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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why Any "Formula for Success" Must Inevitably Fail

Kepler castigated the purveyors of algebra as standing in the way of his revolutionary rewriting the laws of what is today called astrophysics. Applying Keplar's principled objection to algebra to the frame of reference of society's functioning at large is urgently necessary if we are to survive and progress. For what is an algebra when it comes to society except the tissue of accepted rules of behavior, whether those rules be conscious or not? And how does it happen that a society dooms itself to a dark age? Isn't it because it is incapable of the sort of change in its way of doing things necessary for its survival? Up to this point in my argument, a radical environmentalist advocating "change" might nod his or her head in agreement. Aren't they for radical change? Actually, the truth is just the opposite. They are the most bitter inalterable haters of true change. They romanticize the "noble savage." Like the transcendentalists of yore. Like Carlos Castaneda they profess love of soil (and often psychedelics, which should be more accurately labeled psychotomimetics.) It should be quite simple to see that this is in essence proto-fascist whether or not it is labeled as leftism. Except that most among us are chained to our way of doing and thinking about things.

Isn't it the case that the universe has a built in principle of evolutionary change? If there is a crisis in remaining fixed in our way of doing things, isn't there always a potential solution available? In fact isn't it a type solution that leads to more freedom for humanity? If even a class of diseases shows the potential for indefinite change in morphology such that their macrophage combatants exhibit this infinite evolvability, how much more so the mental capacity to evolve society? Tis is what Leibniz meant by the preordained harmony of the best of all possible worlds. Contrary to that false portrayal by that wretch Voltaire, not that there was no inevitable painful crises to be overcome by society through application of scientific progress. 

Today's economic crises are based upon a cabal of financiers setting the rules to save their insane game of speculative looting of the world's population. To save the bubble of debt that they have manufactured out of thin air, inevitably they must demand increasing the death rate. This is the ugly truth behind their political, media and academic hod carriers clarion calls for "entitlement reform." This is why they turn apoplectic and shout the label of "extremism" at any who thus accurately expose their game. The only way out of the crisis is to do the unthinkable: break the algebraic rules of the game. Write off the lunatic forms of derivative securities. Set up agreements among nations above the so called markets that will assure lasting referred investments in infrastructure, energy intensive agriculture and industry.

Johannes Kepler

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