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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evolve Or Die

We are all born amid a process. A process to which our actions contribute either development for the better or dissolution for the worse. That is the stark ineluctable fact . The mode of functioning of society is governed by certain principles. The foremost among these is the necessity for endowing successor generations with the means to solve whatever problems might conceivably confront them.

This arrangement adheres throughout all orders of phenomena. The reason for this is at base quite simple. Within the boundaries of any functional system, the inevitable change leads to a problem of some sort which must be overcome.

Optimistically embracing this challenge is what constitutes beauty for humanity. Indeed, the productions of such beauty in whatever form are the only lasting things of substance that remain as a legacy when we have left this conscious living state of being.

Today, the crisis that confronts us is defined by the urgent need to end the arbitrary rule of an age old evil financial empire. Either it is tossed aside and replaced or the ongoing experiment in self government will not survive. To believe otherwise, and pretend to be neutral or unaffected is to be like those that Dante depicted in the vestibule of Hell that forever are forced to race behind a banner with no name. Unfortunately, the greater part of humanity appears even at this late date to be inflicted by such irrational delusions.

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