The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop.


Perhaps the whole vortex of the great globe is vivified by a soul of the same kind, which is the reason why the laws of the system are observed, and all things are compensated. The whole world is one vortex vivified by God.


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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Twitter Marginalia

Re: Information engine operates with nearly perfect efficiency

Ha. This type of energy efficiency reminds me of the snow that has been on my neighbors' rooftop solar cells for the past several days... Fallacy of composition obvious to all but the purblind. The second law is truly overcome with the nonlinear advancement in this series of technological advancements: wood burning, coal, oil and natural gas, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, matter- anti matter reactions... yet to be determined. In other words human creativity breaks the bounds of entropy. But this is not mere passive information.

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Re: New Year Greeting by Helga Zepp-LaRouche (2018)

As we know the "casino economy" takes fictitious monetary values as real in which stock markets and "full employment" are the chips won at the roulette wheel. (Vast estates and golf courses are the outward trappings of this sort of nominal success.) This is one great vulnerability of Trump & co.: the lack of understanding that economics is not a "zero sum game," albeit with some few good impulses but limited like the space program and mild infrastructure program.

The other major vulnerability: the quagmire of Mideast "great game" run as a catspaw by the Deep State/London/Wall St "axis of evil" to suffocate any tendency for Trump to truly escape geopolitics. (With a dose of North Korea "yellow peril" on the side.) Add to that the Ukrainian arms deal engineered by the Republican neo-cons like Lindsey Graham and we have a Trump presidency being hacked to death by a thousand cuts.

Perhaps the only hope is that the Deep State has so over played their hand in their transparently vicious campaign to take down Trump's naive recognition that the United States should not be entangled in endless "humanitarian" wars that the world will come out the other side in spite of all these salient deficiencies. Now that would be a happy new year.

Re: How chromosomes 'cheat' for the chance to get into an egg

Finding evidence for a kind of choice among centromeres at this functional resolution is indicative of a condition of asymmetry inherent in the biosphere itself. In fact, asymmetry is a crucial property throughout all three domains that the Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky identified: the Lithosphere, Biosphere, and Noosphere.

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Re: Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s Oldest Horror

It's not just Hollywood, it's the supposed liberal counterculture. Take the 60s rock songs like the Rolling Stones "Under My thumb" or Beatles "Run for Your Life" & today's Rap "lyrics." This ain't freedom they are celebrating, it's all leftist toxic BS. 
It is part and parcel of a "little me" attitude against promoting an intellectual mission for society such as the space program. Go back to "turn on, tune in, drop out" MK-Ultra CIA Congress of Cultural Freedom and you have the agenda of the would be liberal elite.

Re: Researchers uncover our brain's filing system for storing experiences

The conceptional organization of mental processes is embedded in one's particular worldview, for better or worse. Physical correlatives of such orderings by necessity arise from that same organization except in the case of traumatic injury or disease.

The Deliberate Destruction of Rationality

The CIA projects called The Congress of Cultural Freedom created modern art as worship of the irrational. MKULTRA popularized LSD. We are witnessing now a world driven mad through the manipulations of evil geopolitics. China had it's cultural revolution, yet it is now leading the world toward a rational alternative economic development policy called One Belt One Road. If the US is to survive we will join.

Re: SpaceX's Musk unveils plan to reach Mars by 2022

Moon and Mars colonization which is shown now to be feasible in lava tubes that are shielded from radiation will be accomplished only as part of a new international monetary system replacing the trillions of dollars in uncollectable exotic "derivatives" debt instruments created by the City of London and Wall Street. Only then may nations come together in a concerted effort for space colonization and fusion energy rocket engines and power production. This new system would include financing for other grand projects such as maglev rails, water diversion, desalination and flood control.

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Re: Stephen Hawking Now A Doomsday Prophet

This proves Hawking is as crazy as ... well... his ego ideal: Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac predicted from his studies of numerology he imagined were hidden in the Bible that the world would end in the Apocalypse in 2060... You cannot make this stuff up. Are they all demented?

Re: New model reveals possibility of pumping antibiotics into bacteria

An excellent example of a research breakthrough that exhibits that the essence of hypothesis formulation is deliberately and systematically the challenge of previously accepted assumptions: "I'm actually going to teach this paper in our intro graduate course because it's such a good story of how having a model in your head can limit your thinking and experiments and you really miss important things." Contrary to Newton's silly "Hypothesis non fingo."

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Re: Entanglement is an inevitable feature of reality

A further corollary of this theory would be that since from the retrodictive classical standpoint quantum non local entanglement necessarily infers irrationality, all non classical theories must be irrational. (Like belief in Einsteinian spooks for example.) Therefore these eminent theorists are as nuts as the day is long, QED, nincompoopis. See Jonathan Swift'S tale of Laputa for an almost clairvoyant summary of the situation.

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Re: Galaxy clusters offer clues to dark matter and dark energy

The most powerful force in the universe is not entropy. It is not even a purely physical force... It is the uniquely human creative drive to do the good for the benefit of unborn generations.This is why "artificial intelligence' is a fraud and why humanity must revolutionize its practice to continuously inhabit and conquer "outer space."

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Re: Scientists crack mystery of the luckless apostles of Paris

The anarchy of the sans culottes also targeted science in France (many of whom were collaborators of Benjamin Franklin) as well as the hero of the American revolution General LaFayette. As Friedrich Schiller wrote a great moment had met a small people.

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Re: Optimization for self-production may explain mysterious features of the ribo

This study falls in line with the classical principle of biospheric optimization and growth that living systems taken as a whole exhibit the quality of least action for maximum development potential.

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Re: Vortex photons from electrons in circular motion

This vortex photon phenomenon is characteristic of propagation of a rotational shock wave field as opposed to spherical radiation. http://thingumbob...toroidal

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Re: Epigenetics between the generations

See Leibniz' theory of pre-established harmony. There are different modes of this dynamic harmony for each of the following domains as defined by Vernadsky: lithosphere, biosphere or noosphere. Although for the noosphere, i.e. the realm of human creative cognition, harmony with the other inter-related spheres depends upon scientific and artistic progress or development. This is entirely willful activity unlike in the other two.

Re: Adventures in acoustic cosmology

Contrary to this line of thinking, classical music has already achieved a harmony, if you will, between music and science. But the link is the biophysics of the human singing voice and well tempered tuning. The registers of the voice are the basis for the musical scales and keys for classical composition. The epitome of this relationship appears in the works of J.S. Bach. Musical instrumentation extends and enhances this lawful interrelationship. This was furthered by the compositions of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms and their epigones. 

In the mid to late nineteenth and twentieth centuries arbitrary melodic chromaticism and defiance of this lawfulness began to hold sway with such anti-well tempored inventions as the twelve tone row. However, this does not negate the true science of well tempering.

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Re: Newly-discovered plant enzymes open the door to novel compound production

"It looks as though plants have independently arrived at their own way of making these molecules; they have 'worked it out for themselves'."

Excellent example of parallel vectored evolution as opposed to Darwinian random mutation. There exists a natural and necessary harmonic dynamism that Leibniz called pre-established harmony.

Re: Vladimir Putin: A Suitor Spurned

"It’s a view with which I very much concur: American imperialism is an aberration, a radical deviation from the course set for us by the Founders of this country, and completely out of character for the overwhelming majority of the American people, who just want to live in peace."

The reality is that the United States constitution was created to the end of making economically possible vast "internal improvements" by the faction associated with Alexander Hamilton, who was at loggerheads with the pro slavery expansionist and pro sans culotte faction of Thomas Jefferson. It was necessary to prevent the British Empire imperialism from successfully taking America back due to the lack of such an economic mission under the Articles of Confederation.

The geopolitical "great game" has always been to "turn" the United States into the enforcer of a rotting financial empire based upon loot. We have been engaged in "continuous wars" due to the Anglophilic "Eastern Establishment's" grip on both political parties starting with Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.

27th Jun 2017 - Re: One billion suns: World's brightest laser sparks new behavior in light

This type of research is precisely what should be promoted as propelling breakthroughs in science. I.e., extreme conditions in the physical space-time manifold bring about anomalous behavior that can be applied to greater control over such processes thus benefiting humanity. That should always clarify an essential path for development.

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Re: Neuron transistor behaves like a brain neuron

'The human brain has tens of billions of neurons, and they are constantly performing weighted summation and threshold functions many times per second that together control all of our thoughts and actions.' 

This statement is, of course, sententious nonsense, but unfortunately par for the course in the domain of "the brain is a computer" idiocy.

Re: Maureen Dowd -- "Comey and Trump, the G-Man vs. the Mob Boss"

Ha! What unmitigated gall. The Russians "hacking" the US election is a serious "matter?" You are aware Ms. Dowd that the George "Open" Soros State Department spent billions on hacking elections in the name of democracy all over the globe? But that is perfectly fine of course because to paraphrase Richard Nixon- when the US does it it is democracy...

Re: Humans rely more on 'inferred' visual objects than 'real' ones

This is reminiscent of the geometry conformal mapping that was perfected by Gauss and his collaborators in the 19th century. The human brain is designed for this species of mapping in its unique geometry. All this chatter about information is really a trendy computer program comparison that is unfortunately viral these days.

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Reimann vs. Connectionist Nonsense

Sigh... Another tired connectionist type model. The real mathematics that is germane here is Riemann surfaces whereby a protein may function as a singular branch-point to a surface function upon an N dimensional manifold: http://thingumbob...fic.html

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"The bottom line is that we have some good ideas (ATLAS, infrared surveys, ESA's all-sky survey), and we just need to spend the money and roll these out. But to find the smallest objects — 30 to 50 meters in size — we are talking of the order of a billion dollars to do it right," said Timothy Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass.

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Oligarchies and tyrants have dreamed of this kind of control for centuries on end. And now we are supposed to volunteer to submit to shackles of the irrational and excessive whims of the crowd. The whole reason that we are not a "pure" democracy but rather a constitutional democratic republic is virtually unknown to so called techies...
Subjecting humans to cosmic rays' deleterious effects, etc. of a prolonged trip to Mars via chemical propulsion is unnecessary cruel and unusual punishment. Better to revive Project Orion with fusion propulsion and solve the shielding problem for astronauts first. In the meantime, so far as I have heard, robots usually don't complain about being pinged a bit on the slow slog to Mars.,2817,2415783,00.asp
Very good, but incomplete. Correct as to Hamilton and Lincoln. What you have left out is the machinations of Wall St speculators in collusion with the slave states. Aaron Burr, who fraudulently founded the Bank of Manhattan schooled Andrew Jackson's controller Martin Van Buren's Democrats in taking down the Bank of the United States founded by Hamilton.

This was done by populist appeals against big banks. See the writings of John Quincy Adams for details.

Today's derivatives speculators have formed a similar alliance with so called Democrats like Obama and Geithner to protect themselves as too big to fail when they are obviously otherwise hopelessly bankrupt. So these facilitators have spent literally trillions to bail out Wall St, all the while making believe they are for the little guy.
"Rock philosopher Tom Petty" ?? This is the most laughable characterization I have seen for quite some time. So I suppose the rest of the article is equally tongue in cheek, though I really don't have the intestinal fortitude to read it as I might easily split a gut...
Attention span (and attention directedness) is determined by factors that are outside the realm of biophysics per se. These factors have to do with cognitive resonance with idea content. This is what fundamentally differentiates mere physical brain functions from the culturally determined category of mind. In this regard, attention can be maintained on appropriately defined subject matter across generations.

Read more at: " And restoring basic accountability is hard when the financial system is seen as too fragile to tolerate criminal investigations of banks, as with HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) avoiding criminal charges for drug-cartel money laundering because of the bank’s too-big-to-fail status." 
So I guess the logic here goes something like this: "the condition of the godfather is fragile and yous guys need to keep him on life support for your own good...Or else!"

We are currently striving to establish the means to prevent collisions with comets, etc. But this type of potential event (and worse,) rare though it is, certainly would seem to merit some consideration regarding safeguarding life.

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Unless we have inertial confinement fusion propulsion and shielding from cosmic rays, a manned mission to Mars is simply nonsensical and inhumane.

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