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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Outre science?

( -- By implanting an electrode into the brain of a person with locked-in syndrome, scientists have demonstrated how to wirelessly transmit neural signals to a speech synthesizer. The "thought-to-speech" process takes about 50 milliseconds - the same amount of time for a non-paralyzed, neurologically intact person to speak their thoughts. The study marks the first successful demonstration of a permanently installed, wireless implant for real-time control of an external device.

One could imagine with the evolution of this technology, a nano computer system implanted in the brain (or perhaps less invasively, rather as an article of clothing in contact with the electro magnetic brainwave spectrum) such that communication would be possible between parties by thought alone and translated from their native languages automatically. Frankly, this scenario seems no further off than, say, harnessing matter/anti matter reactions to power inter stellar flight shielding humans from radiation and using inertial force as an equivalent for gravity via effect continuous acceleration deceleration.

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