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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Warmed Over Malthusian Fecal Matter

A new "study" entitled Energetic Limits to Growth portentously warns:

"The bottom line is that an enormous increase in energy
supply will be required to meet the demands of projected
population growth and lift the developing world out of
poverty without jeopardizing current standards of living
in the most developed countries. And the possibilities for
substantially increasing energy supplies are highly uncertain.
Moreover, the nonlinear, complex nature of the global
economy raises the possibility that energy shortages might
trigger massive socioeconomic disruption. Again, consider
the analogy to biological metabolism: Gradually reducing
an individual’s food supply leads initially to physiological
adjustments, but then to death from starvation, well before
all food supplies have been exhausted.
Mainstream economists historically have dismissed
warnings that resource shortages might permanently limit
economic growth. Many believe that the capacity for
technological innovation to meet the demand for resources
is as much a law of human nature as the MalthusianDarwinian
dynamic that creates the demand (Barro and
Sala-i-Martin 2003, Durlauf et al. 2005, Mankiw 2006).
However, there is no scientific support for this proposition;
it is either an article of faith or based on statistically flawed
extrapolations of historical trends. The ruins of Mohenjo
Daro, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, the Maya, Angkor,
Easter Island, and many other complex civilizations provide
incontrovertible evidence that innovation does not always
prevent socioeconomic collapse (Tainter 1988, Diamond2004)."

We find the authors acknowledging their funding as follows:

"For support we thank the Howard Hughes Medical
Institute and National Institute of Biomedical Imaging
and Bioengineering Interfaces grant to JHB, JGO, and WZ;
National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant DEB-0541625
and the Rockefeller Foundation to MJH; NSF Grant
OISE-0653296 to ADD; and National Institutes of Health
Grant DK36263 to WHW. We thank the many colleagues
who have discussed these ideas with us and encouraged us to
write this article. Charles A. S. Hall, Charles Fowler, Joseph
A. Tainter, and several anonymous reviewers provided
helpful comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript"

So long as the Rockefeller Foundation, inter alia, can finance the spewing of such anti human mental sewage as this, I suppose the people of darkness, at the very least, will be well paid...

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