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Friday, November 09, 2012

IMF Urges "Final Solution"

A mere two days after drug pushing oligarch George Soros' darling Obama has een re-installed, Christine LaGarde's IMF splashes spectacular headlines worldwide trumpeting the need for a "permanent solution" to the fiscal cliff. In Greece there is 60% unemployment among young adults. Pharmacies are with life saving medicines. Heating oil companies are folding due to the vicious austerity already imposed by the technocrats of the financial oligarchy.

Trillions of dollars and Euros are being printed to shore up the illiquid books of banks like HSBC, that have been making multi-billions in easy money laundering the blood money of the drug cartels.

The drum beat will grow louder daily now from the confines of these "elite" real life monsters for the end of any pretense of mercy to the most defenseless among us. I, for one will continue to announce a resistance to this utter and mind numbing evil. May God help us.

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