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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spiral Paths from Atomic Phase Change to Black Hole Star Systems

Illustration from:
Anne Goodsell, Trygve Ristroph, J. A. Golovchenko, and Lene Vestergaard Hau

I have maintained consistently for some time now the primacy of spiral orbitals along the surface of horn torii as a toy model for Riemannian metastable shockwave transformations through the singularity at its center. This toy model serves not only to adumbrate physical transformations, but also the historical impact of revolutionary ideas upon the functioning of society. The research illustrated above where a super cooled rubidium atom spirals toward a highly charged carbon nanowire and is subsequently stripped of an electron that tunnels into the tube while the resulting ion is repulsed is, I believe, an elegant demonstration of this principle.

Spirals occur as radiative processes move through spacetime. Imagine the orbit of the earth around the sun as the sun orbits the galaxy as the galaxy orbits its own group, etc. Embedded spirals. Here is an illustration of a spiral from a joint black hole star system whose anomalous physics is not well understood.

However, there are few attempts to model these radiative pathways as a field. Penrose's Twistor Theory is one such. However, his attempt to locate conciousness as a quantum effect is as misguided as Descartes' the pineal gland is the location of the soul. 

The Quixotic quest for a physical location of mind or soul is a result of a teleology or search for a final cause which is simply wrong. The assumption that that there is a frankly rather magical yet undiscovered physical explanation for human conciousness is due to a mode of thinking that assumes that substance is equivalent to mere physical sensation. This should have been abandoned once and for all after Leibniz devastatingly proved that the mind is of a different order that physical substance. That is, the mind is an indissoluable whole having no parts. It cannot be divided. Physical substance, meaning everything other than mind that may be conceived on the other hand may be divided. (The seeming paradox of individual quantum states, notwithstanding. For the condition of superposition shows that these states too are divisible via decoherence because of the very fact they exist as divisable quanta.) The mind in this sense participates as a kind of non-other to use Nicholas of Cusa's term. As Leibniz determined the mind is a sort of minature creator reflecting the universal creative process of becoming. Or what is in Christian terms called Imago Viva Dei. The problem is that the materialists like Penrose can't stomach these truths, the which are not self evident, they are proven. 

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