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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goldman, Obama, Hedges, Pound of flesh

So let's see what is salient about Mr. Blankfein's testimony yesterday. First, I point to his fulsome adulation of Obama and his brand of  financial "reform." Maybe this explains why Obama was so heavily favored by Goldman's political contributions.  Of course, they were his top donor. (Even beating out George Soros.) But then Goldman always hedges their political bets in a thoroughly agile and timely manner, as the latest Wall Street psychobabble would put it. After all wasn't it Hank Paulson, he of Goldman stack who went on bended knee, hat in hand, crocodile tears and all to Pelosi and begged for a bailout? And Goldman got it too, didn't they? Straight from the Treasury to AIG to Goldman. Thanks Uncle Sam, you sucker! Of course, Blankfein says he would have got his pound of flesh anyway. Yes that's right. 200,000 teachers are being laid off now and Goldman, and the buggers on Wall St wallow in it. This simply is a noisome and odious disgrace and cancer upon the body politic which must be amended if we hope to ever truly prosper again.

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