The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The True Issue of Religion: Is it of the Empire or for Humanity?

The fundamental issue within Islam over the centuries since its establishment parallels that within Christianity and Judaism. In one version of belief, humanity is ruled through irrational fear and hatred, which is historically epitomized by a pantheon of irrational and arbitrary power in the hands of an oligarchy that maintains itself by keeping a population in deliberate backward subservience. The other pole is represented by the principle that the individual is potentially an invaluable asset for the ongoing progress of society's mission to uplift its standard of living and provide solutions to urgent threats and bequeath to future generations the benefits of science and the arts. The European Renaissance would not have been possible without the work of great scholars from the Islamic world like Ibn Sina who themselves revived the Platonic method of ancient Greece. And without that influence we would have no principle of a democratic constitutional republic.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Fallacy of Artificial Intelligence

The recent spate of popularity for the notion that so called artificial intelligence will take over and annihilate mankind from the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, et al. results from a fallacious worldview that cannot differentiate that which sets humanity apart from all known biological species, (let alone insentient machines.) Mankind's "divine spark," if you will, is our willfully unique evolutionary mission to uplift our standard of living through continuous technological progress. Historically this quality is encapsulated in the classical "myth" of Prometheus the bestower of fire. The mentality that seeks to suppress beneficial technological progress is that of the "mythical" Zeus. This today is represented by financial powers that seek to deliberately keep the standard of living spirally downward in order to bail out uncollectable debt (for example derivative securities.) The real issue is whether computational advances will be relegated merely as a new kind of parlor games bread and circuses or whether it will be properly subordinated to the service of humanity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Compendium of Recent Comments that Could Not Fit into the Confines of the "Twitterverse"

"One nation makes war because its consul receives the rap of a fan; and men of a different origin, religion and habits, are coerced into submission as the consequence. Anoter nation burns towns, and destroys their people in thousands, because their governors will not consent to admit a poisonous drug into their territories: an offence against the laws of trade that can only be expiated by the ruthless march of the conqueror." James Fenimore Cooper from The Crater

So these "scientists" did not know what the outcome of their experiment would be before checking the chimps responses? Aha! Proof of recursive metacognition across species barriers. Thus it would seem they are truly proven to be real life monkeys' uncles.

While you and the anarchists generally will correctly point to "looting" by the "banksters" of the social safety net, there has been an ongoing looting of the physical underlying economy increasingly after WWII and accelerating since the assassination of JFK and coverup. This is not just in the form of execrable cuts in FDR's social security programs but it has come primarily through the race to the bottom of the swindle of free trade and policy of disinvestment in current and new infrastructure and the continuing takedown of Kennedy's NASA program's effect on advance in applications in increasing industrial and agricultural technology investment. The promotion of "green" and illegal drug economy by Obama backers such as George Soros is part and parcel of this looting of our scientific potential that should have continuously expanded the physical economy thereby increasing the per capita standard of living. That is the only source for maintaining and expanding necessary healthcare and social welfare for the citizenry. But unfortunately, crocodile tears from anarchists about the down trodden masses won't address this reality. We need to reinstate FDR's Glass Steagall and return to Alexander Hamilton's national banking to reverse this rot... Hmm. A mere "headfake" for "Basketball Jones" Obama? Maybe when our illustious "Choom Gang" president rolled over in that van in Hawaii a few screws came loose? Of course, some of us were labeling Obamacare "Aktion Tiergartenstraße 4" from its creation as the brain child of Chicago euthanasia boy Ezekiel Emanuel...

Why this should come as a shocking surprise is simply flabbergasting to anyone capable of mulling over the reason that profit making insurance companies exist. Their motto might be "always do harm." And still, knowing this. we let our government get away with multi-billion dollar bailouts so the disgraced executives of AIG can retire in comfort rather than being locked up in prison where they so deservedly belong to be, for example. We wouldn't want to make waves, now, would we?

Yes, this is indeed good stuff. Don't forget that pasta comes from China. Where food is considered and prescribed as medicine. This has roots in India, where, for example, pregnant women are put on specialized diets. Also, how Tortellini or the belly button (umbellico) of Venus inspired by Lucrezia Borgia is also a tasty tale.

Mithraism and the Cabbala of 007 John Dee and Isaac Newton are for all intents and purposes identical superstitious and lunatic cults of brutish imperialism... see the truth revealed in the disturbed writings of Frances Yates of the Warburg Institute, for instance

Why did John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham have a love fest visit to Qaddafi in 2009 anyway? And now they are all with Obama on board backing Libyan Al-Qaedaists like Belhadj in Syria... Makes you wonder don't it?

Ah Lisa Zyga, bravo! back at it again, I see...This is now transmutation of the energy density. Wow! Even better than Madame Blavatsky Theosophy, Orgone energy, ye John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, Dr Dulcamara's Elixir and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz! I must let the Chairman of AIG know to get in now and create a new esoteric derivative security for E-cats!

This arxiv paper is even better than Signore Martini and Rossi: Felinic principle and measurement of the Hubble parameter Reviews are in: Bow Wow or Meow? The jury is still out on this...Tune in next time.

The absurdity of this research and the so-called theory of mind is simply that only human creative thought is able to provide our with the power to change nature via technology in order to allow the increase of our species relative potential population density. This absolutely distinguishes humanity from all other known life forms. Take for instance our singular control and use of fire, etc. Only hysterical behaviorists fail to grasp this reality.

armaros said in reply to ahem...

"It is the Saudis, the Quataris and the Europeans who have colluding petroleum interests against Russia (and Iran)

from 4 years ago

I can't say I oppose this agenda because it is breaking the Russian energy monopoly over most of Europe. Especially the former Soviet and Warsaw Pact states which have been on the receiving end of Putin intimidation. Cyber attacks, energy black mail, arbitrary price hikes during cold winters, infiltration of industry and culture by this new Russian state Mafia running in collusion with existing Russian crime syndicates. Funding of radical parties (like the Jobbik party in Hungary which is genocidal antisemitic) and NGOs aimed at destabilizing these states and messing with their economies.

On the other hand it is positioning reality against Iran which does need containment (if not total removal of the regime). By preventing their oil from reaching EU markets, their access to hard currency is diminished and as such their economy further taking hits weakening the credibility of the Islamic Revolution.

The price is the Jihadis entering Syria. Bosnia comes to mind as a precedent when NATO re-aligned the power balance (by containing the Serbs)but Jihadis were entering the country which the Bosnian government later had to (under NATO and US demands) clean out. Which they did to a large degree. Not large enough because part of the planning of 911 took place in Bosnia.

The logic in Syria being that by pitting the Sunni Jihad against Iran and its proxies, they will be busy for a while and lose many many men who are a problem in European countries and would be a bigger one returning there alive filled with blood lust and practiced in the art of ritual killing and cannibalism."

While I appreciate your honesty regarding the obscurantist Saudis, the "Great Game" at play here originates from the families behind the City of London and their kissing Aaron Burr cousins in Manhattan. (See for in stance the BAE/Al Yamamah official state secrets cover up and the funding for the 9/11 hijackers by the extended Saudi royalty.) The only problem with all these scenarios you are so neatly spinning out is that the constitute a tripwire for nuclear WWIII. If you really want to go there, may I suggest you change your pseudonym to Dr. Strangelove.

Of course, imagination is simply a pattern of brain network activity...And the soul is located in the pineal gland. The illusion that creative thought and mind are merely physical constructs is the height of a purblind hubris that unfortunately vitiates the progress of science.

How do we know that just such a back door has not already been implemented? The NSA has already been exposed for jury-rigging random number generators and injecting back doors at the SSL level.

"Much which is claimed to be electronic science, may turn out to have been a sexual fantasy about toys manufactured by the associates of the chronic and vicious hoaxster, Bertrand Russell and the radically reductionist generally." LaRouche

Read more at:

It is certainly refreshing to hear of good mission oriented research from high energy physicists who don't have their brains turned into spaghetti searching after imaginary extra dimensional strings or loops.

Read more at:

The royal worldwide fund for nature is a propaganda vehicle for the evil oligarchic belief system that the majority of humanity are just so much talking cattle that need to be culled so that the superior bloodline may procreate freely. These financial overlords with their disgusting master race ideology fund and promulgate hoax after hoax as science in order to brainwash humanity to do their bidding. It is now one minute to midnight for their continued misrule of this planet. Either we are on the brink of nuclear annihilation due to their deliberate fomenting of proxy warfare in their "great game," or we will abolish their evil system of finance and enter a new era of rapid technological progress in energy via nuclear fusion and finance great water projects that will afford a quantum leap in living standards for the many more billions of yet to be born.

I guess "the adults in the room" now agree that the "grand" bargain means throwing the children, elderly, poor and sick off the lifeboat of "too big to jail" banksters. Shh. Listen. The ghost of Aaron Burr is whispering "Thank you Jamie Dimon"

Well, half sane is better than totally nuts...If we spent on Fusion research the money the Fed is printing to bail out the Wall Street crooks, we would have unlimited energy from heavy water long ago

The said team of researchers are a tool of a failed Aristotelian ideology, viz: that humans are merely talking beasts. What separates some of us from all lower forms of life is our productive use of fire (and its modern day successors such as nuclear power.)

Double treble toil and trouble.

Chaos burn and chaos bubble.

Eye of newt and tongue of snake,

Science: magic quack or fake?

They see randomness as law-

Who are slaves to senses raw.

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Ha, ha, ha! “Lost in the immense shadow of Isaac Newton…” Rabelais could not have penned a more ironic phrase, even when he was lampooning Herr Trippa aka Agrippa. Abracadabra.

According to the perverted logic of the NSA, aren't its very critics aiding and abetting terrorism by seeking to dismantle the NSA's unfettered surveillance powers and therefore shouldn't the critics themselves be subject to such tactics of defamation? Should we trust egomaniacs like Keith Alexander who had a replica of the Starship Enterprise built as his control room with such sweeping powers? What is the fourth amendment but a petty nuisance to these would be omniscient "good guys?"

What places humanity absolutely above the "animal kingdom" is our creative ability to discover, control and utilize energy in ever more dense forms. Thus we alone as a species are able to use fire. Today we are on the brink of controlled thermonuclear fusion energy which will lead into matter anti matter forms even more dense. This creative power is not recognized by today's green propagandists and neo Aristotelians who religiously believe humans are but talking beasts.

Aristotle's man is a talking biped animal rehashed... very clever academic? Contrary to Chomsky language is not humankind's differentia specifica it is our use of fire and continuing evolution of technologically higher forms of "fire" such as matter/anti matter reactions.

Here, as always, nonlinear phase changes characterize living, inorganic, noetic realms and their interactions. They are a species of potential inherent in the composition of the universe. They can result in catastrophe or progress. The human alone, at least that we know of, has the freedom to discover this self similarity of potential development and harness it.

Read more at:

It doesn't matter to adherents of the theory of everything they have an imaginary gazillion dimensional landscape where everything is possible by and by. Yea, lord, by and by. Hallelujah! And they now are winning millions of dollars in prizes for writing papers on this absurdity. What a racket.

Read more at:

"The rules of chemistry can be broken, because impossible means softly impossible." The laws of the universe must be iconoclastic. Watch out entropy!

Read more at:

When the world is facing a brutal austerity regime brought about by deregulation financial houses gambling on exotic securities and their vaunted geopoliticians lighting fuses around the globe that could spiral out of control toward a miscalculation and wind up with thermonuclear annihilation, tribal politics either of the left wing or right wing variety that addresses neither of theses threats is a pure and simple sign of the regrettable collapse of the United States -- a once outstanding beacon for freedom on this planet.,0,6012046.story#axzz2oDFV0aSV

While I certainly agree that your eval of neoliberalism is correct, you need to proceed to the realization that radical environmentalism is of a piece. Both against "surplus population" like Scrooge.

U.S. District Judge William Pauley lied when he said that the NSA would have caught the 9/11 hijackers with today's powers. "...the problem was not a lack of NSA spying; it was that the Saudi-sponsored hijackers were being protected by the Bush Administration and U.S. intelligence agencies, and that British-Saudi apparatus is still being protected and covered-up today by the Obama Administration"

The problem is that proteins have a multiplicity of interconnected functions. There is the problem of unintended consequences to shutting off their production by silencing their genetic expression.

The simple mostly overlooked fact is that the rationale for NSA surveillance is a lie. The 9/11 conspirators were financed by Saudis. The 9/11 Commission report's findings on this are classified. The current head of Saudi intelligence Prince Bandar was involved himself in financing the 9/11 conspirators. Today he is overseeing the funneling of Saudi arms to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Recall that the Bush administration flew Saudis out of the country in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 when the airspace was closed to commercial traffic.If the NSA were truly trying to stop terrorism why are they covering up for the financiers behind it?

It really appears that officials from our supposed national security establishment actually believe that the mere questioning of the constitutionality of their activities is tantamount to aiding and abetting terrorism! Their unmitigated arrogance knows no bounds.

Oh, I get it a pitch should go like this: "We can afford to produce simulated dog feces and given the chance we will mention your continued olfactory approval. You will also receive two samples to show our appreciation for funding this project to cover the world in simulated dog feces."

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So what really needs to be done is the breakup of the edifice of control of the financial oligarchy and its minions like Obama? I could not agree more. But that oligarchy primarily resides in the very old money in the City of London among the so called royalty. Their carefully crafted myth that they are only for show is arrant rubbish -- as is their continuous touting of their model "liberal democracy." In truth, these families are instigating endless wars around this globe in the name of geopolitics, just in the way that the Bush family (kissing cousins of the Queen of England) promoted and traded with the Nazi enemy in WWII.

"... counterterrorism officials “have been operating this program unlawfully for years” could damage morale...

Well, yes, I should think so. Sort of like how those entering the witness protection program feel after they leave the mob.

These scientists should have checked not the brain but their own posteriors. Monkeys have tails humans don't. This is the secret. If they only put their heads in the right position, it would all become clear. But then again, maybe Descartes was right and the soul is located in the pineal gland...

On the issue of structurally observable change and the paradox of the blue whale axon transport, I suggest that the philosophical fragments of Bernhard Riemann presciently and provocatively posed both of these antinomies in the terms of his era and are well worth close scrutiny. There he deals with what he calls geistesmassen (thought objects). "The impossibility of using the spatial motion of matter to explain thoughts, will indeed be clear to everyone through an unbiased decomposition of inner perception; yet, the abstract possibility of such an explanation may be conceded here."


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Terrorist backers and funders hiding in plain sight? What is the biggest secret the NSA has concealed from the American people? That the obscurantist Saudi Royal family funded the 9/11 hijackers. And they still fund al-Qaeda and it's many offshoots, but we can't say anything because they have us over the proverbial barrel...

The evidence for an anisotropic universal magnetic field subsuming local galactic nested sequences coheres with the Nodland Ralston effect. This research will gain in importance as humanity enters into the era of conquering "outer space."


Read more at:

While I share your disgust and disdain for the British “royalty,” it is a mistake to overlook the considerable holdings in land, resources and financial speculative control through the City of London. Their empire is still very much alive unfortunately. The tragic fact is that through their geopolitical machinations they have kept the dumb American giant on a short leash doing their bidding in unending “post-colonial”wars.

Your use of the term Nazi in this instance is quite accurate. Malthusianism spawned the ideology of Lebensraum as well as Eugenics. Whether it’s Wotan of the Nazis or Gaia worship of the radical environmentalists the hatred of humanity is the same.

For the CIA/Allen Dulles sponsorship of Ukrainian fascists Mykola Lebed and Stephen Bandera's OUN-B see Hitler's Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War by Richard Breitman and Norman Goda.

This explains a lot about what geoplotics is doing behind the scenes today:

"British Intelligence (MI6), however, was interested in Bandera. MI6 first

contacted Bandera through Gerhard von Mende in April 1948. An ethnic

German from Riga, von Mende served in Alfred Rosenberg’s Ostministerium

during the war as head of the section for the Caucasus and Turkestan section,

recruiting Soviet Muslims from central Asia for use against the USSR. In this

capacity he was kept personally informed of UPA actions and capabilities.53

Nothing came of initial British contacts with Bandera because, as the CIA

learned later, “the political, financial, and tech requirements of the [Ukrainians]

were higher than the British cared to meet.” But by 1949 MI6 began helping

Bandera send his own agents into western Ukraine via airdrop. In 1950

MI6 began training these agents on the expectation that they could provide

intelligence from western Ukraine."


Nazi War Criminals, U.S.

Intelligence, and the Cold War

Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. GodaChapter 5 Reply

Cusanos,indeed,was not only ahead of his time on astronomy, but in inspiring a declaration of human rights, peace among faiths, and what was to become the voyage of Columbus through Nicolas’ collaboration with his friend Toscanelli.

I'll repeat myself here: If we put a small fraction of the amount that the Federal Reserve lavished on their fellow criminal speculators into fusion research we would already have it. Everything else doesn't even compare.

Who is he kidding? The IMF just ordered Ukraine to slash pensions and increase natural gas prices by half. Some democratic revolution they are having there. They could just have voted themselves into perpetual slavery to the IMF. Sounds like Obamacare for Ukraine's economy.

Come on guys, get with the program! Christie goes from the Donald trump’s boardwalk to Las Vegas for mullah. So what? The really big boys of gambling are on Wall Street. Which politician outside of a few outcasts hasn’t kissed parts unmentionable of these glorified celebrities many times over? And the American people cower, grumbling, chasing after the stale crumbs that are tossed them from these too big to jail excrescences. Today’s April fools joke is either Barack Obama A.K.A. George W. Bush or the American people… Take your pick, you might just win a billion dollars freshly minted from the Federal Reserve.


The principle that what was at one point in time an apparently marginal tendency that then later proves to dominate the entirety of a functional regime is evidently frequent among varying abiotic, biophysical and noetic domains. In fact, there is reason to believe that this non random process underlies evolution itself.

There is no "physics" of money. Money is a mere political fiction of convenience, not a physical system. What is physical in an economy is the production of that which sustains a population at a desired increase of standard if living. This is energy, manufactures, infrastructure, food, etc. THAT is physical. The monetary system must be developed to increase the rate of growth per capita of these systems. Critical in this, is to promote investment in energy-throughput-density to perform ever greater amount of work quantitatively and qualitatively. This represents a reducing power for a national economy. The aim of government must be to optimize this process by making credit available for this overarching purpose. This is what Alexander Hamilton did by establishing a National Bank. When speculators create categories of debt like derivatives this erodes the ability of the nation to promote these necessary investments. This "funny money's" claim on the economy is like a cancerous growth.Read more at:

The forgotten anti common law tradition in America:

Prior to the Revolution, only two other judges had been law-

yers, Leverett Hubbard (Harvard 1742), who had studied law in

Rhode Island, appointed Judge in 1763, and William Parker,

appointed in 1771, "a well read and accurate lawyer"(i) and the

head of the Bar.

From 1776 to 1782, the Chief Justice was Meschech Weare,

who had studied theology but did not preach (2) ; Mathew

Thornton, a physician, and John Wentworth, a lawyer of little

distinction, being his associates.

From 1782 to 1790, Samuel Livermore was Chief Justice. He

was a trained lawyer, born in 1732 in Massachusetts, a graduate

of Princeton in 1752, a student in the office of Judge Edmund

Trowbridge, in 1769 King's Attorney in New Hampshire, Attor-

ney General of the State in 1776. He sat on the bench however

with three associates who were not lawyers, and he himself was in-

tolerant of legal precedent. It is said that in charging the jury,

he used to caution them "against paying too much attention to the

niceties of the law to the prejudice of Justice"; and when re-

minded of previous rulings of his own, contrary to his present rul-

ing, he would reply that "every tub must stand on its own bottom."

Jeremiah Mason says, in his autobiography, that Benjamin

West, "by far the best lawyer in this region of the country", told

him this anecdote of Livermore, as illustrating the uselessness of

citing precedents. "Judge Livermore, having no law learning

himself, did not like to be pestered with it at his courts. When

West attempted to read law books in a law argument, the Chief

Justice asked him why he read them; 'if he thought that he and

his brethren did not know as much as those musty old worm-

eaten books'? Mr. West answered, These books contain the

wisdom of the ancient sages of the law'. The reply was, 'Well

do you think we do not understand the principles of justice

as well as the old wigged lawyers of the dark ages did ?' '

Josiah Bartlett, a physician, was Livermore's associate, of

whom it was said, that "when the law was with the plaintiff, and

equity seemed to him on the other side, he was sure to pronounce

in favor of equity." John Dudley, the most prominent of the

assistant judges from 1785 to 1797, was a farmer and trader; and

his style of charging the jury has been quoted as follows :

(1) Born in 1703.

(2) Born in 1713, Harvard 1735, Chief Justice 1776-82.


Gentlemen of the jury, the lawyers have talked to you of law.

It is not the law we want, but justice. They would govern us by

the common law of England. Trust me, gentlemen, common

sense is a much safer guide for us, the common sense of Ray-

mond, Exeter and the other towns which have sent us here to

try this case between two of our neighbors. It is our business

to do justice between the parties not by any quirks of the law out

of Coke or Blackstone books that I never read and never will-

but by common sense as between man and man.

In one case, in which Jeremiah Mason had filed a demurrer,

Judge Dudley said that ''demurrers were no doubt an invention

of the bar to prevent justice, a part of the common law pro-

cedure," but that he had always "thought them a cursed cheat".

"Let me advise you, young man," he added, "not to come here

with your new fangled law you must try your cases as others do,

by the court and jury".

from The History of Harvard:

The only "model" of the future that is worth anything is a plan to end the nearly century long legacy of financial speculative chicanery that has operated as a sort of cancerous growth that eats away the physical economy.

This model requires a return to the FDR era Glass-Steagall separation of financial speculation and depository banking. It also requires a Hamiltonian Bank for the financing of vast infrastructure, a real space program and accelerated nuclear fusion research program.

This is the only model worth striving to bequeath to future generations. All other palaver about economic game theory, etc. is just so much twaddle signifying less than nothing...

"The underlying question that has to be answered is how after Weimar did Germany get the finance to develop a Europe-beating military, considering that finance was controlled then as now in London and New York. On the traduction of Germany and the duping of Hitler, “Conjuring Hitler” by Guido Giacomo Preparata marshalls a lot of financial and political facts into a very compelling hypothesis."

Excellent question. The answer is found by looking at the support for Hitler by the “blueblood” families in London and here such as the Bushes and Harrimans. Read Trading with the Enemy, for instance.


Hmm. So if I am prone to believe that this research might be used to manipulate the gullibility of unaware consumers, I would be exhibiting a sign of inferred damage to my very own ventromedial prefrontal cortex. A rather knotty dilemma...

Read more at:

Wow! This guy doesn't get it. Anyone advocating Mars colonization is a wacko extremist! Don't you understand that we have dropped out and tuned into inner space? Legalize dope and forget about this progress baloney! Be happy, don't worry, play some basketball, sell some dope and buy some Lebron James X $350 sneakers, dude.

(P.S. BTW, I think this comment may have been censored by HuffPost, probably as too sardonic. So enjoy, dear readers...)

What effrontery this gentleman displays here! Has he no shame? Has he stopped to consider that by telling the truth like this, he is violating the right of the public to be mesmerized by twaddle and claptrap from the hallowed economics profession?

“You must always remember that the president is about 6.” ...I'm sure this quote perfectly mirrors the perfidy of Tony Blair's "sexed up" WMD warnings that enabled the mentally challenged George "W" bush to invade Iraq. Now Nobel Peace Prize Obama is proving just as labile, if not more so, for the City of London and Wall Street's "great game" geopolitics under the new guise of "progressive engagement." (Hmm. Sounds just like TR...) Or should I say rather progressive entanglement.

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem that Kerry is deliberately egging Russia on to invade Ukraine? Ever since Victoria Nuland's expletive laden regime change phone call was exposed, there seems to be a pre-planned scenario at work to force Russia to back down from NATO's dominance. The CIA/Allen Dulles sponsored Nazi captive nations groups and the Anglo American Wall Street media assets are currently being deployed for this geopolitical aim. The problem is that this is in the end a game of nuclear chicken and that doesn't seem to matter to Obama and Kerry's desperate handlers.

I think this principle of inherent self similar (the chaos faddists would have it called fractal ordering) octave type scaling is invariant to analogue processing of sensory input. The development of well tempering enabled harmonic transitions among key signatures and was therefore a uniquely human improvement over raw sensory input that perfected contrapuntal musical dialogue. This is why time and again higher mental creative powers are shown to be correlated with classical musical composition.

So, according to reductionists' schemas DNA is the be all and end all of what makes everything living tick. But what is guiding these tiny enzymes? It must be of a higher quasi intelligent species than DNA. No?

Read more at:

On First Hearing Caradori Sing

Spirit of beauty, and of heavenly song!

No longer seek in vain, 'mid the loud throng,

'Mid the discordant tumults of mankind,

One spirit, gentle as thyself, to find.

Oh! listen, and suspend thy upward wings,

Listen--for, hark! 'tis Caradori sings;

Hear, on the cadence of each thrilling note,

Airs scarce of earth, and sounds seraphic float!

See, in the radiant smile that lights her face;

See, in that form, a more than magic grace;

And say (repaid for every labour past)

Beautiful spirit, thou art found at last!

A poem by William Lisle Bowles

In April 1836, Malibran fell from her horse during a hunt and suffered injuries from which she never recovered. She refused to see a physician and continued to perform, appearing on crutches. She died five months after the accident. In her last performance in London, she sang a duet with Maria Caradori-Allan. The conductor, Sir George Thomas Smart, recalled the episode: "They settled the manner at rehearsal as to how it was to be sung, but when the time came, Madame Caradori-Allan made some deviations; this prompted Malibran to do the same, in which she displayed a most wonderful execution. During the demanded encore, she turned to me and said, `If I sing it again it will kill me.' `Then do not,' I replied. `Let me address the audience.' `No,' said she. `I will sing it again and annihilate her.' She was taken ill with a fainting fit after the duet and carried into her room." Maria died nine days later. Heinrich Heine wrote that her soul continued to sing through the sweet notes of her husband's violin.

Hmm...This stuff would come in handy for the global warming deniers. Also for those weirdos who believe in human progress. Yes, now we can return to worship of Gaia. Prometheus deserved what he got!

Read more at:

"This research allows us a better understanding of our place in nature, in that we can tie our language ability, our communication abilities, more closely to what we can see in other species. It could have a big impact in terms of allowing us to think in more humble terms about the origin of language in humans," Christiansen said.

Oh, I get it. This will allow us to rid ourselves of the quaint notion that humans are fundamentally distinct from all other species in our capacity to alter and master nature in order to increase our population's well being. The idea that we are unique in our development of fire as a technology continuing today all the way up to sub-atomic processes is in effect all just so much claptrap. Thanks professor for your oh so very learned,and I might add, widely celebrated and brilliant opinion on the inescapable bestial limitations of humanity ...Read more at:

What unmitigated gall, Bernanke! I guess you thought those letters would never see the light of day. Further proof (as if any were needed) that both parties are in the tank for the banks...

"A little up or a little down next to key genes–rather than on or off–is enough to produce significant differences."

This is why even basic elements of living systems cannot be equated with computer arithmetical on/off coding let alone human intelligence. Not to see this is ideological blindness.

A/I Connectionists delusory

Once again giving the lie to so called artificial intelligence connectionists' models. For what higher ordering accounts for synchronization effects? And remember this is only the physical brain of a primate contrasted to the human mind's unique power of subsumption of biosphere and lithosphere via creativity not evinced in any lower species.

Solitons are necessary nonlinear metastable ensembles that allow for potentiation of various degrees of phase changes in the lithosphere, biosphere and noosphere both within those separate domains and in their manifold interactions. Therefore, this research orientation is very promising indeed.

Read more at:

Viewing the lithospheric evolutionary interaction with the biosphere leads to a yet higher order sequence of evolution that V.I. Vernadsky pioneered wherein the Noosphere or the age of human creative intelligence uniquely subsumes evolution itself.

Read more at:

Mind versus brain

Excellent elucidation of how sparse our knowledge of the brain is. One startling question is the ability of humanity to create new previously unknown functional sorts of energetic work at large. The issue is really that such a relatively feeble organ may somehow participate in such fantastically creative power resident in the mind (as opposed to the mere brain) of our unique species.

This certainly is a handy study for those who are concerned with having popular opinions so they can "get ahead" in the world. However, for those who want to seek the truth, this study is risible balderdash. And, since we seem to be everywhere governed these days by a loutish chasing after opinion polls, we should fear for our future.

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This notion of causality as a stream of concatenated events is reductionist twaddle. In the realm of what Leibniz designated as the thinking monad, the desired future cognized as having sufficient reason for the survival of mankind determines the past in a continuous manner. This is how we used to more regularly make policy in this country. For example, the Apollo mission. Now we have become more like brute beasts reacting to forces supposedly beyond our control...

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A worldwide financial collapse looms due to decades of lunatic speculation in funny money derivative securities-- at the same time the fuse is being lit a war between Israel and Iran that will likely escalate to thermonuclear world war. And here we sit arguing over Big Bird... I know that I am uttering these thoughts in a virtual vacuum of collective insanity, yet it needs to be said nevertheless.

It seems that "Basketball Jones" Obama is trying to emulate these pagan rituals by becoming the high priest of basketball. (Either that or Nero's hi-jinks.)

[q]Can't help but feel sorry for the mice here, however besides the obvious benefits of being able to treat PTSD etc, how long before this is turned into military nerve agents? It seems inevitable, given the potential ability to instill terror in the enemy while inoculating one's own troops...[/q] Indeed, the case for a revival of "Nazi doctors'" "science" looms large.

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Obama: narcissist in chief
"If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, then Obama is dining out, golfing, and raising money while the world collapses."

And all the narcissist in chief has ever done from day one.

Study finds color and thickness of eggshells in wild birds related to light level

"DDT was found to cause thinning of eggshells, greatly increasing mortality."


"In the few studies claiming to implicate DDT as the cause of thinning, the birds were fed diets that were either low in calcium, included other known egg shell-thinning substances, or that contained levels of DDT far in excess of levels that would be found in the environment -- and even then, the massive doses produced much less thinning than what had been found in egg shells in the wild."


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It is always highly amusing to see claims about the beginnings of "science fiction" like the one that appears in this article. Perhaps the historians of "science" would do well to become acquainted with the history of "literature." For example, in Dante's Paradiso written some 300 years (!) earlier than Kepler's Somnium, Dante describes a fanciful trip to the moon he took with Beatrice.

The only reason to drop the bomb was geopolitical. Bertrand Russell's demands to use it to bomb the Soviet Union was to have sealed rule of a world government before the Soviets developed nuclear weapons. The Dulles brothers were the prime movers of this strategy.

NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War

The CIA Allen Dulles post war anti-Soviet “captive nations” apparatus was based upon protection of these fascists in Ukraine and many other countries. Now NATO is openly arming them. If you know this history that is not surprising. Chapter 5 of “Hitler’s Shadow” deals with this CIA collaboration in Ukraine, but the whole book is well worth reading on the unknown history swept under NATO’s rug.

[q][q] Can't help but feel sorry for the mice here, however besides the obvious benefits of being able to treat PTSD etc, how long before this is turned into military nerve agents? It seems inevitable, given the potential ability to instill terror in the enemy while inoculating one's own troops... [/q] Indeed, the case for a revival of "Nazi doctors'" "science" looms large.[/q]

In fact, I am sure that Tavistock and Aldermaston are following this quite closely.

Thank you for this entry. I believe your readers will find that Leibniz’ unfinished essay “Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese” is particularly germane to this important topic.

Both "parties" worship at the altar of cutting medical care to pay for bailing out Wall Street. The question they are arguing about boils down to who is a better liar...

"And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so."

This is related to the fixed point theorems. This reminded me of this fixed point theorem: Singularities vanish at zero. Good news for physics abhorring quantum singularities.

Sorry, but I find this comment, well, pointless...

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"If we find a noise we can't get rid of, we might be detecting something fundamental about nature–a noise that is intrinsic to spacetime,"

Hmm. Don't schizophrenics have noises they can't get rid of?

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You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism

This radical anti-science belief system really dates back to the rejection of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid's creation of the "House of Wisdom" library on the basis that "the ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr." This Islamic golden age was largely responsible for the Renaissance in Europe. Today's Wahhabists are in the mold of of al-Ghalazi's attack on the Platonists like Ibn Sina.

It is only through nurturing those currents through prospects for a new global economic and scientific development and alignment of national interests that such nightmares may be overcome. This future today centers on the current mission that China has adopted for its space program: the mining of Helium 3 on the moon as a virtually unlimited fuel for the still to be development of controlled thermonuclear fusion.

For the United States to survive and flourish once again we must join in that mission. Only then will we return to the true principle of our revolutionary constitution.

Politicians in the US are anti-science and care only about keeping Wall St happy

With the advent of He 3 mining on the moon fusion energy will provide unlimited energy for desalination. The US under Obama is defunding NASA and fusion research. China is planning on mining the moon for He 3. Politicians in the US are anti-science and care only about keeping Wall St happy.

Ben Carson; Unless We Stand Up, U.S. Could End Up Like Nazi Germany

The Nazis were promoted by the Bush family's finance. Hitler was beloved by the British eugenics crowd until he turned on them. The family of Prince Philip, the Queen's bestial "consort," were high up in the Nazi SS. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was a SS officer. Together they founded the World Wildlife Fund which has an agenda of human population reduction. In fact, Prince Philip has publicly admitted he wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to wipe out the majority of humanity. So he must be pleased to see how Ebola is spreading.

First, we should not be using chemical propellants to get to Mars. Months on end in zero gravity with little shielding against cosmic rays is a non starter. Second, the whole mentality of scraping by in the space program in an era of austerity is crazy. Why spend trillions to keep a financial "aristocracy" happy, while the sick, poor,elderly and scientific research that improves life for us all goes begging?

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The assumption that derivatives should not be made illegal altogether is really the problem. Trading in these "instruments" is equivalent to what used to be call "Bucket shops." In other words,the only good derivative is a dead derivative. Do not give the devil his due. The system is more than rotten.

Thomas Jefferson's theory of necessary bloodletting and Trotsky's endless war are cut out of the same cloth. Jefferson of course opposed the Hamiltonian National Bank as oppressive to the people, all the while he set up a bestial slave manufacturing system. Hamilton warned Washington that the anarchist French Revolution would lead to tyranny and he was 100% correct. (The original British literati supporters of the sans cullotes like Wordsworth became reactionaries on cue centuries before the neo-cons.) These neo-cons are nothing but cats-paws for geopolitics of the City of London's great game. Anyone in power who would attempt to break out from the financial oligarchy's control and end their scenario of endless wars is a marked man. The reason that JFK was assassinated was that he recognized Kissinger as a madman and was listening to MacArthur's warning against the war in Vietnam.

This coheres with the fact that humans uniquely as a species use fire which fundamentally separates us from all other biological life forms. From that point we have developed ever more energy dense forms of fuel leading up to the research in nuclear fusion today. This boundary of human technological progress is what Verdnadsky called the Noosphere.

While I believe the development of brainwave technology is extremely promising in the long run, this rehashed premise of bio-feedback/positive thinking is quite creepy. Too bad...

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Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap

I'm sure the well paid "scientific" community will be serving up some more psycho babble on how this is all a part of global climate change, post haste.

Re: Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change

With the advent of a transformed economy based upon thermonuclear fusion energy fueled by He 3 mined on the moon (towards which China is advancing), all these ludicrous doomsday scenarios will be properly consigned to the trash.

Re: A Children's Crusade Marches Towards Red Square

I don't think the theoreticians (if you can call them that) of the "great game" are making a "mistake" at all. Rather like Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations and Bernard Lewis' Arc of Crisis, they desire chaos as a geopolitical strategy. Of course they are quite mad.

Re: Russian ships based at San Diego

"Just think, if the United States underwent such a total reverse in its economic and political fortunes that it was compelled to live by an ideology it regarded as alien, and driven back to the borders of 1848? It might perhaps endure such a reverse, but not, I think, if a pro-Russian government was established in Mexico City, and Russian ships based at San Diego."

Ha! In 1863, during the Civil War Lincoln welcomed such ships in New York and San Francisco to stop...the British from intervening on the side of the Confederates.

RE: Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots

“The human population has not behaved like any other animal population."

This observation shows the error of the author's presumptions. Humanity is qualitatively distinct from all other species in our unique ability to control and use fire. This includes all the advances in forms of energy. Today we are on the brink of mining Helium 3 on the moon for fusion energy. This will transform yet again the potential relative density of our population at a new plateau as we gain control over processes in our solar system.

"...self-interested desire to ensure the continuation of endless war and the powers and benefits it vests." Yes, indeed, but do not forget the desire for endless wars that are apparently ideologically driven. For instance, Thomas Jefferson's and Leon Trotsky's.

The problem is that most "scientists" have never picked up a copy of Leibniz' Monadology, leaving it to a musty corner of the history of philosophy. But the fact is Leibniz presaged all this (and much more)with his model of lesser (biological) monads each having a window on the world! The problem is that most "scientists" have never picked up a copy of Leibniz' Monadology, leaving it to a musty corner of the history of philosophy. But the fact is Leibniz presaged all this (and much more)with his model of lesser (biological) monads each having a window on the world!

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Bravo! I wish that all "foodies" would follow your lead and give us not just recipes and empty (mostly snobby) platitudes, but the real living history, warts and all, of why we eat what we eat.

"So the location of visual information, like object identity, also appears to be represented by synchronous brain waves."

This statement is to me awfully evocative of the famous paradoxical wave function collapse upon observation. Since the brains of us the observers operate on the basis of a seemingly different order of wave function. Perhaps this may somehow shed some light on it (no pun intended.)

Remember that Obama quipped that his grandmother did not really need a hip replacement when he began his public defense of Obamacare. Obama is solely for Obama. Period. He will flimflam, cajole and inveigle over and over when it suits his purpose, coupled with a coldly calculated ruthless, yet also cooly detached reaction if someone crosses him. (Look at the way he wantonly laughed off his near death escapade when his "choom gang" partner lost control and flipped a van during his "high times" in high school in Hawaii.) This is due to his highly neurotic narcissistic, self-aggrandizing personality. All of which makes him an easily manipulable fool for the financial oligarchy's drive for brutal and deadly austerity (e.g. see Nobel "peace" prize) or the geopolitical chicken hawks high tech "bomb 'em into the stone age" with precision drone attacks. It is all of a piece. Unfortunately, Obama is just another empty suited, irredeemably hopeless fraud from beginning to end.

RE: Scientists reveal complexity in the brain's wiring diagram

Of course connectionism is a load of tripe because its silly assumptions are wrong. Even the animal brain is not a base 2 on/off computer system, let alone the qualitatively distinct human mind.

RE: The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis

Yesterday Obama lied yet again, but what else is new?:

“The protests in Ukraine on the Maidan were not led by neo-Nazis of fascists. They were led by ordinary Ukrainians, men and women, young and old who were fed up with a corrupt regime and who wanted to share in the progress and prosperity that they see in the rest of Europe. And they did not engage in an armed seizure of power.”

RE: Obama: U.S. must fight Ebola now or face long-term risk

A senior US official rebutted a call from global aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) for wealthy nations to deploy specialised biological disaster response teams to the region. MSF on Tuesday had warned that 800 more beds for Ebola patients were urgently needed in the Liberian capital Monrovia alone.

“I don't think at this point deploying biological incident response teams is exactly what's needed,” said Gayle Smith, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Development and Democracy on the National Security Council.

She said the US government was focusing on rapidly increasing the number of Ebola treatment centres in affected countries, providing protective equipment, and training local staff. “We will see a considerable ramp-up in the coming days and weeks. If we find it is still moving out of control, we will look at other options,” Smith told a conference call

Re: Another one bites the dust

The real historical issue is buried in all this stormy rhetoric over religion versus science. The application of new inventions made possible by the Renaissance reworking of classical methods of creativity threatened the control over society by an entrenched oligarchy which had its partisans across the waning medieval institutions. Some factions of that oligarchy responded by reaction, while yet others adapted and attempted to control the agenda of "science."

On the other side were extraordinary geniuses like Nicholas of Cusa who had a vision and plans for transforming society toward the model of a constitutional commonwealth where the endless wars over land, religion and resources could be overcome through peaceful scientific development.

I hope your readers will explore Cusa's works for themselves. In particular I would recommend On Learned Ignorance, Concordantia Catholica and De Pacei Fide.

RE: How did evolution optimize circadian clocks?

Evolution is not the issue. It happens all the "time" everywhere. The issue is chaotic random mutations rather than, for instance, Leibniz' higher standpoint of universal harmonic ongoing development. Randomness is in the mind of the beholder.

Not at all a surprise really. The wealthy usually have had a good brain cleanse in our sundry institutions of higher learning. So naturally they voted as prescribed and on cue.

Did not see him "tear up" when getting photo op with Hurricane Sandy victims. Only emotional for his saving his own butt apparently. Sounds just like Obama, yes.

Having spent some vacation time in the posh environs of Romney's haunts up in NH, on the border with Maine, this is not surprising to me at all. These Down Easters seem to have a remarkable penchant for keeping criminality in the closet and out of the newspapers. I guess they slipped up a little in this case...

Academics: Just Plain Dumb

Entropy is not a condition of human creativity, which is the only meaningful usage of the word "intelligence,"quite the opposite. The human mind makes us absolutely distinct from all other known living species in that it alone is capable of overcoming otherwise physically catastrophic conditions via the development of ever increasing energy dense forms of technologies. Thus, for instance, we alone are capable of controlling fire for our survival as a species. Today, we are on the verge of controlled thermonuclear fusion and foresee-ably matter-anti matter reactions. Anti-entropy!

Read more at:

It seems that the homicidal culprit was suffering from the pervasive delusion that either candidate was not wholly owned by interests that are axiomatically inimical to the future well being of her own as well as the vast majority of America's families. Political parties are the anathema of this constitutional republic's very survival.

Re: Researcher shows that black holes do not exist

All that we can know about tales of creation is that our ignorance can become less imperfect if we abandon the silly pursuit of positive proofs from our mere physical senses.

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Re: Harvesting hydrogen fuel from the Sun using Earth-abundant materials

Nonsense. The best fuel from the sun is Helium 3. Thousands of years to power society with fusion energy is available to mine on the moon. Only China has a plan to to so. If we are sane, (and, of course, by today's standards that is very much in doubt) the rest of humanity will join in.

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Re: The Climate-Change Solution No One Will Talk About

Prince Philip, the head of the WWF, has said that he wished to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help solve overpopulation, yet our infotainment news media gushes at the birth of a "royal." This is the unspeakable evil we fought the Revolution against. Wake up!

RE: Brothers create mathematical model for creating odor cancelling smells

This is not a breakthrough. Benjamin Franklin already proposed a solution to malodorous fumes nearly 250 years ago. Voila: Benjamin Franklin to The Royal Academy of Brussels 1781 http://teachingam...farting/

Read more at:

RE: Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015? A Gawker Poll

No. It's the incessant media pundit phrase "having said that." As though they are just so damn clever, when in fact they are clownish dolts with their hands out.

The vast majority of humanity has no idea that their assumptions about what constitutes truth are false. The notion that a fact is some thing reduced to completeness in and of itself is typical of such false assumptions. The supposed scientific research described here is governed by a sophistical outlook akin to what Plato in his time rightfully and devastatingly descried as the antithesis of truth seeking

Read more at:

The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation cut its teeth on financing the forced imposition of the opium trade into China, which trade the Chinese fought the Opium Wars to end. The fallout of the cover-ups of the assassinations of JFK and RFK enabled Eisenhower's "military industrial complex" to engage in a never ending series of senseless geopolitical wars starting with Viet Nam. As a result the population has become increasingly culturally pessimistic in its outlook. (Kennedy's stirring outlook for NASA's mission is now a dim memory, for example.) This has been the perfect laboratory for the promotion of the drop-out, tune-in, turn-on malaise foisted upon us via the corporate entertainment media starting with the baby boomer generation. It is of quite lawful that the very same oligarchic financial interests emanating out of the City of London are repeating their timeworn strategy to this very day.

Obviously, once again, you are right on the money. And also, of course, right in the money. Because to your ilk the money is all that counts. You worship it. It would seem that "Let them eat cat food!" should be your daily bestial motto.

Dear sir, I believe we have had considerable "growth" for lo these many years in this great nation of ours... Unfortunately, it is analogous to the growth of a cancerous tumor upon the real physical economy. Of course, I would not expect you, or for that matter, many of the readers here to admit it. But, posing the problem as an issue of mere growth of monetary profit is absolutely fallacious. Otherwise, the exorbitant purely nominal profits accrued in the literally trillions of dollars in derivative securities would have been quite a healthy development rather than a delusional replay of the swindle known as "bucket shops." That there has been a race to the bottom in this information age/post industrial cum free trade economy of ours is undeniable except to the deluded fools who regurgitate this claptrap. The physical means by which we would have able to increase our standard of living has been ruthlessly looted by our oh so creative financiers whose only measure of wealth is the bottom line of purely fictitious monetary aggregates.

Dear reader, allow me to opine that E.T.A. Hoffman's splendid novel "The Life And Opinions Of the Tomcat Murr together with a fragmentary Biography of Kappelmeister Johannes Kreisler on Random Sheets of Waste Paper" is certainly a must read in this category..

Re: Enact the USA Freedom Act

This act is a shameful and arrogant Trojan horse for legitimizing loss of due process and continuing erosion of the Constitution by the interests of Wall Street against the American people.

Goods on Grubby Gruber

Here'a a link to Gruber's $297,600 federal contract for "Technical Assistance in Evaluating Options for National Healthcare Reform." The take away civics lesson? Lying really pays well. Just ask Obama...

Re: Advertisements for the Multiverse

It is more than evident to any fair minded observer that this pop science multiverse mania harms fundamental progress in physics. It reminds me of the attitude of the of the faculty of the university I attended in the seventies that deterred me from continuing to be a math major.


"Correction: This article originally and erroneously referred to the knighted Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee as “Sir Rifkind” rather than his proper medieval title: “Sir Malcolm.” The Intercept sincerely apologizes for this gauche breach of aristocratic protocol."

I once was guffawed at for just such a faux pas myself by a snooty Brit. Yet, it is curious how esteemed City of London institutions always seem to have criminal activity swept under the rug. Do we call Henry Kissinger "Sir Henry" since the Queen knighted him for his geopolitical "efforts"?

Unless we have inertial confinement fusion propulsion and shielding from cosmic rays, a manned mission to Mars is simply nonsensical and inhumane.

Read more at:

We are currently striving to establish the means to prevent collisions with comets, etc. But this type of potential event (and worse,) rare though it is, certainly would seem to merit some consideration regarding safeguarding life.

Read more at: " And restoring basic accountability is hard when the financial system is seen as too fragile to tolerate criminal investigations of banks, as with HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) avoiding criminal charges for drug-cartel money laundering because of the bank’s too-big-to-fail status."

So I guess the logic here goes something like this: "the condition of the godfather is fragile and yous guys need to keep him on life support for your own good...Or else!"

Attention span (and attention directedness) is determined by factors that are outside the realm of biophysics per se. These factors have to do with cognitive resonance with idea content. This is what fundamentally differentiates mere physical brain functions from the culturally determined category of mind. In this regard, attention can be maintained on appropriately defined subject matter across generations.

Read more at:

"Rock philosopher Tom Petty" ?? This is the most laughable characterization I have seen for quite some time. So I suppose the rest of the article is equally tongue in cheek, though I really don't have the intestinal fortitude to read it as I might easily split a gut...

RE: Stephen Hawking thinks AI could bring an end to mankind

Hawking's presumption is that the relations among intelligent creatures are evil. So a super intelligence would be super evil. Very sad worldview.

RE: US Army Plans to Send Abrams Tanks and Bradleys to Eastern Europe

The only thing that matters in warfare between NATO and Russia and/or China is nuclear weapons, not tanks and Bradleys. The real game here is global economic warfare by bailed-out/bankrupt financial "elites."

RE: Artificial intelligence: Hawking's fears stir debate

If you believe that knowledge per se is evil, then you have succumbed to the myth of Zeus and Prometheus as your ideology. And that is the worldview plaguing humanity over the ages.

Read more at:

RE: Remarks by Senator Warren on Citigroup and its bailout provision

This puts in mind of the time our corrupted news media provided the platform for Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen to oh so tearfully beg on bended knee for a bailout for his criminal cronies. When will they show this speech in prime time?


Revenge by the Bushes against Saddam Hussein was the reality they lied us into war in the first place. How else could a family that financed Hitler's rise to power be expected to behave?

Very good, but incomplete. Correct as to Hamilton and Lincoln. What you have left out is the machinations of Wall St speculators in collusion with the slave states. Aaron Burr, who fraudulently founded the Bank of Manhattan schooled Andrew Jackson's controller Martin Van Buren's Democrats in taking down the Bank of the United States founded by Hamilton.

This was done by populist appeals against big banks. See the writings of John Quincy Adams for details.

Today's derivatives speculators have formed a similar alliance with so called Democrats like Obama and Geithner to protect themselves as too big to fail when they are obviously otherwise hopelessly bankrupt. So these facilitators have spent literally trillions to bail out Wall St, all the while making believe they are for the little guy.

Subjecting humans to cosmic rays' deleterious effects, etc. of a prolonged trip to Mars via chemical propulsion is unnecessary cruel and unusual punishment. Better to revive Project Orion with fusion propulsion and solve the shielding problem for astronauts first. In the meantime, so far as I have heard, robots usually don't complain about being pinged a bit on the slow slog to Mars.,2817,2415783,00.asp

We require increasing density of energy throughput to accommodate humanity's need to industrialize and eventually colonize space. So called renewables are thereby ruled out. Nuclear fusion is the only source that fits this requirement. Beyond that matter anti-matter reactions will be the next plateau beyond fusion. These green energy "debates" are signs in fact of suicidal tendencies among "elites" governing our society.

Read more at:

Oligarchies and tyrants have dreamed of this kind of control for centuries on end. And now we are supposed to volunteer to submit to shackles of the irrational and excessive whims of the crowd. The whole reason that we are not a "pure" democracy but rather a constitutional democratic republic is virtually unknown to so called techies...

"The bottom line is that we have some good ideas (ATLAS, infrared surveys, ESA's all-sky survey), and we just need to spend the money and roll these out. But to find the smallest objects — 30 to 50 meters in size — we are talking of the order of a billion dollars to do it right," said Timothy Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass.

Read more at:


Being a Democrat or Republican loyalist is just a clownshow for Wall Street criminals to control us like a bread and circuses, dog and pony show. So don't take the bait of being upset by sound and fury signifying nothing. Why do the nations so furiously rage together?

Re: Enzyme's alter ego helps activate the immune system

The function of this enzyme follows a recurring pattern whereby a biophysical entity may have multiple connections among different phase spaces. This is coherent with a Riemannian manifold that has a branch-point that can act upon several functional "sheaves" at once.

RE: A violent, complex scene of colliding galaxy clusters

Since we have gravitational mergers of galaxies within these clusters and mergers of clusters themselves making a sort of nested sequence, isn't it possible that this may somehow play into the issue of missing or dark matter.

RE: Hollywood and the anti-vax movement

In the Twelfth Century, Albert of Aachen wrote a chronicle about the First Crusade that presents an episode of irrational hysteria eerily similar to the way that Hollywood influences such destructive behaviors today. It seems that the crusading army of a German Count Emicho participating in Peter's "Peoples Crusade" included a group that followed a goose that they believed was filled with the holy spirit:

'There was also another abominable wickedness in this gathering of people on foot, who were stupid and insanely irresponsible, which, it cannot be doubted, is hateful to God and unbelievable to all the faithful. They claimed that a certain goose was inspired by the holy ghost, and a she-goat filled with no less than the same, and they had made these their leaders for this holy journey to Jerusalem; they even worshiped them excessively, and as the beasts directed their courses for them in their animal way many of the troops believed they were confirming it to be true according to the entire purpose of the spirit.

RE: On quantum scales, there are many second laws of thermodynamics

The advancing technologies produced by the human mind, taken over their history and viewed as a unity, disprove the 2nd law of thermodynamics holds for society. Progress is open ended and increasingly more orderly and coherent.

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