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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Proxy Revolutions Anyone?

These days 'twould seem that revolutions come and go like so many summer squalls. The state of the world economy is a tinderbox  for sure. But just as sure newborn Castlereaghs and Kissingers erupt into view like so many toads crossing highways. 

This puts me in mind of news stories that are inconvenient reminders of these quaint geopolitical games. Like the one about the Saudi Royal family's financing of the 911 hijackers. That didn't make much of an item, did it? I even heard Joe Scarborough sententiously opine of a morning that it was just one of those things we all don't wish to hear about.

Now there is another little noticed human rights violation sponsored by our friendly dark age Salafist allies we also don't want to hear about in Bahrain-- where the US has a military base...Hmm. "Move along nothing to see here," the infotainment media seem to be telling us.

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