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Friday, February 05, 2010

The Current Essential Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

In order to adduce the distinction between the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States today, first one must recognize that the only appropriate arena within which to make an unbiased judgment, ab initio, is the province of animal psychology.
The careful reader may object that I have heretofore shown only disdain for any claim that the behaviorism is to be accorded the label of the science of the human psychology. This is indeed quite true. No such strictures imposed by a supposed science that limits the scope of humanity's capacity to a fixed set of behavioral patterns could ever account for the creative problem solving evinced in our species' nature time and again. Therefore behaviorism deserves only opprobrium. However, in this instance, you must bear in mind that we are dealing with the degeneration of humanity into these bestial parties which adamantly refuse to partake of precisely that truly unique human quality of problem solving.
Moreover, it is the characteristic behavior of that particular animal from time immemorial referred to as man's best friend with which we must compare the subjects of our inquiry. Every dog has its day. One party is up now, only to be toppled by a disgruntled and betrayed populace. They both serve the interests of their lords in their own way though. They serve as shills like the proverbial dog and pony show keeping one's attention on the circus while one's pocket is picked. This is all the current debate about budget cutting signifies. Nothing more. The Democratic dogs and Republican dogs snarl and yelp, meanwhile ladies and gentleman our future is being stolen by the pickpockets of the financiers that control the show from beginning to end.

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