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Friday, November 02, 2012

Kepler's Method Relevant Over Centuries

The recent NASA model regarding the asteroid belt and preconditions for life prompts us to reexamine Kepler's marvelous scientific prescience. For it was uniquely his discovery of an underlying  harmonic design for the solar system that first correctly showed that the asteroid belt was located at an an-harmonic orbital interval comparable in the musical domain with the so-called Devil's Interval. Furthermore it is entirely lawful that for the composition of physical reality to engender the conditions of continuing biophysical and noetical evolution, this type of incongruity would be a "built in" feature of the cosmos across all scales. This is precisely the contribution that Leibniz built onto Kepler's work with his concept of pre-established harmonic ordering and his polemical attack on the Newtonian's foolhardy belief in a Deus Ex Machina or God the Clockwinder.

The principle that humanity will always have the avenue to alter its behavior to conform with this ongoing process of perfectibility is the only truth for our species survival that exhibits sufficient reason in absolutely differentiating ourselves exclusively as in the domain of the Noosphere.

This illustration shows three possible scenarios for the evolution of asteroid belts. In the top panel, a Jupiter-size planet migrates through the asteroid belt, scattering material and inhibiting the formation of life on planets. The second scenario shows our solar-system model: a Jupiter-size planet that moves slightly inward but is just outside the asteroid belt. In the third illustration, a large planet does not migrate at all, creating a massive asteroid belt. Material from the hefty asteroid belt would bombard planets, possibly preventing life from evolving. 
(Credit: NASA/ESA/A. Feild, STScI)

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