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Sunday, August 24, 2008

All that flesh is heir to...

Some concept in the body of art and science of a nested transfinite sequence of singularities that produce a necessary pathway for global redefinition of work function of the three domains of connative existence is evinced from time immemorial. All expression across all possible fields of endeavor that coheres in outlook with this perspective is truthful. Moreover, this is perfectly equivalent to what aesthetics designates the beautiful and the statecraft happiness.

In science, astrobiology is situated at the cusp of the transition that links the domain of the non living with the living. This arena will provide for the foreseeable future of humanity an unending and enduring orientation in mission. All physics and biophysics hinges on this transition. Likewise, the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, which as yet is only defined negatively by the ill conceived failures of neuropsychology or worse information theory, will define a further such mission.

The soul sick plagues of positivism and its coordinate methodological absurdities will be relegated to history's garbage heap as sure as has been the mythological pantheon of the Olympian gods.

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