"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

"It is clear that the minds are the most important part of the universe, and that everything was established for their sake; that is, in choosing the order of things, the greatest account was taken of them; all things being arranged in such a way that they appear the more beautiful the more they are understood."

G. W. Leibniz

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

On Biophysical Cyclical Unity

Today I came across a rather thought provoking theoretical piece entitled "Can Resonant Oscillations of the Earth Ionosphere Influence the Human Brain Biorhythm?"

Riemann's exploration of various biophysical cycles and their interdependence in his vastly under-published philosophical "fragments" immediately suggests itself as a model here. His injunction that the normal sense certainty of soi disant common sense breaks down at the level of the very large and very small is instructive in this regard as well. For in what usual and ordinary way of thinking would connect cellular waves at the level of DNA and cosmic ones? Recently LaRouche brought attention to the remarkable weakness of the organ known as the brain when compared to actually creative human thought. 

Thus, the universe acts upon itself, by way of human endeavor, in such a way as to create a mission orientation. For we are entering into an era of cosmic ray intensification on the Andromeda side of our galaxy.

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