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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Financial Oligarchy's Counterfeit Economy

Some very clever mathematicians have just published a paper online that uses quantum algorithms to prevent forgery of currency. In its way, this is laudable I suppose. Yet these fellows and society would be much better served if they could find work in nuclear fusion or anti-matter research...

The problem is that for all the quantum mathematical sophistication in the world, there are very basic economic principles that are being tragically overlooked by academia either willfully or out of ignorance. Our economic potential has been looted over the last 50 years. We have a false or what one might fairly characterize as a counterfeit economy. The problem is that only a very tiny minority of our population has any inkling that there is a world of difference between mere money and a physically productive and progressing economy.

It is a stubborn mental delusion that is of the same precise order that Plato limned in the myth of the cave. In fact, the judicial murder of Socrates was performed because he had the unwavering courage to undermine through his unrelenting questioning exactly the crippling mental chains of his contemporaries in their slavish obeisance to an arbitrary and inhuman rule of an oligarchy modeled upon the disgusting gods of Olympus.

Today, we are at the fag end of an evil financial empire that has inculcated in our citizens a set of false and a irrational pagan beliefs about human society. (This emphatically includes those Bible thumping nominal Christians who in reality worship and pray mightily for that which is Caesar's.) The idea that faceless "technocrats" must enforce upon the world's populations pain and suffering to bring budgets under control is an evil delusion. Budgets and money are only necessary in so far as they serve the future well being of humanity. Economic worth is in the power of the human mind to create scientific breakthroughs that uplift the standard of living both in the here and now and the future.

The human mind alone exhibits this power for achieving ever higher orders of such progress. No fixed mathematical formula no matter how intricate and complex can ever encompass that power. (This puts to rest the nonsensical belief in so-called artificial intelligence.) The reason for this is simply that the assumptions that underlie all mathematical reasoning deal with what Nicholas of Cusa correctly called the "other." That is the finite and limited class of things. But it is the ever evolving nature of perfection that is the "non-other" whence flows the truly creative intelligence. And everything in the government of humanity must serve this ever less imperfect developing principle or society will not persevere but instead will indeed perish.

This quality of understanding is the only basis upon which science or art or any human endeavor worthy of the name will stand or fall--

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all 
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

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