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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Why the NSA Mission Must Be Dismantled

The latest revelation from the cache of Snowden intercepted NSA documents shows that their strategy equates the national security of the United States with sabotaging an alternative to the moribund dollar denominated banking system. As dangerous as the NSA's violation of individual rights and due process is in itself, this exposé in the words of Glenn Greenwald quoting the document "anticipates a series of potential scenarios the U.S. may face in 2025, from a “China/Russia/India/Iran centered bloc [that] challenges U.S. supremacy” to a world in which “identity-based groups supplant nation-states,” and games out how the U.S. intelligence community should operate in those alternative futures—the idea being to assess “the most challenging issues [the U.S.] could face beyond the standard planning cycle.”"

Currently, the BRICS nations are indeed creating an alternative credit system outside the IMF. Since the IMF, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank are all hell bent on propping up bankrupt and virtually zombie banks like Chase Manhattan through exacting austerity against their own populations and those of the so-called developing sector, this very mission of the NSA is not only encroaching upon foreign corporations' scientific research, as the article points out, but is intent on preventing a way out of the collapsed financial system. 

This constitutes a scale of criminality on the part of the NSA that goes beyond anything that has been revealed heretofore. For the sake of the future of not just the citizens of the United States but the world these thoroughly destructive plans must be eliminated. 

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