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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brief Outline of Principles for Long Term Space Travel

Working from the principle embedded in Leonardo's design for  a perfect concert hall, (as Cusa earlier elucidated in his dialogue The Vision of God) and artificially biophysically bringing about the effect of Einstein's time dilation, it should be possible to enable human travel and population of other planetary systems.

What is required is the design of an artificial planetoid at once electromagnetically shielded  from radiation and particle bombardment through matter/anti-matter energy and propulsion that is capable of maintaining inertial gravity equivalence for the purpose human habitation.

The aspect of the time dilation effect must be achieved by alteration of a combination of a decrease in cellular aging via tuning the biological field that induces suspension of  telomeric quiescence. The circadian system likewise would need to be adapted such that the human life span would extend well beyond norms for mammalian aging. Thus overcoming a critical barrier to the time required to reach far distant destinations.

In uniquely achieving this plan, humanity will leave behind its heretofore mentally crippling and needlessly preoccupying fear of mortality, in order to participate in discovering what our continuing mission is in bringing about a harmonic dialogue within and among the great realms of being in our universal progression. This seeking of such an harmonic mission was foreshadowed in the historic attempts at self governance of humanity.

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