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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Cain Mutiny

Today's WAPO portrays Cain as a puppet of the notorious Koch brothers.

Yours truly being truly fair and balanced, unlike the trash from Fox or MSNBC, did enter the lists on a lively verbal tussle of give and take. Here are some lowlights:

Thingumbob: What has really changed since emancipation? The Koch brothers own Cain and Soros owns Obama...So sad.

OldUncleTom: It would be interesting if you could make any case at all for a connection between George Soros and Barack Obama that is half as tangible as that between AFP/Koch Industries and Herman Cain.
For the record, citations from the "Hannity" show don't count. His opinions are about as relevant as yours are.

Thingumbob: So you really are convinced that Obama isn't doing the bidding of Wall Street? What about Gethner? They, Cain or Obama are just different flavors of the same old all day suckers. Sorry you can't see this.

OldUncleTom: Changing the subject does not negate the ridiculous first statement you made, sport.
Nice try, though!

Thingumbob: By the way. I detest both MSNBC and Fox because they are just opposite sides of the same worthless coin. Only dupes of Wall Street believe there is a dimes worth of difference. The speculators are being bailed out over our dead bodies, Obama and Cain are both tissue paper for those scoundrels. Again, if you don't see that then the old adage applies that there are none so blind as those that will not see...

Thingumbob: Ask Obama Mr. liberal OldUncleTom why he doesn't support Marcy Kaptur's legislation to restore FDR's Glass Steagall and why he is using the Patriot Act to spy on and assassinate more Americans even than Cheney.


Thingumbob:What are we to think? Cain a mere puppet for the Koch brothers, and Obama a puppet for Soros? So hard to choose one over the other...

OldUncleTom:There is a huge difference between being supported by many wealthy liberals and being owned by two wealthy conservatives.

Thingumbob: Well you could'a fooled me...Exactly what is Obama doing to bite the hand that feeds him? He is the same and worse than W in my book and I ain't no neocon.

Viewoflife: sorry, bush 2 was by far the worst president ever, but cheney probably had something to do with that.

Thingumbob: Haven't you heard that Cheney loves Obama's killing of Americans overseas without so much as an arrest warrant? Again, who do you think you are fooling but yourself?

5amefa91:Yep, Obama sold out to the consevatards Kochroaches


Thingumbob: If the Kochs' boy Cain runs against Soros' boy Obama, it won't be an election, it will be an auction.

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