"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

"It is clear that the minds are the most important part of the universe, and that everything was established for their sake; that is, in choosing the order of things, the greatest account was taken of them; all things being arranged in such a way that they appear the more beautiful the more they are understood."

G. W. Leibniz

Today's Elites

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Have Our So-called Elites Gone Stark Raving Mad?

The irony is that our bitter cold war enemy Khrushchev (reportedly in a drunken stupor) ceded Crimea to Ukraine by diktat! And now we are huff and puffing that it must remain in Ukraine. On top of that the Banderist neo-Nazi Right Sector is being given the top posts by Victoria Nuland's darling Yats (Yatsenyuk.) Please see chapter 5 of Hitler's Shadow for the gruesome history of Stephen Bandera Nazis in Ukraine. 

Now it turns out that the newly installed Yats government is planning to cut pension by 50%. (Which currently average $160 per month.) "People power?" The IMF and EU are starkly warning of harsh austerity as the price of "bailouts" for Ukraine.

And recall dear reader, if you will, that the current administration (if one can even call it that) has just been caught red handed supporting al-Qaeda branches in the Syrian civil war. And if Barack (I am really good at killing) Obama weren't bad enough, there's John McCain...

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