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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Aging of Proteins and Subsumed Hierarchies of Monads

Recent research on the life cycle of proteins has some remarkable implications that reinforce the power of the epistemological method of Nicholas of Cusa and his heir, Gottfried Leibniz. This brings the issue of the human species' potential for immortality out of the realm of mere assertion.

Biological substance at the simplest level of proteins itself exhibits a highly controlled life and death cycle that is necessary for elementary organisms to survive. Thus the very necessity of the individual organism in a subsuming life and death cycle for its larger species nature to survive. This sort of movement from lower to higher life forms is not merely a sort of abstract classification that the purveyors of "information theory" mischaracterize as "Platonic" abstraction. Rather it is a physical certainty.

Further, it is undeniable that the uniquely distinguishing mark of humanity that sets it apart from all other known life forms is our ability to conquer and surpass the limits of the merely biological. All other species come and go, completely unable to determine their survival by changing the functioning of their fixed nature. (Only hysterical ideologues that truly hate humanity can deny this.)

The conception of this grand and universal hierarchical composition must become the foundation of all that deserves the name of science and art.

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