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Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Tale of Golden Symmetry and Beyond

Here, peering at the polar hexagon on Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft, we are reminded of Kepler's polemical opus on physical geometry called the six cornered snowflake or De nive sexangula and Gauss' Pentagramma Mirificum.

From: Bruce Director: From Plato.s Theaetetus to Gauss' Pentagramma Mirificum: A Fight for Truth.

Without the creative breakthrough transition from Kepler to Riemann (Gauss' greatest follower) our space program would not be possible. But now the politics of this planet are mired in lunatic geopolitical "debates" over how technological progress is destroying the limited resources of "Mother Earth." The joke is that the real source of resources is not the physical stuff of our planetary system, although the canny Chinese government is far sighted enough to be planning to mine the moon's Helium 3 for fusion fuel. The real resource base is only to be discovered in the ironic interplay with the advances made by the ongoing and  never ending potential progress emerging anew from the creative, noetic unphysical human mind that mirrors that living composition of this our wonderful universe. The best of all possible worlds.

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