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Monday, July 12, 2010

Leonardo Project

Leonardo was convinced that mankind could conquer the limitations of physical confinement across many manifolds by applying the lessons from principles that nature had resolved. The flight of birds for instance. We now no longer view that transformation of mankind’s potential to take flight as miraculous. Looking backward a narrative emerges of such earth shattering revolutionary scientific progress that fits into our ordinary commonplace perspective. While in actual fact, the transformation of thinking required for such singular outposts of progress was absolutely inimical to vested interests of the feudal powers that be at the time of Da Vinci.
Riemann in his habilitation thesis, establishes the separation of space into two distinct types: continuous and discrete manifolds. I believe that human creativity causes a transformation from the continuous manifold into a nonlinear relative discrete manifestation. This occurs as a potential moral vector for humanity. Our very language as an instrument of transformative power for the future of humanity has this inhering latency. Thought itself is nothing less than an instantiation of the discrete language bound manifold transformed from the continuum of human history as a sort of relatively subsisting solitonic form.
Today one might be convinced that mankind can conquer the limitations of spatial confinement in new ways. For instance, it has become clear that the future holds a potential of an artificial transformation of electromagnetic brainwaves into language via machine interface without reference to the physical obstruction of previously necessary utterance of sound or writing. This will act as a new such transformation for the continuum of human progress. But it must also be understood that such a new power which will potentially alter human practice for the better must be integrated as part of a program of development for humanity. Only then will good come from such technology

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