The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Degrees of Freedom and Human Creativity: A Cautionary Tale

This note is an observation on the characteristic of the entropy/ negative entropy formulaic in the sense of Vernadsky’s framework of the topological principle inherent the domain of the Noosphere. The simple thermodynamic principle of conservation of energy classically adduced by Lazare Carnot is that of a cyclically equilibrium reversion of phase space through resolving singularities via the work/transitions produced. The which thereby preserves the base state thermodynamic order. In this sense, for both the inert and biotic domains, and their associated phase space of interaction, singularities are a regular sort of pain in the arse, to use the vernacular. However, and this point is the biggest deal imaginable and will turn even the most tested multi-dimensional genius-like topologist’s mind into an oatmeal-like mush in the merest trice of a femto-second if not properly cognized (and there’s the rub): the creation of well ordered sequences of singularities is not only desirable for the thermodynamics of the Noosphere, it is the sine qua non of the existential survivability of the human species and more generally the necessarily subsumed connectedness of the lower manifolds.
Moreover, all of human higher ordered thought (this point is crucial to putting Herbart’s psychological approach of defining the interaction of consciousness with preconscious (or subconscious), i.e. only those “thoughts” which rise to the definite degree of higher ordering in this sense are truly substantial, this classically understood for example in Augustine’s resolution of the false antinomy of substantiating evil as a polar opposite to good by the Manicheans, Zoroastrians, et al.) necessitates the development of a series of singularities in thorough contradistinction to all other varieties of philosophical or religious ideation. (Please see Poe’s Mellonta Tauta for more along these lines.) This emphatically includes the whole body of so called post modernism/stochasticism, which as a principle is radically reactionary in the same sense that Aristotelianism was to Socrates/Plato and that Mannerism was to Da Vinci/Raphael.
The current nascent attempts to outflank Godel’s proof by a virtual army of logicians, the most reprehensible among them being one currently situated at Stanford, a Professor of Symbology, or some such rot, who has actually had the effrontery to attack Leibniz’ ghost so to speak, by means of misdirection and insertion of intentional evil for his (Leibniz’) suggestion of a program to create a universal logical language for legal disputation, inter alia. This sirrah, one Edward Zalta, I say, has an unspeakable excretion of positivist nonsense on the Internet, and I don’t use the term nonsense loosely, of coupling Leibniz with Mally, an avowed enthusiastic Nazi. Think for a moment, pause to reflect, if you will, which is more thoroughly and radically degenerately evil: an Al Qaeda website or the one of Messier Zalta? If this be a hard problem for you to resolve, look to yourself inwardly, dear reader and pose a few such hard questions if you will.
A concrete singularity of the highest order of being, otherwise known as a human being, uniquely possesses what no other biological being does. This property is what the US Constitution refers to as self evidence.

The Quality of Mercy and Survival

Consider the predator prey dynamical configuration given in the model of automata spiral waveforms by V. Biktashev. This system may be taken as a simplified generalization for the dynamics of the biosphere. One of the properties inherent in that system is the development of pockets of relative overabundance of the prey population, allowing for different types of activity outside the confines of the struggle for survival. This might be characterized as a new dimensionality qualitatively distinct from the assumed phase space metric inherent in the model. In actual fact, the excess of energy over and above that required for mere survival is exhibited across the boundaries of species and their respective predator prey relationships. One description of this state of affairs which is especially apt is given by F. Schiller. It is the motivation for establishing aesthetics on a scientific basis as opposed to viewing “taste” as an operation of irrational will. That which is truly beautiful in playfulness by necessity promotes the continued survivability of human society. This idea is the very soul of irony because it brings together apparently immiscible extremes. The ability to understand this type of concept is what characterizes a higher function of mind which is uniquely human. The resolution of the paradox of Cervantes’ Sancho Panza where he sacrifices his adherence to the strictures of formal rules by adopting the higher quality of mercy is exemplary of this quality. This is why any attempt to impose a mechanistic Darwinian framework for approaching human psychology, economics, and aesthetics is inherently vitiated from the outset. Further, it is not a matter of mere faith or belief that justifies the necessary existence of an ongoing Creative Universality, it is a provable fact as demonstrated by Plato, Ibn Sina, Nicholas of Cusa, and Leibniz, et al. The only scientific meaning of evil which is permissible is the radical denial of this principle, which is tantamount to Jean Paul Genet’s description of a death wish among the oligarchy. Unfortunately, this condition is quite widespread today...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Motivation for a New Direction in Mathematical Modeling

(DNA Topology as a Dual Function of Homotopy Induced Solitonic and Discrete Resonance)

This quality of duality cannot be resolved merely by assuming a stochastic frame of reference for the unique problem inherent in phase space transformations. This is as true for the field quantum physics; and in general self organization theory that induces the formation of discrete attractor and emergent states from any “arbitrary” random preconditions. The toroidal dynamics (hence torsion, chirality, asymmetry, as well as orientation) of n dimensional Riemannian space as it undergoes homotopy to Costa Surface of n degree embedded in such space, is the equivalence of subsumption of transfinite ordinals extended outside the simple number theoretical domain of the “continuum.” The Vernadskyian definition of a modular continuum, delimited by irreducible boundary conditions into interoperating domains, i.e., the inert, biotic, and noosphere conforms to this conception. Further, the Hopf positively curved minimal surface’s connection with Costa in the sense of phase transformation allows for the orientability via Cartan Repere Mobile construction of Kiehn to evolve naturally, rather than stochastically. (It is of no small note that Vernadsky references Cartan’s geometry within his text explicating the Noosphere.) The model for the positively curved space wave function transformation to the hyperbolic horn (Mach cone) is Riemann’s paper on shock wave propagation. Toroidal action is a metastable configuration of Alfven’s plasma cosmogony in the macrocosmic scale and is invariant down to the infinitesimal. In this context, the metastable formation of solitons of determinate orderings is properly located. The connection these have with catalysis, DNA replication, and far from equilibrium systems in general is instructive. (See Davia) The fact that autowave dynamics are differentia specifica in the biotic domain as in contrast with the inert is not negligible and is suggestive of a further refinement of possible wave dynamics within the higher transfinite dimension of the noosphere. The application of Hausdorf fractional dimension and its fractal sequelae does not conform with my use of term transfinite dimension in the foregoing. However, it does properly situate the question of induced singularities from a continuous manifold.

Neurogenesis and conformality resonance

It is proven that an enriched environment is directly related to adult neurogenesis in certain cortical regions. As classical music is the semi-mediated expression of human creativity, the case for sonic resonance in this instance is not a trivial topological problem. Again, the connection at the cosmological scale of star formation and topological invariance is intriguing. This, if you will, is the true locus of “connectionism.” It is decidedly not the theory of “encoding” prevalent in academia today. (As a matter of fact the craze of trying to undo the relevance of Goedel’s proof among logicians and information theorists has led to a rather degenerate embracing of non-reality as substance. This has its approximate correlative in the attempt at ergodic modeling and distribution theory as a replacement for causality.) In this light, it is intriguing that current studies show that the orientation of the plane of cleavage in neurogenesis that regulates brain tissue growth. The Gbetagamma subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins are likely causal elements. Additionally, the vortical-like chiral nature of the enzyme ATP synthase is well understood. It is further evidence of a topological refinement for the biological equivalent of the model of toroidal torsion. It is also astounding that this enzyme exhibits nearly 100% mechanical chemical efficiency as an engine that makes possible the cellular consumption of free energy for the biosphere, including both aerobic and anaerobic types. (Also, separation in these two domains is defined as counter- or clockwise rotation on the mitochondria, exclusively (!)) All of which further reflects on the need for a model that can account for the formation of solitonic singularities within this transfinite hierarchical domain. Another qualifying refinement of in the arena of bioenergetics is that the quantum mechanical “laws” governing regimes of possible spin topologies are violated by biophysical macromolecular states.

Dynamics of Human Thought

Media of transmission for human thought are certainly of the most complex and excitable types imaginable. The first question to be addressed is that of the quality of hylozoic monism of this subject matter. We can view many different aspects or dimensions of human thinking and their impact upon various portions or manifolds of relationships of the continuum of reality. (This notion of continuum is not restricted to the idea of linear extension and types of number, as will be developed further on.) However, it is essential to comprehend that there exists a world line of development whereby ideas are characterized as ordered in the sense of Cantor’s transfinite. In this sense, the entirety of human history of advancement of thought and praxis is invariantly self similar. (By the way, in this regard the principle of fractal generation is simply a convenient mathematical device for producing discreteness out of such self similarity. It is not the generating principle but merely a relic of that generation, in reality the generation of singularities rarely proceeds by such a uniformly simple manner.)
For humanity, it is the ability of scientific discovery to overcome the relatively fixed limits or boundary conditions of any particular mode of functioning of society from the standpoint of thermodynamic disequilibrium, i.e. negative entropy. By this, it must be understood that due to the necessary nature of directedness or hylozoism, if you will, one mode must be superceded by another. This quality of the vectoring of society is not merely accidental, but is built into the very ordering of the inorganic and biological substrates. For example, the fact that there exists a birefringent axis or anisotropy for electromagnetic propagation in the universe, which at the most macroscopic regime exhibits precisely this quality. Similarly, the anti-racemic and optical chirality distinguishing the dynamics of living systems is a further higher ordered transfinite development of this same anisotropy that characterizes the inorganic. Electromagnetic propagation is now ordered once again according to a new lawfulness. Now, human thought or what Vernadsky labeled the Noosphere, is of a yet further transfinite such ordering distinguished by its own particular power over the lower two subsumed realms. It is only here, that an awareness for consciousness of these ordering principles has any meaning.

As to the question of interaction of wave functions and the excitable media: firstly the approach of Riemann in his groundbreaking paper on the principle of the dynamics of propagation of sound and pressure in a physical medium. In this, he established the principle that the medium itself possesses a boundary of rate of transmissibility. The resulting shockwave formation induces a change in the quality of curvature of wave propagation. (For astrobiology compare galactic ram pressure.)The so-called Mach cone, taken as an accelerated series as the speed of sound (pressure) continuously surpassed, represents in its entirety a negatively curved hyperbolic horn. That is, what was a propagation of a radiative spherical kind now has gone over through a shockwave formation into a different species of curvature. In the instance of the propagation of electromagnetic at the speed of light, the medium is not able to rectify itself as for sound and instead, a transformation of a different sort occurs via Einstein’s equation. This being a different transfinite species of boundary.

This same principle certainly applies to the two remaining substrates, i.e. the biosphere and the noosphere. Mutagenic transformations, I contend, are nothing but the same shockwave principle applied to the biological realm. When an organization of life develops an ability to reduce energy through a new quality hitherto unknown, this is nothing but the surpassing of the previously fixed rate of transmissibility of the medium. In the same way that the speed of light represents a higher kind of boundary condition for the inorganic, the boundary separating humanity from all other biology is a sort of speed limit, if you will, for mutagenic transformations. This again, of course, is of a higher ordered transfinite than Einstein’s principle was for the inorganic.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, how might this same shockwave principle apply to human thought? In any mode of functioning of society there exists an active “media/manifold” of a set of relationships created by the successive discovery of principles of underlying organization of the three substrates, i.e. inert, biota, and human cognition and interrelationships among these (see for example the role of Deinococcus radiodurans). The human individual’s cognitive development occurs, of course in an historically concrete/discrete context. The previous associated development of society has made the medium of cognition transparent for the mental development of this individual. For example as a thought experiment, consider the following: (along the same line of dialectic of mnemonics from Plato’s Meno) how is it possible that a gifted young child in the modern era is able to seemingly intuitively grasp the principles of projective geometry and readily apply them in drawing? View the historical artifacts of the lengthy and arduous development of these principles; compare Massacio’s nearly completed perspectival artwork with that of DaVinci. So, I posit that the substrate of the mind is also a developing organic “compact” type of n + m dimensional manifold, a multi-sheeted hyper-surface, connected through topological singularities, (unfortunately sometimes referred to analytically as defects) and exhibiting negative and positive regions of curvature. Now, crucial scientific discoveries necessarily create for human practice free energy that allows society to overcome the bounding conditions of this thermodynamically relatively fixed reactive medium. This signifies the movement from n dimensions to n + m (topological cobordism.) Further, the geometrical transformation of such a succession, I posit, also acts upon the principle of least actional, minimal surface, topological constraints. For example, the latest in a centuries’ long mathematical development in this arena is the remarkable discovery of the Brazilian geometer Celsoe Costa of a principle of generation of such surface by way of homotopic deformation of toroidal types. Here, from this perspective, are properly situated considerations of self similar, relatively “force free” species of action, found in the subsumed substrates we have been considering, i.e. solitons and cellular automata or autowaves. Such species of hypertori and their deformations are intimately connected with what has come before as the geometrical analysis situs of instantiations of “compact” manifolds as a substrate capable of resolving and emerging whole the principle of shockwave transformations. Topological singularities that are either discovered in nature, e.g. Falaco, morning glories, hurricanes, spiral nebula, Davidov, aorta autowaves etc. or produced in the laboratory under extreme circumstances, e.g. plasma kink instabilities, light bullets, BEC breathers, sonoluminescence etc. are representative of anomalous conditions, which when their principles of organization are made explicit through scientific investigation act to transform the domain of human practice and create new thermodynamic boundary conditions.

Such qualities of human thinking themselves may be cognized as having a wavelike nature in terms of propagation through the medium of human practice. Consider for example, how the historical personage of Plato was directly and mediately responsible for sparking off a methodological renaissance centuries after his death. His opus may be viewed as propagating itself historically in two senses from the standpoint of curved space. In his own epoch, his attempts to win over the Syracusan tyrant to his system, create an academy, etc. represent a radiative propagation of his method analogical to the previously instanced propagation of plane waves below the limits that the medium is capable of supporting. Why? Primarily because his efforts failed to transform his own society. That is to say, even though the ideas were effectively transmitted in the medium of language and otherwise of his day, the power (potential energy) inhering in them failed to catalyze the desired transformation of society. However, centuries later Plato’s class of ideas were able to transform the practice of society very much in principle as a shockwave. So then, human thought, although it is insubstantial from the perspective of spatial extension, except as it adheres in some way to the nervous system, cortical manifold is able to act in a particular sense to transform the geometry of human practice. In the same oriented/vectored characteristic of action that birefringence has for electromagnetic inert propagation, chiral or helical enantiomorphisms for the biotic, thought has but on a transfinitely higher ordering for human practice.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Invariance Characteristics of Methodologically Congruent Classes of Thought Across Facets of Separate Domains

First it needs to be stated from the outset that there is inherent in this problem a special species of non linearity associated with step functional phase spaces corresponding to improvement in human noesis and practice. This also must be posed from the classical reference frame of dynamics of macrocosm/microcosm world line development. Neurotically distorted methods of consciousness can be located in some way as a metrical displacement from this “one form”, in first approximation, as seen from the principle of topologic determination. (More needs to be interpolated here on the underlying Grassmanian assumption of the linear characteristics of such matrices themselves.) The efficacy of the mind to tune itself to similar patterns and modalities at some phase of correspondence or cohomology in communicating either in internal dialogue or otherwise directly with another mind, is indicative of a sort of conatus universal to whatever displacement from this world line. Thus, Leibniz produced the model of the pre established harmony for the thinking monad.
Now, the important issue is evincing a characteristic method of choice in assemblage of the connectedness of separate thoughts for the concrete individual mind. This necessarily entails identifying the locus of a paradigm for the axiomatic systemization of consciousness. Because, while the conatus urge is universal (even in suicides (!)), it is distorted neurotically or otherwise via such paradigms. In other words, we have the equivalent of a sort of lensing or conversely projective function in human cognitive states. (This classically is referenced metaphorically, e.g. the phrase “through a glass darkly.”) This issue merits thorough examination of cultural norms that may qualitatively determine a “vector” for societal organization and the individual’s role therein.
An important direction for research of the forms of action in correcting states of societal disarray or distortion (i.e. dark ages) away from the optimal world line necessary for survival toward reestablishment of harmony is to consider those types of organization that appear qualitatively marginal but gain a power to leverage the directionality of society analogous to the mechanism of physical population inversion or laser effect.

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