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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Degrees of Freedom and Human Creativity: A Cautionary Tale

This note is an observation on the characteristic of the entropy/ negative entropy formulaic in the sense of Vernadsky’s framework of the topological principle inherent the domain of the Noosphere. The simple thermodynamic principle of conservation of energy classically adduced by Lazare Carnot is that of a cyclically equilibrium reversion of phase space through resolving singularities via the work/transitions produced. The which thereby preserves the base state thermodynamic order. In this sense, for both the inert and biotic domains, and their associated phase space of interaction, singularities are a regular sort of pain in the arse, to use the vernacular. However, and this point is the biggest deal imaginable and will turn even the most tested multi-dimensional genius-like topologist’s mind into an oatmeal-like mush in the merest trice of a femto-second if not properly cognized (and there’s the rub): the creation of well ordered sequences of singularities is not only desirable for the thermodynamics of the Noosphere, it is the sine qua non of the existential survivability of the human species and more generally the necessarily subsumed connectedness of the lower manifolds.
Moreover, all of human higher ordered thought (this point is crucial to putting Herbart’s psychological approach of defining the interaction of consciousness with preconscious (or subconscious), i.e. only those “thoughts” which rise to the definite degree of higher ordering in this sense are truly substantial, this classically understood for example in Augustine’s resolution of the false antinomy of substantiating evil as a polar opposite to good by the Manicheans, Zoroastrians, et al.) necessitates the development of a series of singularities in thorough contradistinction to all other varieties of philosophical or religious ideation. (Please see Poe’s Mellonta Tauta for more along these lines.) This emphatically includes the whole body of so called post modernism/stochasticism, which as a principle is radically reactionary in the same sense that Aristotelianism was to Socrates/Plato and that Mannerism was to Da Vinci/Raphael.
The current nascent attempts to outflank Godel’s proof by a virtual army of logicians, the most reprehensible among them being one currently situated at Stanford, a Professor of Symbology, or some such rot, who has actually had the effrontery to attack Leibniz’ ghost so to speak, by means of misdirection and insertion of intentional evil for his (Leibniz’) suggestion of a program to create a universal logical language for legal disputation, inter alia. This sirrah, one Edward Zalta, I say, has an unspeakable excretion of positivist nonsense on the Internet, and I don’t use the term nonsense loosely, of coupling Leibniz with Mally, an avowed enthusiastic Nazi. Think for a moment, pause to reflect, if you will, which is more thoroughly and radically degenerately evil: an Al Qaeda website or the one of Messier Zalta? If this be a hard problem for you to resolve, look to yourself inwardly, dear reader and pose a few such hard questions if you will.
A concrete singularity of the highest order of being, otherwise known as a human being, uniquely possesses what no other biological being does. This property is what the US Constitution refers to as self evidence.

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