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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Genomic Organization Proven To be Non-Random

As the recurring theme here attests, it is the author's delight to put the purveyors of a-causal randomness to flight. It is with great joy that I welcome some recent research on nucleic acid three dimensional structure of yeast that does just that. I quote some relevant excerpts below. But please read the entire contents for details.

Eukaryotic genomes are non-randomly organized in the nucleus. It is becoming clear that intra-nuclear positions of genomic loci are influenced by various nuclear processes including transcription, replication and repair... It has recently been suggested that transcription factors are involved in the association of genes with these transcription factories. However, how transcription factories function remains unclear, partly because they have been studied in complex mammalian cells. Studying the factories in a model organism with a much simpler genome can facilitate understanding of the role of transcription factories with regard to transcriptional regulation.

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