"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jail All The Bankers First!

"Goldman Sachs Group Inc., trying to show it is responsive to public pressure over its pay, said Chairman and Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein would get a $9 million bonus for 2009, a fraction of the $68.5 million payout he got in 2007."
The discriminating reader will, of course, be amused by this foregoing sentence. In actual fact, it were meet that Messer Blankfein find himself in the hoosegow, alongside his brethren in crime Messers Paulson, Geithner, and Summers. Surely, John Dillinger and Baby Faced Nelson are rolling over in their graves with envy at Mr Blankfein's hubris.

(A thousand pardons dear reader. I foolishly left off Messer Bernanke from my list.)

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