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Thursday, September 12, 2013

George Washington's Farewell Address, the NSA and Israel

The recent explosive revelations that the US National Security Agency has been committing treason against our constitution by the wholesale turnover of raw intelligence of American citizens' private communications to the state of Israel should provoke the thinking portion of that same citizenry to take this rogue putative security apparatus down. To understand the full significance of this situation, we need to revisit the threats to our fledgling republic at the time of its very founding.

The principles of the victorious American revolution had naturally inspired a universal admiration among nations. The intelligence services of Great Britain recognized that this was a mortal threat to their far flung empire. The tack that the nascent East Indies Company which constituted the financial center of that empire decided upon to combat this existential threat was to nurture false irrational radical uprisings in order to quash the truly republican spirit. Thus the French revolution aimed at chaos to prevent an orderly transition to a constitutional republic fostered by the supporters of Marquis de LaFayette.

The full story of the struggle of Alexander Hamilton against Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr is part and parcel of this British strategy. (The same Burr that Jefferson sumptuously feted in Washington after he had assassinated Hamilton.) Hamilton founded a manumission society to free the slaves. Jefferson on the other hand actively promoted expanding slave labor when he set up a very evil system of manufacturing nails by working and breaking extremely young slave boys on his Monticello property. At the same time Jefferson propagandized for the so called freedom of the Jacobin lunatics that fomented the French revolution against LaFayette's forces. This bloody form of "democracy" was used to take down Hamilton's economic reforms that were aimed at breaking the monopoly of trade and promoting Franklin's vision of useful scientific progress to increase the standard of living here.

This is the reason that George Washington's farewell address, largely drafted by Hamilton, warned against foreign entanglements. The United States must not be drawn into a trap that would ensnare us into backing up an irrational uprising of anarchist puppets in France. The financial interests of the British/Dutch empire was to use the tactic of divide and conquer by setting off agent provocateurs in targeted nations time and again to this very day. Their current game in the Middle East is to embroil the region in unending proxy Sunni/Shia warfare, switching sides as they see fit. To them, Israel is merely an instrument of this useful turmoil that allows their assets like the medieval Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to subsist.

It is in this geopolitical cauldron that contrary to Washington's warning we have entangled ourselves, acting the part of the "dumb American giant." It is high time that we stop being gullible patsies. I think the vast majority of our population would agree, especially if they know then full extent of how we are being played.

So, once again, it is in this larger context that I must commend the patriotic impulses of those like Snowden and Greenwald who would expose the treason of the NSA at the expense of their own personal well being.

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