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Friday, January 29, 2010

Universal Relative Motion and Potential Energy Propagation as Subsumed By Creative Imagination

If you imagine the layerings of mere rotational (and thereby chiral) motions starting from the infinitesimal and continuously amalgamating toward the transcendent velocities of galactic groups, what you come away with should not be a path of a point. That would be to miss the continuously embedded toroidal subsumption of potential energy of which that point partakes. That toroidal form as a singularly deformed sphere propagates material waves externally as allowed by the surrounding medium through which it moves. However, on its surface, there is an orbital which at its extremum represents an alternation from negative to positive surface curvature. This is the chiral (or spiral) pathway from the toroidal pole through its inner equator, which is a point connecting two horns at center then continuing along the opposite horn and through the outer equator and back to the pole. For the mathematical imagination, the velocity of this rotation goes from zero to infinity. Thus providing a model for a metastable alternation of propagation of potential energy which anneals the shock wave velocity which is ever present here as the path along the negatively curved horn with the continuation along the positively curved outer spheroidal shell. And doesn't this model suggest a more general means for the universal annealing of the psycho-physical continuum, as distinct from the merely number line mathematical one?
Because as you move onto the domain of truly human cognition as the ability to create analogous singularities via revolutionary technological innovations, it becomes apparent that there exists an unending process of a potential chiral pathway through the propagation of the adoption of these technologies by society as it is able in a spherically propagated wavelike analogous way and onto the next such breakthrough.
Therefore, without the understanding that the noetic, creative impulse of humanity subsumes all we can know about merely physical subordinated systems we go off in a puerile, masturbatory quest like some theoretical physicist Don Juan's multiverse raised to the power of one thousand and three .
This metastatic model is akin to Leibniz' concept of monad, Cusa's microcosm macrocosm principle, and Plato's unspoken resolution of the Parmenedes paradox. It is what Sancho Panza solves in the governor bridge riddle: the power of mercy. In any epoch of human history, inevitably there is crisis. Why? Because creativity cannot sit still. The technological means of society's reducing power are necessarily limited and evanescent. Every culture thereby confronts its own demons. Zeus as the oligarch who punishes Aeschylus' Prometheus the fire bearer. That is to say, the creative spark latent in each and every one of us. This is the secret of the tragedy in Shakespeare's works. The imposition of a self destructive impulse upon the governance of men that would like Cronus eat its own children is the antithesis of this model. The principle is above the here and now: as scientific and artistic creativity it is truly immortal. Either you choose to embrace it or shun it at humanity's peril. You are at once free and yet constrained, dear reader. How else would you have it?

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