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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Metastability of the Relativity of the Micro and Macrocosmic Dynamics

The principle of noetic dynamic reflection as encapsulated for example in the dialogues of Plato, underlies all fruitful scientific work. As Percy Shelley so forcefully states the poetic aesthetic overtakes whatever shortcomings the poet as mere mortal possesses. Both in science and art the endeavor to bequeath to humanity truth and beauty entails recreation of certain universal methods of action in their respective domains.

Thus it is with two recent provocative scientific reports. One by Konstantin Batygin concerns the reformulation of the Schrodinger quantum wave function as it applies to galactic dynamics. This coherence of the infinitesimal with the at least very large if not infinite, is what the towering Renaissance figure Nicolas of Cusa established as the dynamic relativity of the macrocosm and microcosm. It is further what Leibniz reestablished in his Monadology. And it is the principle that Riemann furthered , and that Einstein relied upon, in his Hypotheses.

The second paper deals with metastability of the quantum gas state.  As the authors correctly note such metastable cum avalanche states are ubiquitous in nature. In keeping with the metaphor with which I opened this discussion both of the papers taken together are evidence that a method of higher hypothesis is by necessity inherent in scientific inquiry. Further, it is the basis not only for the human economy, as LaRouche has shown, but all potentially successful human enterprise on any sort. For are not we as a species, as it were, precisely always in such a metastable state of affairs as Heraclides so wonderfully noted?

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