SEC does a service after the fact in uncovering some of the chicanery unleashed by the pro deregulation crowd, the economic problem that has been posed from the beginning of the creation of exotic and esoteric derivative instruments of speculation goes unchallenged. However, it is the mindset that created these speculative instruments that are now "deleveraging" on a gargantuan scale that is threatening us all with a financial collapse of historic proportions. Until and unless that mindset that created this disaster is effectively exposed and replaced by a return to sound credit policies instead of attempts to bailout the malefactors at the expense of the real economy, all such analyses, however enlightening are merely the proverbial whistling past the graveyard.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

As those that refuse to see

Well now, do you really think that printing up billions of dollars in bailouts will do anything other than cause a hyperinflation like the prewar Weimar mefo bill or current Zimbabwe cases? You illiterate bloggers have lost your marbles (if you ever had any.) How moronic is the true rallying cry of the Fed and Treasury: "Save the bubble, blow it up bigger than ever, that's the ticket!" There are none so blind..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who lost the debate?

We are facing a great depression in this nation again. Neither of these candidates have a clue. And yet all the political blogs and television commentators mindlessly carry on about debating style. Barack Obama and John McCain had absolutely nothing to say about what to do to get the nation out of this disaster. Who lost the debate? America.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


For the Congress to vote for a bill which abrogates the constitutionally mandated separation of powers is prima fascie treason.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Night of the Living Debt

This bailout is like the night of the living dead. The feds are trying to make the bankrupt financial houses walk after they are dead. Pretty soon the stench of rotting flesh will force the populace to hold their noses, retch, and flee.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

FLASH: Theorists spot Hidden Dimensions

It has come to my attention that the notorious blackboard photo of the PAMELA satellite's data does not merely further validate dark matter WIMP parameters. It seems that after a late night confabulation the two distinguished professors Drs. Kraus and Scherrer, to whom I have so lately delivered my heartfelt panegyrics, have lit upon a remarkable discovery. To wit, by a new technique of information neural network fuzzy logic coupled with a reversed cloaking superluminal device, they have retrieved the reverse side of said blackboard, where it turns out there is proof positive of the postulated hidden (until now) dimensions of string theory! The reason that this has remained under wraps for now is that given the current meltdown of the derivatives markets this could put the kibosh on any further funding for the Large Hadron Collider, since its raison d'etre is now in doubt. Therefore, don't expect to see a paper on the arXiv from our two illustrious protagonists, it has been embargoed indefinitely. Alas.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

All that flesh is heir to...

Some concept in the body of art and science of a nested transfinite sequence of singularities that produce a necessary pathway for global redefinition of work function of the three domains of connative existence is evinced from time immemorial. All expression across all possible fields of endeavor that coheres in outlook with this perspective is truthful. Moreover, this is perfectly equivalent to what aesthetics designates the beautiful and the statecraft happiness.

In science, astrobiology is situated at the cusp of the transition that links the domain of the non living with the living. This arena will provide for the foreseeable future of humanity an unending and enduring orientation in mission. All physics and biophysics hinges on this transition. Likewise, the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, which as yet is only defined negatively by the ill conceived failures of neuropsychology or worse information theory, will define a further such mission.

The soul sick plagues of positivism and its coordinate methodological absurdities will be relegated to history's garbage heap as sure as has been the mythological pantheon of the Olympian gods.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Gorey Truth: A Deduction from Certain Premises

It is the case that the Internet is indisputably a major, if not the major cause of enormous amount of energy usage around the world. Furthermore, it is beyond dispute that former Senator Gore profoundly and publicly prides himself as a major player of promoting said Internet (if not its inventor.) It being the case that our global climate change is putting the fate of humanity, nay all living beings in peril (as averred and propounded most vociferously to widespread renown and accolades by the aforementioned Mr. Gore.) Furthermore, the headlong promotion of a perverse technology which so threatens us all being akin to a palpably criminal enterprise, it would seem that those purveyors of this poison, including DARPA (a.k.a. the military industrial complex) be summarily charged with crimes against humanity. This certainly may be brought up in a court of law commensurate under the provisions of hate crime. It is a crime which will destroy in its course perhaps everybody and every living thing. It is therefor beyond the promotion of simple genocide. In fact, it has been hypothesized by serious scientists that the very earth may be plunged off its orbit by climate change. Indeed there can be no greater degree of criminality ever contemplated. Q.E.D.

(I say: to the Hague with Mr. Gore and his ilk!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: opportune forcing moments ? (Or more of the same balderdash?)

The problem here, ladies and gentlemen, is only to be situated from the standpoint of an Hamiltonian alternative to the nation's existential economic throes. For the remedy is to use debt as a means to grow those sectors that are in a ramshackle state of decay. This was the response of Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt to the enormity of like crises facing our nation in their day. A word to the wise: please educate yourselves, while we still have time and dump such silly palaver re bailouts vs. privatizations-- while we still have time...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ireland saves civilization again

Hooray for the Irish! Jonathan Swift is smiling from above. How can a treaty that would be rejected by any nation's voters be disguised by "technocrats" as anything other than a naked power grab? These are the disgusting Malthusians who would oh so modestly propose the end to sovereignty. Let us send them all packing back to whatever oligarchical hell whence they came!

Motivation for a Biophysical Metamathematics via Multiply Connected Phase Space

There are really very few original philosophical roots for scientific endeavor. In fact, to put a fine ironic point on the matter, in essence there is only One. Or, perhaps an act which is neurotic distortion whereby the mind willfully turns away from such a method. This turning away is epitomized precisely by a faulty inculcation of fantastic chimeras as science. Such are the notions of thermodynamic and temporal reversibility. To dispel this as pure sophistry at best, it were necessary to recapitulate the principle of the Parmenides dialogue as Cusa has done in Learned Ignorance and the microcosm to macrocosm functional ensemble. (Also see Moses Mendelsohn's Death of Socrates from the standpoint of a Leibnizian reworking of Plato's principle of Deism and immortality.)

Firstly, we can only falsely imagine a walled off division of "space" which is not functionally interacting with the totality of the "universal" space. In our wrongful such imagining, we then compound the error with a false construct of energy potential. That is, for a reversal of so called entropic disorder, we imagine a chimerical isolated event that can supposedly be reversed in forward extension of time. This is patently absurd, as is the equally absurd construct of time reversal, due to the reification of time as the "fourth dimension." (Interpolate Leibniz' principle of the monad as a "window" on the universal substance or more importantly everywhere embedded process of striving for perfection.)

Secondly, this leads directly into the necessary debunking of dimensionality qua dimensionality. While it has been useful to depict multiple dimensions as a tool in the theory of functional space, the idea that we should believe that there are "hidden" physical extra dimensions a la "string theory" is quite frankly infantile poppycock. When we believe that the mere labeling of points in an extended Cartesian coordinate space is somehow a substitute for reality, as Felix Klein appears to have done, we really lose our moorings in an Alice in Wonderland sort of way. In this way , we make several untested hidden assumptions about the essence of what constitutes space. This, by the bye, is why Riemann's dissertation on the groundwork of space is so lastingly "immortal" in the sense given above.

Why should we insist on imagining such points given by a Grassmanian network of simultaneous linear equations in an extended flat entropic multidimensional grid as anything other than purely at best a useful fiction at times? Can anything actually "live" in this at worst nightmarish imaginary domain? (Unfortunately, alas, this is precisely the miasma that high energy theoretical physics terms an elegant universe today.)A related dead end stultification, in this regard is the wrongheaded question of the transfinite power of the numerical continuum. The problem here is that not every such quest will by necessity bear fruit as has the development out of the "imaginary" number field the complex functions. Indeed, it is this idea of "functional space" which gets to the quick of why this is so. The physical continuum can only be properly approached in scientific methodology as distinguished by a capability of producing a necessary existent creative cognitive being, and nothing less than this. As Cusa has so forcefully epitomized there can never be an end of a progression toward the universal principle perfection in this finite noetic domain. (This, as an aside, is what characterizes the theme to a degree in all art that is truly sublime.)

It is apparent in surveying the current state of biophysical science, in the broad sense, that there is a density of diverse multi-modal functions within the proteome. It is here that a sweeping reorganization of scientific method for the better may be forthcoming. This is so because the mission at its base of saving and perfecting human practice can not so easily be perverted by the malaise of the cult of Schopenhauerian death wish pervading our intellectual "culture" today.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reply to "Give Kids the Vote"

Firstly, children already vote in school. Right? Secondly, the whole argument that you are making is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of political economics shared by the average voter today. To wit: the idea that there is just so much “stuff” to be gotten in this life which must be apportioned out by this or that constituency. This sort of “lifeboat ethics” is what has lead to the horrors in the extreme case of Nazi Germany. It was the philosophical justification for the policy of “Lebensraum.” The alternative to such a debased Hobbesian conception of an interminable war of “each against all” is a society founded upon continuous increases in the standard of living through the application of scientific progress. Please read Alexander Hamilton’s Report to the Congress on the Subject of Manufacturing. Read it and perhaps you might mature a little wee bit. Thank you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Cochlea as a Model of Metastatic Shockwave

The elegant breakthrough recently announced that the helical function of the cochlea determines the range of pitch of hearing has breathtaking and far ranging implications.

This directly bears upon my theme here in these postings from their beginnings. It is of no small import that it was Riemann who both identified the shockwave as the form of negative curvature (the "Mach cone" seen over time) induced when the pressure wave exceeds the capacity of the medium to transport it AND further carried out research into the fundamental design of the human hearing apparatus as consistent with his view of the positive and negative curvature in his "Hypothesis" dissertation. In fact, it is the point of departure with which he closed that thesis, i.e. that the forms of curvature among n dimensional manifolds are not merely mathematical relics, but are in reality physically causal.

What we have in the case of the cochlea is precisely such physical causality. Firstly, this is an instance of what Riemann and collaborators referred to as "retarded potential." The ever present helical chiral form across all levels of the biological domain is what Leibniz would have characterized as sufficient reason of a living monad. The fact that sound can "bunch up" because of the number of turnings of the helix is indeed the equivalent of the principle of a shock-front of retarded potential of the electromagnetic spectrum as a metastasis. This is further the embedded principle that inheres in DNA and the chirality of all living things. It is the so called autowave or pacemaker wave form and the energetic mechanics of ATPases.

Furthermore, the development of a succession of biotic speciation occurs precisely as the biophysical domain is no longer able to "carry" or sustain the energy of the system with the lower species up to that point. The physical continuum (as opposed to the merely numerical) "heals" the rift caused by creation of new life forms of a higher ordering. (This is the idea of higher "power" in the sense of Cantor's transfinites.)

When the human mind "creates" via technological innovation it is precisely as a sort of micro-cosmical recapitulation (in Cusa's sense)of this macro-cosmical potential. That is, the previous technological domain had to be superseded by the introduction of new resource in order for the continuous sustaining of society. Thus we see not only this model of metastatic shockwave as invariant across all biophysical levels of organization, but as the underlying motive of the living and thinking domains, or what Vernadsky called the noospere.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elitism on parade

Frankly, I'm a little surprised that when the flap surfaced about Senator Obama being rumored to be a Muslim, he responded in one of his rallies that he prays to Jesus every night. And now he tells us that small town rabble cling to religion as a salve to allay their bitterness. But didn't he cling to religion as a salve to ensure his election stays on course? Is he then bitter or perhaps just thoroughly ingenuous?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Implications of the non linear basis of aesthetics

The recent article in Scientific American: The Human Instrument elegantly demonstrates several interlocking transcendent principles of both art and science. The first is the inherent non linearity of the biophysical vocal instrument. (This in juxtaposition to the inert metallic or previously living wooden instrument's composition.) The distinction between the inorganic and biosphere in the sense developed by Vernadsky is clearly evidenced here. This non linearity persists in the substrate of the living as its sine qua non, as it were. The quality of feedback enhancing the efficacy of the biotic in non linear ways is being rather continuously demonstrated in innumerable instances at the microscopic domain in living tissue.
This issue feeds into the divide between the community of physicists and biologists. (Although stochasticism has crept in through the back door via a reductionist methodology among an over compartmentalized segment of the latter, in areas including such novelties as random molecular walks and attractor predator/prey dynamics.) The point being that linear, entropic systems are prevalent for the most part for the physicists and color their outlook.
The second issue that the researchers bring up is what they refer to as inertial resistance. This is conformal with what Riemann and his pupil Weber referred to as retarded potential. Thus the wave nature itself is transformed via its action upon biota in a peculiar way. If one adds the further cognitive, noetic element of the propagation beyond the means of the means of the medium to carry the wave, one arrives at the shock wave principle. In the case of human singing this would correspond to the composition moving beyond the fixed domain of musical harmonic "laws" to presage the continuing ongoing non entropic development of human society. (This to be understood not in the silly "time reversal" model a la "unscrambled eggs" of negative entropy of Maxwell et al, but rather as the non linear step functional model of the increased reducing power of technological innovation.)
This brings us to the final aesthetic principle that unfortunately the authors don't distinguish between the primal scream therapy of a rock singer and the bel canto principle of covering the voice which also protects it from percussive deleterious effects that can cause nodules. But given the false dichotomy of nonsensical right brain left brain mumbo jumbo separation prevalent in today's college curricula this is understandable. The fact is that the emotion of discovery associated with scientific advancement is decidedly not different than the conveyance of the beautiful or the sublime in art.

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