The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Broadcasting "Hate Speech" to Aliens?

The quixotic project of beaming tweets with the hashtag #tweetsinspace to the planetary system GJ667Cc later today apparently will be censoring what the designers call "hate speech" from their broadcast.

I quote: “It all goes,” says Kildall, the new media exhibit developer for the Exploratorium. “Even political positions I don’t agree with: ‘Vote for Romney,’ ‘Vote for Obama.’” (All except hate speech, he added. We might not want to betray our baser nature to the ETs.)

However, I would assert that urging anyone to vote for either of the evil tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum twins  Obama/Romney is indeed equivalent to "hate speech." What a polluted abomination we will be broadcasting toward these perhaps innocent life forms. I fear it will be tantamount to proof positive to any sentient aliens out there that there is no intelligent life on this planet. Alas...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Message of the Grand Mufti of Egypt is to be Applauded

I applaud this much needed message from the Grand Mufti. It is in the spirit of the great work of ecumenical harmony of Nicholas of Cusa De Pacei Fidei. This same Cusa was instrumental in promoting the voyage of Christopher Columbus that led to the founding of the United States which enshrouds in its Constitution that very same principle.

This same spirit today cries out for a new concordance among nations and faiths in order to get on with the mission that humanity so urgently requires. This mission is the human right to meaningful work that supplies the security of food, shelter, healthcare and ultimately provides the individual an opportunity to participate in the ongoing perfection of mankind's continuing mastery over nature. This purpose being striven for by us then will give reality to the truth that we are all created in the image of the living God.---

By Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa
With the publication of yet another set of insulting cartoons against the Prophet of Islam, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are living through dangerous times, in which the world has becoming alarmingly polarized and obstinate. The current crisis has been precipitated by a number of factors. There is no one single cause to which we can point, in the hopes that eradicating it will magically solve our problems. Rather, this is a complex matter, involving the inability of each side to understand the worldviews and commitments of the other. The particulars of the events of the past week are known to all, but the underlying causes are deeper and more intractable, and cannot simply be wished away.
To properly understand them necessarily means taking seriously the politics that obtain between Islam and the West at this point in history. It is naive to simply point to individual films, cartoons, or writings which explicitly seek to provoke and insult Muslims as the motivating cause of these conflagrations. Rather, one must keep in mind the many points of conflict between Muslims and Westerners that obtain all over the world today. One need only scratch the surface to uncover grave violations associated with the war on Iraq, regular drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, the treatment of often innocent Muslims in Guantanamo, the demonization of Muslims by far-right European parties and the banning of their symbols by European legislatures, and the conflict that has persisted for decades in Palestine. To turn a blind eye to these serious and enduring conflicts is to remain wilfully oblivious to the underlying factors which make coexistence and rapprochement between Islam and the West so difficult.
In such a context, to then insist on igniting these simmering tensions by publishing hurtful and insulting material in a foolhardy attempt at bravado – asserting the superiority of Western freedoms over alleged Muslim closed-mindedness – verges on incitement. Of all Muslim symbols, there is perhaps none more sacred than the Prophet Muhammad himself. Muslims can barely utter his name before their conscience obliges them to pray for God to bless him and grant him peace. Hundreds of millions of Muslims revere not only the Prophet, but the very city of Medina which he made his home, and ardently aspire to visit it at their first opportunity. It is no exaggeration to say that Muslims love the Prophet more dearly than their own selves, as the Qur’an characterizes them. To imagine then, crude representations of a man so dear to them is unbearable to the vast majority of Muslims.
None of this is to condone violence of any sort. Indeed, the example of the Prophet and his Companions – the greatest sources of Muslim normativity – bear witness to their enduring the worst insults from the non-believers of his time. Not only was his message routinely rejected, but he was often chased out of town, cursed at, and physically assaulted on numerous occasions. But his example was always to endure all personal insults and attacks without retaliation of any sort. There is no doubt that, since the Prophet is our greatest example in this life, this should also be the reaction of all Muslims. As the Qur’an instrucus, “Be patient, as were the great prophets.”
The call of all Muslim leaders must be to protest these instances of hate speech in only the most peaceful manner. Violence of any sort must be condemned outright. Here it is equally important to point out that some self-appointed religious leaders have failed to act responsibly. In the tense environment that currently prevails in the Muslim world, to display these provocations and to speculate on the supposed conspiracies behind them is to act recklessly. Unfortunately, the proliferation of satellite channels and other media have opened the door to all sorts of people who have only the advancement of their own interests and popularity in mind, and not the well being of the Muslim nation, the Middle East, or the world at large.
Yet, there is room for hope, and our actions should spring from the optimism that the world’s religions –Islam no less than any other – are ultimately interested in achieving harmony between peoples and peace on earth. I have, throughout my tenure as Mufti of Egypt, called for strengthening the bonds between the world’s great faiths, as well as the civilizational cultures which currently divide us as much if not more than religious affiliations. In this context, I have been involved in a number of forums devoted to dialogue across what seem to be chasms of suspicion, building across them bridges of understanding. The great virtue of these forums are that the quickly allow each side to appreciate the other’s positions, and tensions soon evaporate amongst the goodwill on display, even if agreement takes more effort and discussion. This is a model that applies to not only religious leaders, who have been at the forefront of such initiatives. Political leaders, too, must look beyond their short-term benefits and adversarial attitudes, and media outlets must broaden their horizons and take seriously their responsibility to the outside world, not just their accountability to profit margins and the bottom line.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Legacy of Political Parties and America's Destruction

In 1799 Aaron Burr set up a fund to build a clean water delivery system in New York City. He did this as a ruse to create a bank by inserting a clause for the incorporation of the Manhattan Company in the eleventh hour in the state assembly where he served at the time. Burr played upon the good intentions of Alexander Hamilton to deliver clean water to the city suffering from perpetual outbreaks of cholera. In a young nation that was founded upon Benjamin Franklin's impulse to carry out Cotton Mather's vision of a "society to do good," Burr had an easy go of such ruthless subterfuge. The water project was a shill to set up what is now known as the "too big to fail" JP Morgan Chase Manhattan mega conglomerate monstrosity.

Later when he was Vice President, Burr finished off his greatest nemesis Alexander Hamilton in a duel that was completely one-sided since Hamilton refused to fire. Under indictment for murder in New Jersey, Burr arrived in Washington to be feted by the enemy of Hamilton's National Bank, President Thomas Jefferson. That bank created by Hamilton to finance material improvements and manufactures was the raison d'etre of the survival of the United States. This was an ongoing object of hatred that culminated in several financial panics when its opponents gained the upper hand to crush its functioning. For example, it was the protege of Burr, Martin Van Buren of Tammany Hall who induced that exemplar of  "democracy" Andrew Jackson in tearing down the Second National Bank.

In 1837 a panic resulted as the sequelae of the Jacksonians creation of speculative land banks. Edgar Allan Poe's satiric burlesques King Pest and The Devil in the Belfry aimed at Jackson and Van Buren's treachery  were understood by his readers as salvos in a political war. The Bostonian and New York "literati" were nothing more than fronts in cultish democratic experiments for the Boston Brahmins opium running Clipper Ship magnates and the Wall St speculators. Poe and Cooper, inter alia, took on these interests in their writings and were scurrilously hounded by them as a result.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had managed to break the control of JP Morgan, et al., in instituting the Glass-Steagall law that prevented the use of bank deposits to be used for gambling in spurious "bucket shop" type schemes and by setting up Bretton Woods gold back reserve system to settle the imbalance of trade in order to secure stable currencies.

Nixon took the advice of Wall Street's Arthur Burns to end the gold reserve Bretton Woods system in 1971. This led to so-called arbitrage in international currencies thereby creating a bubble of speculation. The likes of JP Morgan were salivating for more speculative loot however. They got that when Glass-Steagall was abolished by their control over both parties in Congress and the White House in 1999.

Today, we are confronted by a crazed attempt by the Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke to prop up the collapsed worthless trillions of dollars of speculative "derivative securities" that were the outcome of Gramm-Leach-Bliley take down of Glass-Steagall. This is nothing more that history repeating itself.

But there is a twist now. For what is being played out on the stage of the world by the Kissingerian geopolitical interests behind these sordid would-be oligarchs of high finance is far more destructive than merely a bank collapse. The world has been at a crossroads in terms of the potential threat of nuclear war. Never more so than now with the looming countdown of the launching of an Israeli strike against Iran. Meanwhile Obama and Romney parade around in pettifogging political attacks and ludicrous grovelling to curry favor with these very moneyed interests that have seen fit to step by step destroy the very principle of Hamilton's successful rescue of the nation.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why Atheism in Science is a Belief in Magic

My dog believes in magic. When I take her for a walk in the morning her brain associates that walk with her owner's desire for her to politely defecate out of doors. When she has eaten a breakfast prior to the walk, she saunters at a leisurely pace. When she has yet to gobble up her food that morning, she hurriedly and unceremoniously poops post haste.

Now this behavior is a form of a belief in our domestic pets which is the equivalent of what Johannes Kepler so astutely derided as the algebraic method. In a world where our mentality is governed by the false belief that things happen randomly we wish that we may use a formula to predict the future. If we know the value of points in a random "space" then as things go bump in the night we can know how things will wind up down the road a piece. Because you see we started here and next to here is another here. So x + y will always equal z. We are truly dogged in our belief in this concatenation of things...

But how on earth then did we emerge out of this random soup you ask? We scientists are working on that. (Squaring the circle and alchemy were the precursors of today's chaos and string theories.) Kepler said that he was hypothesizing how the Composer continuously creates an ongoing perfection with mankind uniquely qualified to comprehend that creation. Newton infamously said Hypothesis Non Fingo. Magister Newton also said through his magical biblical eschatology that the world will end in 2060. So too the nominalist logical positivist followers of Bertrand, Lord Russell declare that the second law of thermodynamics is all there is. Progress, you see in their mystical worldview is all for naught, no matter how many lifeless dimensions there are in the "landscape," all cows are infinitesimal black dark matter nothings...

How James Fenimore Cooper Foresaw the Twin Nightmares of Obama and Romney

From Cooper's novel Home as Found, which was panned by reviewers as too caustic a political manifesto and not mere entertainment, we have the following pertinent philippic from one of its protagonists:
 '' ...I allude to the very general disposition to confine political discussions to political men. Thus, the private citizen, who should presume to discuss a political question, would be deemed fair game for all who thought differently from himself. He would be injured in his pocket, reputation, domestic happiness, if possible; for, in this respect, America is much the most intolerant nation I have ever visited. In all other countries, in which discussion is permitted at all, there is at least the appearance of fair play, whatever may be done covertly; but here, it seems to be sufficient to justify falsehood, frauds, nay, barefaced rascality, to establish that the injured party has had the audacity to meddle with public questions, not being what the public chooses to call a public man. It is scarcely necessary to say that, when such an opinion gets to be effective, it must entirely defeat the real intentions of a popular government. (...) Instances are to be seen as often as a man is found freeman enough to have an opinion independent of party. It is not for connecting himself with party that a man is denounced in this country, but for daring to connect himself with truth. Party will bear with party, but party will not bear with truth." (My emphasis added)
 Now, dear reader you might have noticed how true these very words still ring especially today. Today, when we have the wretched display nightly of a Hollywood pornographic caricature of an election (and electorate.)

For who, in their right mind, would not be able to see through the charade that both parties are "only in it for the money?" No matter with what obsequious and pious  platitudes their bald face phony rhetoric attempts to woo the gullible Internet or television watching marks with so called biblical morality on one side or women's rights on the other. The game, you see, is all of a piece.

And the game of this political sideshow, dear reader, is to fleece not only the sick and elderly, as if that were not bad enough. The game is to kowtow to the looting depredations of the cabal of high finance that rigs the economy only in its favor. What we very simply have is an illicit creation of speculative debt by an oligarchy. The power behind the creation of  that debt is more sacrosanct to both parties than the very future of our nation (and humanity.) For in reality, both damnable parties agree that pay that illicit debt we must no matter what. And so they squabble furiously in the political muck and mire devouring each other while America burns.

So, had Cooper's America actually heeded what he had accurately limned in his day, we would not be in the pickle we have been in for these many years. At the time, the popular press scolded him for his politics with the hue and cry that the public only wanted pleasure from its novelists. Yes, give the people what it wants cries our latter day would be P.T. Barnums. Ah, but that's entertainment...What you see is what you get.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

On Biophysical Cyclical Unity

Today I came across a rather thought provoking theoretical piece entitled "Can Resonant Oscillations of the Earth Ionosphere Influence the Human Brain Biorhythm?"

Riemann's exploration of various biophysical cycles and their interdependence in his vastly under-published philosophical "fragments" immediately suggests itself as a model here. His injunction that the normal sense certainty of soi disant common sense breaks down at the level of the very large and very small is instructive in this regard as well. For in what usual and ordinary way of thinking would connect cellular waves at the level of DNA and cosmic ones? Recently LaRouche brought attention to the remarkable weakness of the organ known as the brain when compared to actually creative human thought. 

Thus, the universe acts upon itself, by way of human endeavor, in such a way as to create a mission orientation. For we are entering into an era of cosmic ray intensification on the Andromeda side of our galaxy.

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