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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tell-tale Signs of Obama's Impending Mental Collapse

Barack Obama's gratuitous attack on fusion energy research this week is only the latest evidence that the President is "losing it." At a time when the latest report of the alarming rate of increase of poverty well into his watch is making headlines, Obama, in one of his off the cuff, non sequitur remarks decides to answer a question about preservation of historic buildings to attack "fancy" nuclear fusion research! This comes the same week the Obama's pseudoscience advisor John Holdren declares to CBS news that he will carry out a "massive free market" campaign to "dedevelop" the United States. (Ripe for picking for the likes of George Soros, I suppose.)

Even the mawkish, coddling and cooing liberal media is starting to openly worry. Why can't he emote properly?- asks a slavish, warm feeling up my leg, Chris Matthews? Why take a teleprompter with him into a meeting? Why did he appear at a press conference without his wedding band? (Marie Antoinette Michelle just hates the White House we learn from the tell all book of the avowed "femme fatale" wife of Sarkosy. Perhaps Versailles would be more on keeping...)

It seems like an eternity has gone by since Obama appeared in victory in front of that egregious, faux Greek temple being heralded as "The One." Which brings to mind the line from Euripides "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." It seems like the Erinyes are preparing their entrance onto our nation's stage soon...

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