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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Real Life Greek Tragedy

Who was the Greek god or goddess who ate their own children? A quick Internet search brings up Chronos, Lamia, Aura... (I'm sure if I take time I can find more.) It seems that such horrors were favorite tales of the Helenes about their depraved "gods" of Olympus.

Today's would-be Olympians are now at it again. And not in some far fetched mythological story, but in reality. Friday's London Guardian blog reports that due to the austerity being imposed upon Greece neo-natal testing is being curtailed.

This is the very real evil being imposed by the faceless plutocrats of the European "Community." Technocrats who sacrifice the well being of newborn children's health so some multi-billionaires and hangers-on can comfortably live in their undiminished lavish life styles. And this sort of evil monetarist movable feast is just now beginning. Its relentless appetite for more and more sacrifice will know no bounds. That is until these sordid financial gods are once and for all defeated...

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