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Friday, December 25, 2015

Good versus Evil

What perspective do those hold who see the world stage as a perpetual source of chaos and calamity? It must by necessity be an apology for an imperium. A need for keeping the restive masses of humanity constantly at each others throats rather than at their real enemy. The "gods" must be honored and yet provide amusements amidst this veil of tears. Nothing really changes. It is pure illusion. There is an infinite empty space of society's ranks that allows for the rearrangement of titles like mere points on a grid that are meaningless in the end. This is the unspoken belief and "religion" that actuates the would be servitors of illusory financial power.

And yet there are those who would see and hear beauty amidst this most unnatural state of affairs. So thus Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare and Ludwig Van Beethoven's lives are as a beacon for the foolish few that would kick against the pricks. For in the end, what remains of our having lived but an example of a unremitting will to bequeath a mission to futurity that can finally overcome the insanity of worship of the graceless and execrable Mammon of the City of London and Wall Street? A will to discover and do the good, whatever the so-called odds of its attainment.

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