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Monday, January 07, 2013

Toward a Universal Metric of a Culture's Evolutionary Fitness

If one approaches the issue of the type of psychology of a language culture that has what Leibniz might refer to as sufficient reason of viability of development, then it were conceivable to establish the basis of a rigorous metric of that self same culture. This concept is the synthesis of a series of the work of leading thinkers, and as it were, motifs produced since especially the golden Renaissance of fifteenth century Florence.

Start with Nicholas of Cusa's principle of projective principle of qualitative evolution of scientific method. That is, that there is by necessity an open ended capacity inhering in the potential intellectual development of the human species. Further it is only through the acceptance of that principle of such potential in every unique human being's intellect (or Leibniz' thinking monad) that an adequate system of government may be established. The attempt by Riemann to establish a geometric surface function that proceeds to projective infinity through Gauss' method of conformal mapping of  a spherical unit of normal curvature is germane along these lines.

Wilhelm von Humboldt's principle of the intellectual progressivity of language groups emerges as a correlative to a society's mode of physical potential productive power or what Lyndon LaRouche refers to as relative potential population density. Gustave Fechner applied Humboldt's idea to measurable universal psychological phenomena. It is no accident then that this informed Riemann's approach to the cyclic resolvability (following again on Gauss' work on higher arithmetic) of the planet's biologic interdependence of that which Vernadsky would later denominate as the (Cantorian transfinite) cardinal relationship step function of Lithosphere to Biosphere to Noosphere.

It is only from this higher standpoint that it is admissible to adjudge the health of a psychology of such a language culture. The species of psychology required is to be found in the approach of Wolfgang Kohler toward creative discovery inherent in his theory of gestalt. Further, it is a practical mission orientation resulting from such a healthful outlook that must set the agenda of self government. In this context, was Roosevelt's program of rural electrification an outgrowth of Lincoln's emancipation proclamation which in turn led to JFK's clarion moon mission pronouncement.

On the downside, the introduction of cultural pessimism through the promotion of false irrational "freedom" traceable to such projects as the Congress of Cultural Freedom, the Smithsonian project of "Folk Culture," the British intelligence psychological warfare bureau's homegrown uptake of R&B and Rock and Roll, and finally Timothy Leary's LSD propaganda is indicative of the push back against these virtuous tendencies.

Phiilip Veit

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