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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Jokers to The Left AND Right

"Gee, aren't you the fellows who, when you buy a company, do something called "due diligence"? But you sunk everything into stock in Obamania Inc. on the basis of his "perfectly creased pant leg" or whatever David Brooks was drooling about that day? You handed a multitrillion-dollar economy to a community organizer and you're surprised that it led to more taxes, more bureaucracy, more regulation, more barnacles on an already rusting hulk?"

The above quote comes from a financial blogger named Mark Steyn. This is an example of complete and utter misdirection. The Obama administration is completely opposed to a man to re-regulating Wall Street. In fact, they have continued and worsened the derivatives deregulation nightmare. Too big to fail is the credo of helicopter Ben Bernanke, Geithner, and Summers, inter alia. The creative financial scams have made these pols, Obama included. They have looted and continue to loot the unwashed masses. If Obama is used up, it's only because his tissue of lies as a front man for Wall Street has become all too transparent. 

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