The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Barack Obama Is A Traitor to the Unique Mission of the United States

One may not utter the words in the title of this writing lightly. It is only with a comprehensive understanding of why the mission of these United States in world history necessarily calls upon our nation's chosen President to lead the globe out of its current unfolding existential crisis, that the full force of the charge of treachery is truthfully justified. It has been a providential endowment nearly miraculous that the idea embodied in our constitution that the nation exists in order to benefit the future well being of its citizens both materially and otherwise that absolutely separates us apart from the long succession of failures of governments in history. That overarching principle places the responsibility upon our shoulders to rise above the degradation that has been imposed on us over the years since we acted to pull the world away from the doom of a lasting dark age had we not prevailed in last century's World War II. However, the immoral compromise we made as a people beginning with Truman's monstrous relegation and undermining of this nation's mission instead to abjectly subserve as an instrument of an intended banker's dictatorship for world government has put us and the planet in grave peril at the moment of this writing.

It is unfortunate that for most of my fellow citizens these foregoing words will fall on deaf ears. Edgar Alan Poe, who was truly one of the most patriotic writers we have yet produced, said of the biography of Washington by James Kirke Paulding:

"We have read Mr. Paulding’s Life of Washington with a degree of interest seldom excited in us by the perusal of any book whatever. We are convinced by a deliberate examination of the design, manner, and rich material of the work, that, as it grows in age, it will grow in the estimation of our countrymen, and, finally, will not fail to take a deeper hold upon the public mind, and upon the public affections, than any work upon the same subject, or of a similar nature, which has been yet written — or, possibly, which may be written hereafter. Indeed, we cannot perceive the necessity of anything farther upon the great theme of Washington. Mr. Paulding has completely and most beautifully filled the vacuum which the works of Marshall and Sparks have left open. He has painted the boy, the man, the husband, and the Christian. He has introduced us to the private affections, aspirations, and charities of that hero whose affections of all affections were the most serene, whose aspirations the most God-like, and whose charities the most gentle and pure. He has taken us abroad with the patriot-farmer in his rambles about his homestead. He has seated us in his study and shown us the warrior-christian in unobtrusive communion with his God. He has done all this too, and more, in a simple and quiet manner, in a manner peculiarly his own, and which mainly because it is his own, cannot fail to be exceedingly effective. Yet it is very possible that the public may, for many years to come, overlook the rare merits of a work whose want of arrogant assumption is so little in keeping with the usages of the day, and whose striking simplicity and naiveté of manner give, to a cursory examination, so little evidence of the labor of composition. We have no fears, however, for the future. Such books as these before us, go down to posterity like rich wines, with a certainty of being more valued as they go. They force themselves with the gradual but rapidly accumulating power of strong wedges into the hearts and understandings of a community."

Reading this unfortunately forgotten tome, it becomes immediately evident that Paulding conveyed the unique mission of America embodied in the life of George Washington as a complete and singular experiment upon which the future of humanity rested then and now.  I urge you, dear reader to take this volume up. You will be none the worse for it.

Returning to the purpose, we are now come to a worldwide upheaval and conflagration that is the direct result of Obama's abject kowtowing to the orders of City of London and its junior partners on Wall Street. The only way out of the impending spiral of global immiseration and chaos is to throw off the yoke of our historic enemy, the British empire. It is in this light, that we justly charge the minions, Obama being chief among them, of this crumbling financial empire with treachery. LaRouche has authored a solution to the sorry years of compromise we as a nation have made with this evil. It is high time we rose to the occasion and adopt it.

Friday, February 25, 2011


This just in:

"Stars Could Have Wormholes At Their Cores, Say Astrophysicists

Far from being links between empty regions of space, wormholes could form shortcuts from one star to another"

I can't really say whether stars might have wormholes in them, but I think that this particular research proves beyond a doubt that we should look for holes in certain astrophysicists' heads. Thanks for your kind consideration.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Utterly Ineffable Imbecility of Academia on Parade:

Responses to the Assurance game in monkeys, apes, and humans using equivalent procedures


There is great interest in the evolution of economic behavior. In typical studies, species are asked to play one of a series of economic games, derived from game theory, and their responses are compared. The advantage of this approach is the relative level of consistency and control that emerges from the games themselves; however, in the typical experiment, procedures and conditions differ widely, particularly between humans and other species. Thus, in the current study, we investigated how three primate species, capuchin monkeys, chimpanzees, and humans, played the Assurance (or Stag Hunt) game using procedures that were, to the best of our ability, the same across species, particularly with respect to training and pretesting. Our goal was to determine what, if any, differences existed in the ways in which these species made decisions in this game. We hypothesized differences along phylogenetic lines, which we found. However, the species were more similar than might be expected. In particular, humans who played using “nonhuman primate-friendly” rules did not behave as is typical. Thus, we find evidence for similarity in decision-making processes across the order Primates. These results indicate that such comparative studies are possible and, moreover, that in any comparison rating species’ relative abilities, extreme care must be taken in ensuring that one species does not have an advantage over the others due to methodological procedures.

(Although this seems like a spoof, perhaps from the pages of The Onion, it is verbatim from the horses' mouths. Honest.)

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Growing Evidence That "Information" Models of Biophysics Are Dead Wrong

    Two recent research papers point our attention toward disproving the assumptions underlying information theory's intrusion upon biophysics, inter alia. Before discussing these recent developments, it must be mentioned that prima facie information theory from its onset has always rankled many, including myself, on the grounds of its dehumanizing ontological implications. The crass mechanistic and reductionist empiricism evident in Wiener's doctrine of "cybernetics" provides a paradigm for this modern revamping of Occam's razor. Humanists in the line from Plato to Leibniz have quite naturally always been viscerally repulsed by such "thinking." 

    It is therefore, with great pleasure that we must hail any results that tend to undermine such a hideous and anti-human ideology. Whenever experimental results deviate from these sorts of assumptions, we realize that the original meaning of hypothesis in the Platonic sense of a method of questioning metaphysical assumptions is a universally truthful standard for scientific method in perpetuity. 

    The first paper, "Slow integration leads to persistent action potential firing in distal axons of coupled interneurons," released in December on the transmission of action potential current in axons in the opposite direction away from dendrites and back into the neurons is a remarkable take-down of the whole idea of transmission of some imagined computer-like "bits" of information in the circuitry of the brain. The second paper, "Molecular vibration-sensing component in Drosophila melanogaster olfaction," published just this week seriously undermines the lock and key model of chemical signalling in protein recognition. It further further concludes that this model must be replaced by a vibrational wave sensing model. It turns out that fruit flies can distinguish the "smell" of the deuterium isotope, which as far as the chemical lock and key model of sensation should be no different from the protium isotope of hydrogen. This bears upon this author's longstanding preference for a biophysics that highlights persistent, chiral solitonic waveforms that differentiate our living biosphere. It is in certain such unique conformations of the inert and apparently"dead" lithosphere that we find the substrate that life exhibits an immanent capability to choose. These types of investigations are increasingly crucial for the field of astrobiology, the which will predominate as mankind moves out to colonize space if the oligarchical Malthusian, Aristotelean information theory worldview is given a well deserved burial.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Shocking New Global Warming Study: Impact on Genetic Psychology Examined

    Public Release: 16-Feb-2011
     Global Change Biology
    Global warming may reroute evolution
    Rising carbon dioxide levels associated with global warming may affect interactions between plants and the insects that eat them, altering the course of plant evolution, research at the University of Michigan suggests. 
     National Science Foundation

    More news on this front  just in:

    The University of Grantland has just issued an earth shattering study on global warming. It now appears that global warming has caused a mutation in the human genome. The left side of the orbitofrontal cortex in a range of  human subjects has been impaired by a deletion of a gene that controls the urge to gamble. It turns out that this deletion somehow selectively affects the global warming deniers. They apparently fail to accept proven scientific global warming studies because they have a compulsion to take risks with the future of the earth's climate. Researchers from Grantland are now preparing a course of remedial therapy for those subjects so affected. It appears that an intensive course of deep brain stimulation given over several months cures this neurological aberration. The only drawback seems to be a side effect; the test subjects are prone to excessive grinning, clishmaclaver, and compulsive drawing of happy faces.

    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Barack Obama, Rand Paul: Useful Idiots

     Both the Republican and Democratic administrations have pandered to and bailed out Wall Street's insane gambling spree to the tune of trillions, and now they want the people to buy this tripe? It is beyond disgusting and revolting. Appropriate words to describe the level of treachery to the nation's future are hard to come by. Dante's Inferno comes to mind...All those who provide cover for the looting of the people by international financial institutions, whether they be "liberal" or "conservative" deserve only opprobrium.  The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report of Angelides has it right, we are making the same mistakes on an even larger scale now by bailing out these thieves, while they go merrily on their way continuing their evil practices. Their is no real substantive difference when you come right down to it between Barack Obama and Rand Paul, except in their rivalry to cater more effectively to Wall Street. They are the equivalent of today's useful idiots.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    Today's Sun and Moon Worshipers Like the Aztecs Lead Only to Death for Humanity

    The Lunar Cubit could merge art and solar power

    February 8, 2011 by Katie GattoThe Lunar Cubit could merge art and solar power
    ( -- An ancient form may be coming to the modern world. A new project, called the Lunar Cubit, features a set of nine black pyramid-shaped solar powered structured. The structures will power thousands of homes in the Abu Dhabi desert. Each of the pyramids would be able to provide power to about 250 desert homes. This instillation may not be powerful as a standard solar power farm, but it would be visually stunning.

    The question now before us is just this: will these irrational, Luddite sun worshipers now reveal their true colors and revert to the overt practice of human sacrifice in the tradition that their anti-science, pagan and bestial ideology promotes. 

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    Twits Like Us

    The Virtual Twitterverse That Can Forecast The Real Thing

    Researchers have built a synthetic network that can recreate the behaviour of Twitterverse
    KFC 02/07/2011

    May I modestly suggest that there is no need to go to all this computational trouble in order to get an accurate model of the so called Twitterverse. All one needs do is simply study the excellent representations of the goings on of Twits on the old Monty Python television broadcasts. Of course, one must take care so as not to conflate the behavior of said Twits with one's own research methodology. That might bias the results somewhat...

    Oh, We Like Sheep...

    Are brains shrinking to make us smarter?

    February 6, 2011 by Jean-Louis Santini
    Human brains have shrunk over the past 30,000 years, puzzling scientists who argue it is not a sign we are growing dumber but that evolution is making the key motor leaner and more efficient.

    The human mind, which can only be imperfectly represented, as a model, by an evolving, multiply connected Riemannian surface function, is conformable to a progressively less imperfect understanding of the inherent negative entropy of the universe. This concept of mind is what the age of Descartes referred to as "soul." His attempt to locate a physical connection to the soul in the pineal gland was as wrong headed, so to speak, as this quite non-sensical quibbling over the brain's size and intelligence. It is a simple school boy mistake to equate size with morphological complexity.

    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    Stellar Habitable Zones, Radiation and Circadian Rhythms

    Astrobiologists theorize that conditions for life as we know it must be withins the bounds of an approximate conformal mapping to conditions upon our own home planet.  Asking appropriate questions as to what precisely constitutes necessary such bounds seems to be paramount. One of the components that is putatively an invariant property of life is circadian rhythm. This rhythm is in evident quasi-coherence with the diurnal rotation of this planet. How would life change if  the other necessary conditions were extant upon another habitable planet but instead of  our speed of rotation there were a faster or slower one? Would this somehow impact how beneficent capture and utilization of stellar radiation is achieved by alien life forms? Indeed, what if we confirm some sort of capture of the radiative spectrum in an unfamiliar bandwidth and manner by some process or group of processes that evinces a separate and evolving organisation? Does this constitute life?

    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Laputa Enamerado

    Flash of fresh insight by electrical brain stimulation

    February 2, 2011
    Are we on the verge of being able to stimulate the brain to see the world anew - an electric thinking cap? Research by Richard Chi and Allan Snyder from the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney suggests that this could be the case.

    They found that participants who received  of the anterior temporal lobes were three times as likely to reach the fresh insight necessary to solve a difficult, unfamiliar problem than those in the control group. Thestudy published on February 2 in the open-access journal .
    According to the authors, our propensity to rigidly apply strategies and insights that have had previous success is a major bottleneck to making creative leaps in solving new problems. There is normally a cognitive tradeoff between the necessity of being fast at the familiar on one hand and being receptive to novelty on the other.
    Chi and Snyder argue that we can modulate this tradeoff to our advantage by applying transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), a safe, non-invasive technique that temporarily increases or decreases excitability of populations of neurons. In particular, tDCS can be used to manipulate the competition between the left and right hemisphere by inhibiting and/or disinhibiting certain networks. Their findings are consistent with evidence that the right anterior temporal lobe is associated with insight or novel meaning and that inhibition of the left anterior temporal lobe can induce a cognitive style that is less top-down, less influenced by preconceptions.
    While further studies involving  in combination with are needed to elucidate the exact mechanisms leading to insight, Chi and Snyder can imagine a future when non-invasive brain stimulation is briefly employed for solving problems that have evaded traditional cognitive approaches.

    This puts one in mind of nothing so much as Jonathan Swift's Journey to Laputa. There, the great scientists were so engrossed in abstract thinking that a servant with a blown up bladder with dried peas that rattled about in it, occasionally would flap these philosopher's mouths and ears. Thus, as is now confirmed by these brave researchers anew, some sort of external stimulation seems to be the key  to creativity. Eureka! Let's get started right away. Jolly good show this. Eh what?

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