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Sunday, June 30, 2013

True Genius In the Arts is Always Due to Political Sensibility

It is of no small moment that Ludwig Beethoven angrily denounced Napoleon Bonaparte or that his one opera Fidelio was about the real life rescue of Marquis de LaFayette by his beloved wife Adrienne. Likewise, when Leonardo da Vinci writes of being persecuted by an unnamed adversary, it is not the raving of a paranoiac. Greatness in any field draws fire from a vicious and powerful subset of humanity that hates it.

If the recent revelations remove the mask from this would be oligarchy that has been hell bent on destroying the once great mission of the USA, so much the better. We, as a people, have been force fed all manner of ugliness in the name of democracy since the egregious cover up of the assassination of JFK. It is way past the time to retrieve our place in the history of governments of this planet.

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