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Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Progressive Subsumption of Cellular Process by Higher Life Forms

The recent startling discovery that cilia act as antenna for cell signalling leads to a refinement of Leibniz' principle of lower and higher monads and Vernadsky's principle of evolution.

The Leibnizian concept of a window on the world coheres precisely with this discovery. That is to say that cellular signalling via these cilia are in fact just such a window in other words.

If you then add Vernadsky's principle of ordered development of the biosphere, it is quite striking to envision that higher life forms have subsumed these same processes within their organisms. And finally human life alone is capable of making this same principle conscious through science.

From the open access report:

TGF-β Signaling Is Associated with Endocytosis at the Pocket Region of the Primary Cilium

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