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Friday, August 03, 2012

The Science of Interpreting Dreams

Do angels truly visit us in that sleeping state of semi-consciousness when we awaken to vivid recollection of what we were sure just moments before was as real as daylight? If we dare to imagine that there is but one unresolved waking nightmare facing humanity then interpretation of these dreams is all of a piece. This is the essence of how monotheism as far back as the Temple of Amon staked its claim as a universal lawgiver through its most famous pupil Moses.

Then, as today, it was necessary that the escape from slavery led mankind away from that most foul of beliefs. The abject belief that mere irrationality in the affairs of men shall forever immutably hold sway. So it was that our lawgiver Abraham Lincoln intoned the sentiment of the ages that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Today, the slavery that confronts us is palpable. It is that miserable, moldering tale that there are those families who are born to inherit the rule over the fate of nations. These are today's equivalent of the pagan would be gods. We must appease them, of course, because the unthinkable collapse of their monetary system sends a shiver of irrational fear up our spineless zombielike state of fecklessness. Or so we are told. This is supposed to be our collective conscience (the which makes cowards of us all) given to us as if from a heavenly choir. We must worship at its altar. The Queen is after all so charming in her way! (Even the rock stars-- those fairest children of stage-- have been knighted!) Ah--tradition!

Thus we have our innermost psyche transfixed as if by the Gorgon herself. So are our dreams being manipulated by the basest fear to submit to the attendant ills of austerity and unending wars over dwindling fixed resources. All for naught. It does not have to be this way. For we have better selves that can resolve these ills. Look to that better self dear reader... It is lurking there, even in your most fanciful of dreams.

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