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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Americans' Obsession with Folly or the Tale of the Twitteratti

As the brilliant Pascal observed the emperor needs must be feted with frivolity and games in order to keep his or her mind off his or her mortality. This is why fools and madmen alike obtain knighthood. I heard it said yesterday, or rather read it, that double entendres are a sign of immaturity. My imagination immediately seized upon the name of the greatest of playwrights and  put up a vocal utterance of "really?" Perhaps this this attitude can be likened to a deservedly obscure "thinker" by the name of Vico, who opined that the Roman Empire was the coming of age of the ancient world. I suppose that Lycurgus, like Shakespeare, would be strictly a puerile jurist in Vico's bizarre world view. Aeschylus a schoolboy, Hamilton a ninny, hardly worth wasting one's breath on...and so on.

This brings us to Weinergate. As the astute reader of this so called blog knows by now, I see the repugnant Twitter bubble as a "sign of the (end)times" much like Robert Burton viewed the calamity of  his days' everyman, who having the silver to publish any abject drivel to his liking. Plays, in those days were deemed not serious art. And how many of Shakespeare's contemporary and serious Latin poets share the dusty fate of Ozymandias? And so is it any wonder when a member of our ever estimable polity is suspended in delicto by his own rather prominent petard that we cannot withhold a hearty guffaw at his expense...Even in this post modern dark age that has come upon us a laugh or two may do us good.

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