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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Even the Washington Post Sometimes Divulges the Truth (If Only by Accident)

In an article in today's Post anent the so-called Flash Crash, the writer matter of factly states the following:

"At 2:32, Waddell decided to sell $4.1 billion worth of financial contracts, known as E-Minis. The E-Minis are linked to the value of the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index, a broad indicator of blue chip stocks. They are traded on an electronic futures market, one of a handful of alternative venues to bet on the direction of the market without buying and selling stocks." (Emphasis not in original.)

Now, dear reader, if you have been keeping at all up on the latest financial chicanery ongoing amongst the financial oligarchies, you may have come across the  erstwhile institutions known as "bucket shops." For the definition of the same you need look no further than what I have italicized above. 

Today, it is also quite obvious that our press sewers see no evil in this at all... Rather, they exult in it and would have us believe that if these practices were snuffed out, why then. the very economic fabric of society would be irretrievably rent asunder. Isn't also obvious, dear reader, that both Obama and Bush, are mere appendages of this very same financial oligarchy? 

Let me recommend a very interesting book by William Lyon Mackenzie for some historical perspective on how this oligarchy has put its toadies in the White House in times gone by. It is called The Life and Times of Martin Van Buren. Some quite disgusting practices seem never to change at all.

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